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Hello Kitty is not a cat; UH professor explains the revelation

KHON2 - 27 Aug 2014
Details like the fact that Hello Kitty is British, not Japanese, and lives outside of London. Her birthday is Nov. 1 and she has parents and a twin sister, Mimmy. “You can tell one apart from the other by which side of the head they wear their bow ...
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Hello, Kitty!

Oregon Business - 17 Jul 2018
But say hello to a new 21st-century cat management scheme, one that seeks to contain a cat's essential wild nature. “There's a trend toward getting cats outside in a safe way,” says Laura Cochrane, Roar's co-owner and a former veterinarian. “There's ...
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Japan's Hello Kitty Bullet Train Is Way Too Cute

CityLab - 29 Jun 2018
Blink and you might miss the sight of one the world's most iconic characters plastered on the side: the beloved Hello Kitty. She's the ambassador of kawaii—that's Japanese for cute—and now, she's the face of a new shinkansen that will run from the ...
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Pink Alert: Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Coming to SoCal

NBC Southern California - 11 Jul 2018
It's adorable, it's yummy, it's coming back to Southern California! Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is continuing its Southern California tour this Saturday, July 14. The cute food truck will be making various stops, with it's last SoCal summer appearance on ...
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Hello Kitty bullet train ferries fans in Japan

USA TODAY - 01 Jul 2018
TOKYO (AP) — A Hello Kitty-themed "shinkansen" bullet train has debuted in Japan. Adorned with the cartoon icon inside and out, it's a dream ride for fans of the internationally popular character. The special shinkansen had its inaugural round trip ...
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Hello Kitty-themed bullet train debuts in Japan

CBS News - 30 Jun 2018
The stylish, eight-car train is painted pink and white, showcasing Hello Kitty images and trademark ribbons from flooring to seat covers and windows. In one car, a life-size Hello Kitty doll donning a train crew uniform and a hat -- decorated with a ...
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Hello Kitty shows no signs of slowing down despite middle age

Nikkei Asian Review - 07 Jul 2018
TOKYO -- Hello Kitty, one of the world's most recognizable brands, continues to create a stir. More than 40 years after she charmed her way to stardom on the character-goods scene, companies are still cozying up to Sanrio's adorable icon to drive ...
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Japan unveils Hello Kitty-themed bullet train

The Independent - 28 Jun 2018
Japan has finally hit peak Japan. West Japan Railway Company (JR West) unveiled a Hello Kitty-themed bullet train this week, which will begin a three-month run between Osaka and Fukuoka on Saturday. JR West is hoping the makeover will attract tourists ...
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Would You Wait for Hours for Some Hello Kitty Pastries?

SF Weekly - 05 Jul 2018
But a lot of you are humongous Hello Kitty fans, and it's a tremendous novelty to have only the third Hello Kitty Cafe in the U.S. for an open-ended pop-up run on Santana Row, the upscale San Jose shopping district about an hour's drive from San Francisco.
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Hello Kitty fans gather at opening new café in San Jose

KGO-TV - 23 Jun 2018
Customers waited in line for hours on opening day, all for a dose of some Hello Kitty cuteness. "It's just really nostalgic for me to be here, so that's what's pulling me through," San Jose resident AnneMarie Sohn said. "Walking here we saw the line ...
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Hello Kitty Wine? Yes, It's A Thing

CBS Los Angeles - 13 Jul 2018
With millions of fans all over the world, the Hello Kitty brand is expanding into new fields. More Latest Videos. Man, 74, Allegedly Makes Threats Against Oak Park High School Over 1993 IncidentMorton Green, 74, of Laughin, Nevada blames Oak Park High ...
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Hello Kitty café coming to San Jose's Santana Row

KGO-TV - 22 Jun 2018
Instagram fans are charging up their phones for the opening of a new café in San Jose's Santana Row. The Hello Kitty Mini Café is the first one in Northern California. Almost all of the merchandise has the image of the popular white cat, including ...

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