The Hittites (/ˈhɪtaɪts/) were an Ancient Anatolian people who ... -

The Hittites (/ˈhɪtaɪts/) were an Ancient Anatolian people who ...

wikipedia - 17 Oct 2017
The Hittites (/ˈhɪtaɪts/) were an Ancient Anatolian people who established an empire centered on Hattusa in north-central Anatolia around 1600 BC. This empire reached its height during the mid-14th century BC under Suppiluliuma I, when it encompassed an area that included most of Anatolia as well as parts of the northern Levant and Upper Mesopotamia. Between the 15th and 13th centuries BC the Hittite Empire came into conflict with the Egyptian Empire, Middle Assyrian Empire and the empire of the Mita

Chariots! Swords! Action!

The Providence Journal - 23 Apr 2018
In 1274 B.C.E. the army commanders of two Bronze Age superpowers, Ramesses the Great and the Hittite King Mutawalli, were jousting for control of what is now Syria and Lebanon. Bestock's students will be fighting for 30 percent of their final grade.

The Missing Horses Of Harappan Seals Are Not Really Missing

Swarajya - 18 May 2018
Particularly there is the case of Hittites. These people who make their appearance with bronze age urban centres show a fusion culture of two linguistic streams - the Indo-European Nesite and the non-Indo-European Hattic. Now the interesting part is ...

SBU archaeology exhibit 'illuminates' Scripture

The Pathway - 16 May 2018
And archaeology has a track-record of confirming Scripture: At one time, for example, some people doubted the existence of the ancient Hittite people group because it had only been mentioned in the Bible. But then archaeology turned up considerable ...

Cities and settlements of the Hittites – Map

HeritageDaily - 17 Jan 2018
The Hittites were an ancient civilisation of Anatolian people centered in Hattusa who established an empire around 1600BCE. The empire reached its height during the mid-14th century BCE under Suppiluliuma I, when it encompassed an area that included ...

Haley defends Israelis; UN points finger at...

Arkansas Online - 16 May 2018
To your offspring I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates, the land of the Kenites, the Kenizzites, the Kadmonites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Rephaim, the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Jebusites. A christian ...

How a backyard pendulum saw sliced into a Bronze Age mystery

Science News - 01 May 2018
Unlike their Greek neighbors, Hittites did not construct pillars and gateways out of conglomerate. But a handheld, two-man saw would have enabled something a pendulum saw could not: precise cutting of conglomerate blocks from different angles, Seeher ...

Something Completely Different: The Hittites

Power Line (blog) - 03 Mar 2018
Like most people, I suppose, I am aware of the Hittites only as bit players in the Old Testament. In my imagining, they have always been primitive at best. So I was surprised to come across this silver drinking cup in the shape of a fist, which is in ...

Special to the Sun

Northside Sun - 26 Apr 2018
But, about two centuries before David, the Hittites had discovered the secret of smelting and processing of iron. And, slowly, that skill spread, but they wouldn't allow the Israelites to investigate it or to have any. David changed all of that, and he ...

Letter: Clean government, clean state

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 03 May 2018
Hittites are an extinct tribe in the Bible, with only two survivors, Ole and Sven. They went moose hunting in Canada. Pilot – “I'll be back in a week. Can only carry one moose.” They shot two moose. Pilot – “I can take only one.” Ole – “The pilot last ...

Ancient Hittite people

Herald Review - 04 Mar 2018
The tablets, written in a form of cuneiform and subsequently deciphered, contained some information on nearly all aspects of the Hittite way of life but primarily were centered on the ruling class and the line of kings. Though contemporaries of the ...

Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Illuminate the Demise of the Hittites

HeritageDaily - 14 Dec 2017
The documents illuminate the end of the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean, including the demise of the Hittite kingdom and the Sea Peoples' invasions. A few hundred place names are listed in the inscriptions, making it possible to establish the ...

Swedish meatballs and other terrific tales of Turkish food

Daily Sabah - 07 May 2018
This should come as no surprise as the land this magnificent country is housed on has been credited as being one of the forerunners of cultivating and farming with a history spanning back 8,000 years to the Hittites. Couple that with Turkey's history ...

Erdogan's 'crazy' canal alarms villagers and environmentalists

Reuters - 13 May 2018
The canal will destroy archaeological sites around the Kucukcekmece lagoon that date back to 6,500 BC and provide the earliest evidence of the Hittites in Thrace, TMMOB said. The lagoon's ecosystem, vital for marine animals and migratory birds, will ...

Why Turkey Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination (press release) - 02 May 2018
With ruins and evidence of habitation by Hittites, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Lycians, Byzantines, Ottomans, Seljuks, Early Christians and more, you certainly won't find yourself lost for history to explore. With a scattering of churches, homes, volcanic ...

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