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Harold Ramis, a filmmaker who let us all laugh together

Washington Post - 17 Apr 2018
“I always drink to world peace.” That's just one of the myriad oft-quoted lines from “Groundhog Day,” by many lights the life's masterwork of Harold Ramis, who died Monday at 69. The 1993 film — which starred Bill Murray as a cynical weatherman who ...
harold ramis

Best bets at Printers Row Lit Fest

Chicago Tribune - 23 May 2018
I met Harold Ramis when he and I were celebrity judges (well, one of us was a celebrity) at a city-sponsored ribs cook-off. I was impressed by his laid-back nature and his gentle humor. I was even more impressed a year later when we happened to be on ...
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'Animal House' Oral History: From Richard Pryor to a Real Melee

New York Times - 01 May 2018
The script, by Douglas Kenney, Chris Miller and Harold Ramis, aimed to capture the rude, subversive humor of the magazine, but the story — about the unruly fraternity Delta House at fictional Faber College — left Hollywood's establishment cold.
harold ramis

Book review: 'Caddyshack'

Bowling Green Daily News - 06 May 2018
The treatment that Kenney and novice director Harold Ramis pitched to the Orion studio in the summer of 1978 was a coming-of-age story that “hit all the same snobs-versus-slobs class-warfare notes that 'Animal House' had.” Snobs and slobs populated the ...
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5 Crazy Stories You Didn't Know About the Making of 'Caddyshack'

TheWrap - 01 May 2018
And yet the cast, producer Doug Kenney and director Harold Ramis were prepared for “Caddyshack” to tank. Ramis was a first-time director trying to wrangle a fiasco of a production. Early preview screenings made them think they had floated a Baby Ruth ...
harold ramis

Mull Again: Revisiting golf's greatest film

StarNewsOnline.com - 16 May 2018
The director and co-writer Harold Ramis (who went on to a successful career as a director and actor before his death in 2014) asked his good friend Murray if he'd ever done imaginary golf commentary in his head. Murray did the rest. No script, no ...
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Groundhog Day Recut from Rita's Perspective Looks a Lot Different

Mental Floss - 09 May 2018
To others, it's a metaphor for all kinds of deeper ways of thinking, from Buddhism to psychoanalysis. Now, Vimeo user IsItModern? has given fans a whole new way to experience the Harold Ramis classic: Rewatch it from the perspective of Andie MacDowell ...
harold ramis

Chronicle of cult comedy classic a slice

Winnipeg Free Press - 28 Apr 2018
Directed by the late Harold Ramis, Caddyshack was met with mostly negative reviews when it was released in July 1980. It was a modest box-office hit, but was eclipsed by The Empire Strikes Back, the disaster parody Airplane! and The Blues Brothers ...

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