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hillary clinton seizure

Did Hillary Clinton Suffer Seizure on Camera in June? Watch Video

Santa monica Observed - 11 Sep 2016
An old story given new legs: New video has emerged showing Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton suffering what looks like a stroke or epileptic seizure on camera. The video is embedded below. Is the media ignoring Clinton's glaring health issues?
hillary clinton seizure

Clinton body count expands, MSM largely ignores death of Jen Moore

Communities Digital News - 19 Aug 2018
WASHINGTON. If you believe fake news, keep telling yourself. There's nothing at all to the worrisome and mounting pile of corpses littering the path to power and riches trod by Bill and Hillary Clinton. But just in case you're keeping score at home ...
hillary clinton seizure

GOP nominates an outsider, Bob Stefanowski, for governor

The CT Mirror - 15 Aug 2018
Stefanowski, 56, a former CEO of a global payday loan company whose disinterest in politics was measured in his failure to vote for 16 years, not bothering to choose in 2016 between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton, had to overcome skepticism over ...
hillary clinton seizure

Party animals: Socializing the Democratic Party

WND.com - 19 Aug 2018
Parties were “faction,” empowering themselves by sowing division and disharmony – or as Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's radical hero Saul Alinsky would later say, by “polarizing” voters. Unlike the Framers, political party animals crave ever-more ...
hillary clinton seizure

Saturday's Letters to the Editor

Santa Rosa Press Democrat - 21 Jul 2018
EDITOR: At the very least, the state attorney general needs to be investigating not only the Rohnert Park Public Safety Department but the mayor and City Council in connection with seizure of assets. For the City Council to withhold comment, citing the ...
hillary clinton seizure

Boughton, blaming seizure on dehydration, to resume campaign

The CT Mirror - 16 Mar 2018
Hillary Clinton's initial reluctance to confirm she had pneumonia when seen needing assistance to get into her car after a 9-11 memorial event sparked a storm of rumors about her health. The mayor's dramatic collapse near the end of the meet-and-greet ...
hillary clinton seizure

Hillary Clinton Has a Seizure on Camera?

snopes.com - 23 Jul 2016
The occurrence depicted above was covered by several news outlets in June 2016, with none of them reporting the candidate had experienced a “seizure.” The Hill, for instance, reported that Clinton “exaggeratedly bob(bed) her head” after reporters ...
hillary clinton seizure

US asks judge to approve seizure of 'Pharma Bro' assets

The Spokesman-Review - 23 Feb 2018
Shkreli was out on bail during his trial last year. But the judge decided to jail him for violating his bail conditions because of a social media posting offering a $5,000 bounty to anyone who could get a lock of Hillary Clinton's hair while she was on ...
hillary clinton seizure

Boughton's doctors: Another seizure unlikely

CT Post - 28 Mar 2018
He cited Hillary Clinton's brief illness during the 2016 campaign and her ability to show she was healthy to allieviate concerns, despite then-candidate Donald Trump's attempt to make her health a campaign issue. Similarly, Trump's health has often ...
hillary clinton seizure

Samoa rejects China Pacific debt forgiveness call

Free Malaysia Today - 20 Aug 2018
Chinese aid in the Pacific has ballooned in recent years with much of the funds coming in the form of loans from Beijing's state-run Exim Bank. Pohiva raised concerns that small developing nations would struggle to repay the debt and could face asset ...

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