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Dwayne Johnson stars in a revisionist Hercules

A.V. Club Milwaukee - 25 Jul 2014
Hercules—which stars Dwayne Johnson as the brawny, bearded hero of Greek myth—is a scaled down club-and-sandals movie with a good ratio of scenery-chewing to choppy-shutter-angle skull-cracking. It's also a half-hearted, but largely admirable, ...
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This Underrated Dwayne Johnson Movie is Making a Comeback

Geek - 18 Sep 2018
The film proved a hit, spawning sequels, a TV series, and the eventual 2004 remake (which itself ended up with two direct-to-video sequels starring former Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo – appropriate as Hercules is a role Johnson himself would play over ...
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'Hercules' actor will speak at Esther Women season premiere

NewsOK.com - 01 Sep 2018
In 2014, Sorbo co-starred in the faith-based movie "God's Not Dead," a successful independent faith-based movie. Whether acting, directing, writing or producing, Sorbo and his wife, Sam, are involved in Christian activities designed to help others.
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New Kingdom Hearts III trailer looks like a real Disney movie

Metro - 18 Sep 2018
There might have been a hundred and one spin-offs in-between but incredibly it's now 12 years since the release of Kingdom Hearts II, Square Enix's bizarre mash-up of Disney movies and their own Final Fantasy titles. A new numbered sequel has been a ...
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Each state's favorite classic animated Disney movie

EW.com (blog) - 22 Aug 2018
Using title familiarity, popularity, and cultural relevance, the team of analysts narrowed the list to 25 (out of 37 movies released from 1937 to 1999). They then used data from Google Trends to determine the movie each state (and Washington, D.C ...
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Branson Beat: 'Big names' visit Branson this week

Branson Tri-Lakes news - 19 Sep 2018
1 on the Adult Contemporary chart with the 1997 hit “Go the Distance,” which was featured in the Disney animated movieHercules.” Throughout his career, Bolton has sold more than 75 million albums, eight of which hit the Top 10, several No. 1 singles ...
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The Most Popular Disney Animated Film in Each State

Nerdist - 23 Aug 2018
New York claimed Dumbo as its own, 101 Dalmatians reigned in Vermont, Sleeping Beauty camped out in Idaho, Hercules went the distance in Wyoming, Pocahontas took Arkansas, and Snow White topped the lot in West Virginia. And finally, the state of Utah ...
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Alpha Wolf Trailer Turns Casper Van Dien Into a Kill Happy Animal

MovieWeb - 08 Sep 2018
He also worked on Hercules before making his mark on feature films with Sandra Bullock's Miss Congeniality. He also worked on Ben Affleck's Daredevil movie, and Will Smith's I, Robot. Kevin VanHook made his directorial debut with the 2005 TV movie The ...
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The Dune Reboot May Have Found Its Female Lead

Cinema Blend - 06 Sep 2018
Back in July, Call Me by Your Name's Timothée Chalamet was cast in the Dune reboot as Paul Atreides, Kyle MacLachlan's role in David Lynch's Dune movie. THR has now dropped the news that Rebecca Ferguson is in negotiations to star opposite ...
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Settembre al Parco: anfiteatro stracolmo per il teatro Hercules

Calabria Magnifica (Comunicati Stampa) - 19 Sep 2018
Scivola via che è un piacere “Comu vo Diu”, la commedia in vernacolo messa in scena dal Teatro Hercules scivola che è una bellezza in un susseguirsi di battute ed equivoci la rappresentazione in due atti di Antonio Macrì che Piero Procopio ha ...
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The Top Five Hercules Performances in Movies or TV

TVOvermind - 06 Jun 2018
Such is the case with virtually any actor that has ever played Hercules. There have been a bundle of them throughout the years, dating back to as early as the 1950s. People have played Hercules in movies, television shows, and even animated series.

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