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hillary clinton seizure

Did Hillary Clinton Suffer Seizure on Camera in June? Watch Video

Santa monica Observed - 11 Sep 2016
An old story given new legs: New video has emerged showing Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton suffering what looks like a stroke or epileptic seizure on camera. The video is embedded below. Is the media ignoring Clinton's glaring health issues?
hillary clinton seizure

Uranium One Focus: Corruption, Not National Security

National Review - 15 Nov 2017
Later, when Putin leaned on Nazarbayev to put Uranium One's holdings in jeopardy of seizure, putting downward pressure on its stock value, Hillary's State Department immediately mobilized – mediating a deal that gave Rosatom a minority stake in Uranium ...
hillary clinton seizure

Mary Hill left behind many friends, including a former president

Concord Monitor - 15 Nov 2017
Bill and Hillary Clinton never lost touch with Hill, and very few people, once they met her, ever did. She died Saturday at age 80 after suffering a seizure last week at a local nursing home, where she lived the last three years of her life. Her ...
hillary clinton seizure

Doing Nothing, Trump May Witness US Goal in Mugabe's Ouster

U.S. News & World Report - 16 Nov 2017
When elections in 2013 saw Mugabe re-elected, Obama's administration pronounced them "deeply flawed" and the U.S. president himself said he was "heartbroken" at deteriorating conditions in Zimbabwe. Obama's two secretaries of state, Hillary Clinton and ...
hillary clinton seizure

I'm with Seiz-Her

snopes.com - 23 Jul 2016
The occurrence depicted above was covered by several news outlets in June 2016, with none of them reporting the candidate had experienced a “seizure.” The Hill, for instance, reported that Clinton “exaggeratedly bob(bed) her head” after reporters ...
hillary clinton seizure

Sean Hannity: Apologize to Those with Epilepsy, or Burn in Hell

Newsweek - 15 Aug 2016
But now, Hannity and his ilk have gone too far with their recent lies about Hillary Clinton's health, a conspiracy theory conservative media groups have seized upon with no regard for truth. They have used misrepresented photos, theories from quacks ...
hillary clinton seizure

Subway rider faked seizure to scare off mugger

New York Post - 18 Sep 2017
But instead of becoming a possible victim, the quick-thinking woman pretended to have a seizure – prompting the suspect, who boarded the train in downtown San Francisco, to flee at the Powell Street station. “So I… if I fake a seizure or fake like I'm ...
hillary clinton seizure

Hillary Clinton looks for her role in midterms

The Hill - 08 Jul 2017
"For 30 years, Hillary Clinton has essentially been Old Faithful for Republican candidates," said Doug Heye, a Republican strategist. "Her continued prominence only helps GOP candidates with an electorate that historically is more favorable than what ...
hillary clinton seizure

Sorry, Media: Hillary Clinton Had a Seizure

Splice Today - 19 Sep 2016
On September 11, 2016, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a seizure in New York. It looked terrifying. Stiff, quivering, appearing like a cross between C-390 and Robert DeNiro in Awakenings, Clinton froze, staggered, and then went limp. Her ...
hillary clinton seizure

Video: 'Did Hillary Clinton just suffer a seizure?'

WND.com - 26 Jul 2016
“My first suspicion would be the Fresnel prisms were prescribed for Hillary Clinton because of nerve damage causing double vision resulting from a trauma to her head, possibly from the fall causing the concussion,” Lasner concluded. “But without her ...
hillary clinton seizure

Newsweek Writer Takes Action After Tweet Causes Seizure

Newsweek - 20 Dec 2016
The first attempted strobe-assault against Eichenwald came months ago, soon after he wrote about his seizures in response to rampant speculation in the conservative media about the health of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president.
hillary clinton seizure

Secret Agent MD

snopes.com - 10 Aug 2016
Theories about a doctor being planted in the Secret Service to administer Diazepam in case Hillary Clinton has a seizure are based on mostly uninformed speculation about a few blurry photographs but no actual evidence. If some sort of medical cover-up ...

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