Tropical Storm Iselle Makes Historic Landfall in Hawaii -
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Tropical Storm Iselle Makes Historic Landfall in Hawaii - 06 Aug 2014
Tropical Storm Iselle touched down on the main island of Hawaii early Friday morning, bringing winds of 50 mph, a deluge of rainfall and the possibility of flash floods, according to the National Weather Service. Iselle descended at 2:45 local time (8 ...
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VIDEO: El Nino Year Hurricanes Concern Hawaii

Big Island Video News - 08 Nov 2017
(BIVN) – Given the situation in Puerto Rico, there are increased concerns over how a hurricane may one day impact Hawaii, an island that is even more isolated. It has been a quiet year in the Central Pacific, compared to the Atlantic. However, at a ...
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Chief Of Puerto Rico's Power Authority Resigns Under Fire

Hawaiipublicradio - 18 Nov 2017
The head of Puerto Rico's power authority stepped down Friday amid controversy over his handling of a system that still can't deliver electricity to that island two months after Hurricane Maria destroyed the power grid. Ricardo Ramos, executive ...
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LaToya Cantrell elected first female mayor of New Orleans

KITV Honolulu - 19 Nov 2017
She rose to prominence as a neighborhood activist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. After the historic flood, officials considered turning Cantrell's neighborhood into parkland but it caused an uproar among residents. Cantrell, who was the ...
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Argentina searches for missing navy submarine

KITV Honolulu - 19 Nov 2017
The aircraft was deployed to the western coast of Africa when a Korean ship sank in April and more recently, it was sent to Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. NASA also will help in the search with a P-3 Orion aircraft, agency spokeswoman ...
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FEMA won't disclose response plan for hurricane in Puerto Rico

The CT Mirror - 29 Oct 2017
After FEMA declined to release the Puerto Rico hurricane plan, we found the agency's equivalent plan for Hawaii posted, unredacted, on the internet by the Department of Defense. The Hawaii plan includes granular details down to, for example, how many ...
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Entire Island of Maui Loses Power as Severe Storms Pound Hawaii

The Weather Channel - 24 Oct 2017
More stormy weather is expected to affect Hawaii through the day on Tuesday, particularly in Maui and the Big Island. That National Weather Service has posted a flash flood watch through Tuesday afternoon. Contributing to the severe storms and heavy ...
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Jobless Rates Fell in 12 US States, Hit Record Lows in 3

U.S. News & World Report - 17 Nov 2017
The biggest October gain was in Florida, which added 125,300 jobs as it recovered nearly all the jobs that it had lost in September due to Hurricane Irma. Texas added 71,500, which also reflected a bounce-back from Hurricane Harvey. And California ...
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How a month of hurricane nightmares changed Puerto Rico -- and me

KITV Honolulu - 20 Oct 2017
Hurricane Maria was more. It has upended the lives of 3.4 million people. It has cut off entire towns from each other. It has left residents without water to drink or bathe in. Enough aid has not come for many. The gravity of the recovery time is ...
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Water Spinach Farmers Struggle To Recover After Hurricane Harvey

Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2 - 26 Oct 2017
But almost two months after Hurricane Harvey and historic flooding totaled many of their homes and damaged their water spinach greenhouses, the farmers are still recovering, worried about what will happen to their way of life. Before Harvey, Sok Sum ...
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Former presidents call for unity at hurricane aid concert

West Hawaii Today - 22 Oct 2017
AUSTIN, Texas — The five living former presidents put aside politics and appeared together for the first time since 2013 at a concert on Saturday to raise money for victims of devastating hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and the U ...
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Lingering Power Outage In Puerto Rico Strains Health Care System

Hawaiipublicradio - 31 Oct 2017
Forty days after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, most of the U.S. territory remains without power. Over the weekend, the island's power company fired a key contractor working to restore electrical service. The cancellation of the $300 million ...

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