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Dwayne Johnson stars in a revisionist Hercules

A.V. Club Milwaukee - 25 Jul 2014
Hercules—which stars Dwayne Johnson as the brawny, bearded hero of Greek myth—is a scaled down club-and-sandals movie with a good ratio of scenery-chewing to choppy-shutter-angle skull-cracking. It's also a half-hearted, but largely admirable, ...
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Kevin Sorbo on Hercules, health and new movie

WGN-TV - 24 Aug 2017
Sorbo received international stardom when he booked the lead role in “Hercules, the Legendary Journeys” (1993-1999). Originally designed as a 5-movie mini-series, the innovative action show received a tremendous response and proved that Kevin was ...
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The Rotten Tomatoes site is blunt, but it's not killing cinema

Irish Times - 21 Sep 2017
“The worst thing that we have in today's movie culture is Rotten Tomatoes,” the director of Rush Hour and Hercules commented. “I think it's the destruction of our business. I have such respect and admiration for film criticism. When I was growing up ...
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Arizona Opera Brings 1960's Cult Classic Film to the Stage

Broadway World - 09 Sep 2017
Arizona Opera Brings 1960's Cult Classic Film to the Stage Join Hercules and Arizona Opera on an epic quest, fighting legions of supernatural monsters in the underworld with Hercules vs Vampires. Live, on-stage singers, orchestra and conductor ...
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There is only one Disney movie Easter egg worth talking about

EW.com (blog) - 14 Sep 2017
Congratulations on finding the Pizza Planet truck in WALL-E! Pat yourself on the back for noticing Scar's fur in Hercules! Go tell it on the mountain that you saw the back of Rapunzel's head in Frozen! All of those fun hidden gems in Disney movies have ...
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'Hercules' star Kevin Sorbo to speak at anti-LGBT Values Voter Summit

Washington Blade - 06 Sep 2017
Sorbo appeared in the TV series “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and its made-for-TV movie series from 1994-1999. His most recent role was as Lar Grand on the CW series, “Supergirl.” Other speakers include actor Kirk Cameron, “Duck Dynasty” star ...
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Netflix in September: Everything coming and going

USA TODAY - 23 Aug 2017
Before Disney starts its own streaming service, it's bringing its A-team to Netflix. In September, Netflix users will have access to the live-action Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Mulan and Pocahontas (though Lilo & Stitch and The Emperor's New Groove ...
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What's Coming to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime in September 2017

Variety - 30 Aug 2017
Nostalgia-inducing Disney hits “Hercules,” “Mulan,” and “Pocahontas” will stream on Netflix, as well as this year's live action remake of “Beauty and the Beast” with Emma Watson. Jerry Seinfeld's upcoming special “Jerry Before Seinfeld” releases on the ...
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The Legend of Hercules 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Flix 66 - 09 Sep 2017
Take nearly exact plot points from GLADIATOR, ROBIN HOOD and 300, then cast b-level actors in key roles and hire a director that hasn't made a decent film in almost 20 years and you have the basic recipe for THE LEGEND OF HERCULES. It should be no ...
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How a Super Christian Company Is Infiltrating Hollywood

Christian Post - 20 Sep 2017
If you've never heard of Pure Flix before, you've likely heard of some of the mainstream actors the studio has included in some of its films: Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"); Dean Cain ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ...
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Secret Geeks: 15 Celebs You Never Knew Were Comic Book Nerds

CBR (blog) - 21 Sep 2017
Ever since she was discovered on her porch to co-star in the 1995 movie Kids, Rosario Dawson has been a burning hot presence on the screen. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she also has a fire and enthusiasm that has earned her lots of fans.
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Bruce Campbell Makes an Ash of Himself in Hail to the Chin

Westword - 19 Sep 2017
Campbell has been at the forefront of those changes for well over two decades, having written, produced, directed and starred in television shows including Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Burn Notice and now Ash vs. Evil Dead.
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New on Netflix this September

UConn Daily Campus - 28 Aug 2017
Cartoon musicals like “Hercules,” “Mulan” and “Pocahontas” will be making their way back to the streaming site early in the month, while Disney's latest box office hit, the 2017 live action remake of “Beauty and the Beast” is the last to join Netflix ...

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