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Dr Mahfodz: Haron Din's request to be buried in the US

The Star Online - 16 Sep 2016
PETALING JAYA: The late PAS spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din is likely to be buried in the United States – a wish that he had conveyed to his family and friends. PAS Dewan Ulama chief Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed said Dr Haron made the request to his ...
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US doctor who treated Haron Din shed tears, says daughter

Malaysiakini - 20 Sep 2016
As Malaysian authorities cracked down on those who belittled the demise of PAS spiritual leader Haron Din, tears flowed for those who knew him in San Francisco. According to his daughter Dr Huda Haron, Stanford University Medical Centre's cardiologist ...
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Zahid: I was offered to join PAS, but stayed with Umno

Free Malaysia Today - 04 Aug 2017
He said he then sought advice from his religious teacher, the late Haron Din, who was then PAS' information chief. “Umno, especially the party president at the time, was putting pressure on me,” he said, referring to then prime minister Dr Mahathir ...
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Haron Din receives posthumous award from S'gor sultan

Malaysiakini - 11 Dec 2016
The posthumous Darjah Kebesaran Datuk Paduka Mahkota Selangor (DPMS) award conferred to former PAS spiritual leader, the late Haron Din, is a recognition for his contribution in upholding Islam and spreading the teachings of Islam in the country, ...
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Cities from the sea: the true cost of reclaimed land

The Guardian - 02 May 2018
His name is Haron Din, and his torso and legs are covered in the traditional tattoos that many fishermen in south-east Asia once wore. At his feet lie piles of torn up old nets. He pulls out a dried up crab and explains it was dead long before it got ...
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Haron Din warns leavers

The Star Online - 25 Jun 2015
PETALING JAYA: PAS will not stop any of its members from jumping ship or forming a new party. However, Mursyidul Am Datuk Dr Haron Din warned they would not survive long in the political wilderness if they decided to go separate ways. “Goats are ...
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Islam tells us to use our brains, Dr M rebuts UUM prof

Malaysiakini - 31 Mar 2018
“Not only am I now too old to be prime minister, but I am now told I am not qualified because my Islamic thinking is incorrect. “Why so? Because … based on what Haron Din has said. That I am said to be 'muktazilah', that is I prioritise the brain ...
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Of Karpal Singh and Haron Din

Malaysiakini - 17 Sep 2016
COMMENT The late DAP parliamentarian Karpal Singh was a staunch defender of Malaysia as a secular state. He had famously said, “Islamic State, over my dead body.” That strong statement was deemed offensive by many Muslims. But later, many Muslims ...
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Jeff Ooi was rude, but that's not a crime

Free Malaysia Today - 19 Sep 2016
This was in reference to the DAP lawmaker's “adios” tweet following the death of PAS spiritual leader Haron Din. Of course, Ooi has his defence that saying “adios” is somehow polite. Some of his defenders have gone so far as to linguistically link the ...
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Harakah Daily article: When Najib visited Hadi in hospital

Malaysiakini - 20 Nov 2017
“When Najib visited Hadi in the hospital and the late PAS spiritual leader Haron Din when he was in the hospital, there were claims that PAS wanted to join Umno and (DAP leader Lim) Guan Eng was confident PAS has united with Najib. “Not only (were ...
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IGP: Arrest warrant for Sidek unnecessary

Free Malaysia Today - 19 Sep 2016
Khalid tweeted this morning that three people had been detained for allegedly insulting Islam over their comments on Haron's death, with one detained in Shah Alam and another in Ipoh. Bernama reported that Jelutong DAP MP Ooi Chuan Aun would go to ...
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Haron Din needs to step up, says political analyst

The Rakyat Post - 13 Mar 2015
This opinion was voiced by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) political analyst Dr Shaharuddin Badaruddin, who added that since Datuk Dr Haron Din had replaced the old seat of the late Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, he was now seen as a source of hope for ...
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Israel breaks up alleged Hamas Turkey-Hebron money laundering ring

The Times of Israel - 03 Aug 2017
Hashalmon and Uthman would travel to Turkey, where they would receive tens of thousands of dollars from a Hamas operative named Haron Nasser al-Din. According to the Shin bet, the two Palestinian men used the money to purchase commercial goods, ...
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See the beauty in all religions

The Star Online - 24 Jun 2017
And having towering figures like the late Datuk Fadzil Noor and Datuk Dr Haron Din, both becoming big names in PAS eventually, to teach us, was inspiring. Haron, in particular, was a good storyteller and could render the lecture theatre awe-struck, as ...
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Shin Bet Dismantles Turkey-Based Hamas Money Laundering Ring

TheTower.org - 04 Aug 2017
Haron Nasser al-Din was the Hamas official in Turkey who gave Hashalmon and Uthman tens of thousands of dollars for the scheme. Meanwhile, Umar Qimri and Yusri Hashalmon, two other Hebron residents, worked with Gaza-based Hamas official Majd ...
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Uncertain road ahead for PAS

The Star Online - 08 Oct 2016
It has also been an emotional time for Hadi and this was obvious during the prayer session at the Shah Alam mosque for the party's Mursyidul Am (spiritual leader) Datuk Dr Haron Din, who died in a San Francisco hospital last month. Dr Haron's grandson ...
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Jeff Ooi's racist tendencies will cost PH, says Sara Petra

Free Malaysia Today - 18 Sep 2016
Haron Din was well respected even by non-PAS Malays and this is going to cost DAP dearly,” she said, adding that Ooi's “racist tendencies” were common among other DAP leaders as well. “This is not the first time Jeff Ooi has demonstrated racist ...
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Of the black arts and white bomohs

The Straits Times - 18 Mar 2017
In Malaysia, a well-known bomoh putih, or white bomoh, was the late Datuk Haron Din, spiritual leader of Parti Islam Se-Malaysia until his death in September. He managed to straddle the Islamic and traditional shaman systems. Largely frowned in ...

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