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hillary clinton dead

Hillary Clinton Death Hoax

snopes.com - 12 Sep 2016
Origin:On 12 September 2016, convicted felon Hal Turner's disreputable, conspiracy-flogging web site SuperStation95 reported that New York City television station WABC had announced the death of Hillary Clinton the previous evening, after the ...
hillary clinton dead

Was Anthony Bourdain Killed by Clinton Operatives?

Snopes.com - 11 Jun 2018
“It's no secret that people who cross the Clinton's [sic] wind up dead … mostly from suicide,” the article continued, invoking a decades-old, long-debunked conspiracy theory linking Bill and Hillary Clinton to the supposedly “mysterious” deaths of ...
hillary clinton dead

5 dead as SUV being chased crashes in South Texas

WPXI Pittsburgh - 17 Jun 2018
Similarly, Michael Caputo's testimony omitted mention of this interaction with a Russian offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, something which could not plausibly have escaped his recollection," Schiff said in a statement. He pressed Republicans on the ...
hillary clinton dead

Was Anthony Bourdain About to Expose an Elite Pedophile Ring?

Snopes.com - 09 Jun 2018
Certainly Bourdain had openly criticized Hillary Clinton's response when film producer Harvey Weinstein — a longtime Clinton donor — was accused of sexually assaulting and harassing dozens of women, including Bourdain's girlfriend, Asia Argento.
hillary clinton dead

Fashion designer Kate Spade found dead in New York

The Guardian - 05 Jun 2018
The handbag and fashion designer Kate Spade has been found dead in New York in an apparent suicide at her home, according to law enforcement officials. Officials say the body of the 55-year-old businesswoman was found by housekeeping staff inside ...
hillary clinton dead

Transcript: Rudy Giuliani on "Face the Nation," June 17, 2018

CBS News - 17 Jun 2018
President Trump and his allies this week seized on a long-awaited report by the Department of Justice's inspector general about the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. The report determined that former FBI Director James ...
hillary clinton dead

California Breakup Plan 'Dead on Arrival,' Says GOP Leader

LifeZette - 16 Jun 2018
“It's dead on arrival, but it does spark some interesting conversations about what's wrong with California, what's wrong here with the big cities that are very liberal here in California,” Republican National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon said Friday ...
hillary clinton dead

Roseanne quits Twitter after epic racist, anti-Semitic meltdown

Page Six - 29 May 2018
Then, in response to someone who questioned what Hillary Clinton is “hiding under her winter clothes at the end of May,” Barr replied, “its a colostomy jug cuz full of shite.” Barr, who currently stars in the revival of her hit TV show “Roseanne,” also ...
hillary clinton dead

Poll: It's a dead heat in key Pennsylvania House race

NBCNews.com - 04 Jun 2018
For Sanders, who won the endorsement of the CWA in 2016 in his nomination fight against Hillary Clinton, the setting allowed him to resurface his policies that are increasingly mainstream within the Democratic Party, even as he remains an independent.
hillary clinton dead

Why Coal Is Back From the Dead: 4 Stocks to Buy Now

24/7 Wall St. - 07 Jun 2018
That all changed, and as recently as just a few years ago, the industry was on life support, especially when candidate Hillary Clinton famously declared on the campaign trail “We're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”.

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