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Harold Ramis, a filmmaker who let us all laugh together

Washington Post - 03 Feb 2018
“I always drink to world peace.” That's just one of the myriad oft-quoted lines from “Groundhog Day,” by many lights the life's masterwork of Harold Ramis, who died Monday at 69. The 1993 film — which starred Bill Murray as a cynical weatherman who ...
harold ramis

Groundhog Day is 25 years old but fittingly eternal

The Independent - 02 Feb 2018
How should one live? What should one live for? Hedonism? Knowledge? Charity? Experience? Love? Is it even possible to extricate these from one another? An endless, perpetual playground, albeit a dreary, small-town Pennsylvania one, is the perfect place ...
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Groundhog Day Was Originally Written As A Much Darker Film

Cinema Blend - 13 Feb 2018
Harold Ramis' Groundhog Day is a movie that many people watch annually on February 2nd, but this year has a special significance. The 1993 film is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018 - and it's certainly a feature worth celebrating and ...
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'Groundhog Day' at 25: Screenwriter, Actor Remember Comedy ...

Variety - 10 Feb 2018
Some films have become so much a part of the culture that they almost seem like they're playing on a continuous loop in our minds. Kind of like the loop Bill Murray finds himself stuck repeating in “Groundhog Day.” One of the most-beloved comedies of ...
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A behind-the-scenes look at 'Animal House' 40 years later

Page Six - 14 Feb 2018
“Sean Daniel was the young studio exec at the time and he just kept hammering them on this. The studio offered it to, like, five other directors from John Schlesinger to just all the wrong people, and they all turned it down.” Finally, John Landis ...
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'Bing!': 'Groundhog Day' actor reflects on being 'Needlenose Ned'

Northwest Herald - 31 Jan 2018
In television, he's recently taken on well-known roles in HBO's “Silicon Valley,” ABC's “The Goldbergs” and “One Day at a Time” on Netflix. But Tobolowsky always will be that annoying insurance agent pestering “Phil, Phil Connors” every morning – about ...
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Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of The Comedy Classic, Groundhog Day

PR Newswire (press release) - 30 Jan 2018
CULVER CITY, Calif., Jan. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Wake up all over again as Sony Pictures Entertainment will celebrate the 25th anniversary of director Harold Ramis' groundbreaking comedy classic GROUNDHOG DAY with a series of screenings. As a ...
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Groundhog Day (1993)

The Times - 26 Jan 2018
It's a quarter of a century since the release of Groundhog Day, 25 years in which Harold Ramis's philosophical comedy has surely been watched even more times than Bill Murray's poor weatherman is forced to live out the same day in Punxsutawney ...
harold ramis

Cocaine, Comedy, and Caddyshack

National Review - 30 Jan 2018
The new Netflix movie A Futile and Stupid Gesture is the life story of the comedy legend you've never heard of: Doug Kenney co-founded the 1970s humor magazine National Lampoon, many of whose talents later went on to staff Saturday Night Live. Miffed ...
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Stroller: How long is the Groundhog Day time loop?

Martinsville Bulletin - 04 Feb 2018
The question is, how long is Phil Connors stuck in the time loop? The answer: Nearly 34 years. While director Harold Ramis originally guessed that Connors was stuck for about ten years, Simon Gallagher of the website Obsessed With Film crunched the ...

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