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hillary clinton dead

Hillary Clinton Death Hoax

snopes.com - 12 Sep 2016
Origin:On 12 September 2016, convicted felon Hal Turner's disreputable, conspiracy-flogging web site SuperStation95 reported that New York City television station WABC had announced the death of Hillary Clinton the previous evening, after the ...
hillary clinton dead

The GOP's walking dead

The Week Magazine - 17 Nov 2017
They are losing state legislative seats in districts where Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton and where Republicans should breeze to easy victories. The president, incapable of showing restraint or decency for more than 5 minutes, is about to watch ...
hillary clinton dead

US Journalist Pronounces Hillary Clinton 'Politically Dead'

Sputnik International - 04 Nov 2017
Former Democratic National Committee interim Chair Donna Brazile has accused Hillary Clinton of rigging the 2016 democratic primary in order to ensure the presidential nomination. And according to US journalist and author Lowell Ponte, this development ...
hillary clinton dead

Tucker: We Are Witnessing 'The End of the Clinton Era'

Fox News Insider - 18 Nov 2017
Tucker Carlson said that 25 years ago this month, then-Gov. Bill Clinton (D-Ark.) was elected president of the United States, thereby beginning the Clinton Era in America. Carlson said that this month, the "Clinton dynasty" is collapsing, a quarter ...
hillary clinton dead

Dead woman talking

The Telegraph - 17 Nov 2017
Admitting that the Russians undermined Hillary Clinton's campaign would have meant he is in the White House courtesy the Kremlin. That's more than a populist, bursting with bombast, self-proclaimed leader of the "free world" can stomach. So the word ...
hillary clinton dead

'Justice League' a yawner

Albany Times Union - 16 Nov 2017
Superman is dead. Dead and buried. How dead is he? He's as dead as Spock was dead. There's no deader than that, not in this kind of movie. You want to talk dead? Any more dead and he might miss a whole hour of screen time. He's so dead he's almost ...
hillary clinton dead

The Danger of Knowing You're on the 'Right Side of History'

New York Magazine - 17 Nov 2017
It did more than renounce the tribalism that has led so many alleged Christians to back Moore; it presented Christianity, properly understood, as the core alternative to tribalism, as one way out of tribalism's dead end. ...
hillary clinton dead

Manafort indictment shows Russia probe is a dead end

Port Huron Times Herald - 01 Nov 2017
The link to Ukrainian politics explains the less noted collusion between Hillary Clinton's campaign and the government of Ukraine. Andrii Telizhenko, a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, said that during the 2016 campaign, other ...
hillary clinton dead

1 person is dead after an apparent shooting in southeast Houston

Rare.us - 08 Nov 2017
ABC 13's SkyEye reported the incident near Isabella and Ennis streets, around Texas Southern University, at about 7:00 a.m. Monday, where authorities said they discovered the victim's body. Police blocked off a portion of a street, but a bicycle could ...

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