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Highway Gothic (formally known as the FHWA Series fonts ...

wikipedia - 15 Sep 2016
Highway Gothic (formally known as the FHWA Series fonts or the Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs) is a set of sans-serif typefaces developed by the United States Federal Highway Administration and used for road signage in the Americas, including the U.S., Canada, Ecuador, Venezuela and Chile, with Asian countries influenced by American signage practices include the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Variants, minor and major (but not the exact US font) are
highway gothic

Restoration of 134-year-old Gothic Revival house on pace

KRCRTV.COM - 19 Sep 2017
Thirteen months ago, the two halves of the 1,376 square foot cottage traversed through the streets of Chico to its new location on Humboldt Avenue near Highway 99. "I'm trying to match old material with new material while trying to utilize the old ...
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A day trip along NY's Route 22

Albany Times Union - 20 Sep 2017
Volunteers have worked to restore the Gothic stone building, after rescuing it from a plan by an out-of-state buyer to move it to his home state. Whitehall Skene Manor Preservation raises funds and volunteers provide tours. On Fridays, Saturdays and ...
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The week's 27 best concerts: Sept. 20-26

City Pages - 20 Sep 2017
On her second solo album, Freedom Highway, she uses the same scholarship, spectacular voice, and unwavering instincts to trace the arc of history from slavery through the Civil Rights Movement to the recent violence that spawned Black Lives Matter ...
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America's Sudden U-Turn on Highway Fonts

CityLab - 27 Jan 2016
Clearview was made to improve upon its predecessor, a 1940s font called Highway Gothic, at a time when an aging Baby Boomer generation meant lots of older drivers on the road. Certain letters appeared to pose visibility problems, especially those with ...
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Four county properties named to National Register

YourGV.com - 13 Sep 2017
The National Park Service announced Sept. 1 that four Halifax County properties have been added to the National Register of Historic Places. They are Bloomsburg, Brandon-on-the-Dan, Cedar Grove and Glenwood.
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Dark 'White Sun' shines light on Nepal's civil war

Tallahassee.com - 14 Sep 2017
“White Sun” was written and directed by Deepak Rauniyar (“Highway”), who knows how to stay out the way of his deceptively powerful and smart story. It also tells the viewer everything that needs to be known about a forgotten civil war in a remote ...
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The NIMBY Fight That Rocked an Iowa City

CityLab - 08 Sep 2017
Its best-known resident is perhaps the artist Grant Wood, who in 1930 painted American Gothic, the portrait of a dour, overalls-clad farmer holding a pitchfork, with his equally dour daughter standing beside him. In popular imagination, Cedar Rapids is ...
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Iain Sinclair's farewell to London

The Guardian - 16 Sep 2017
Television crews, professional entropy tourists, revise the graffiti on the gothic ruin beside Empress Coaches for the latest episode of London noir. ...
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Review | Candice Gordon – Garden of Beasts

the Last Mixed Tape - 14 Sep 2017
Dominating the entirety of Garden of Beasts, Candice Gordon interweaved storytelling raises the record above first album expectations (although there are moments of filler, see: 'Flocks') and into the far grander territory seen in tracks like the ...
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Cradle of Filth: Still Evil After All These Years

Stereoboard.com - 20 Sep 2017
Steeped in grotesque gothic litanies, the album's title also display's Dani's everlasting love for the art of portmanteau. Here 'crypt' and 'Victoriana' combine to showcase the Victorian fascination with the supernatural and the occult, stemming ...
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Rock Lightning in a Bottle

American Theatre - 14 Sep 2017
It wasn't all that surprising: Earley is a prolific songwriter, and a gothic, Old West sensibility fuels much of the band's catalog. Consider the haunting murder ballad “Black River Killer,” which opens with a ...
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America's Highway Fonts Got More Drama Than The Bachelor

WIRED - 08 Mar 2016
Studies had found it more legible, and therefore safer, than the Standard Alphabets for Traffic Control Devices—more commonly called Highway Gothic—which had gone largely unchanged for more than half a century. Many of America's highway signs were ...

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