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Hope Hicks Is Incredibly Good at Keeping Her Secrets to Herself

Vanity Fair - 31 Mar 2018
Hope Hicks, White House cipher, appeared in New York magazine Monday in a story by Olivia Nuzzi called “What Hope Hicks Learned at the White House.” I read the whole thing, and it took awhile. It was 7,000 words and dense with twists and turns and ...
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Hope Hicks Is Gone, and It's Not Clear Who Can Replace Her

New York Times - 30 Mar 2018
WASHINGTON — Hope Hicks, the White House communications director who worked behind the scenes to direct the president through multiple professional crises — and decided to resign after she found herself exhausted by them — has left the building ...
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Inside the Cutthroat Battle to Be the Next Hope Hicks

New York Magazine - 29 Mar 2018
Hope Hicks plans to depart Washington by Good Friday, over a month after she resigned as the White House communications director on February 28. She will leave behind a press operation that is inherently broken, rife with scandal and petty divisions ...
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Hope Hicks Has Been Loyal To Trump, But How Long Will That Last?

Bustle - 04 Apr 2018
Although former Communications Director Hope Hicks has officially left the White House, the spotlight that has surrounded the 29-year-old member of Trump's inner circle is unlikely to dim. As the president's most trusted adviser and closest confidant ...
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The Man

New York Times - 16 Apr 2018
A couple of months after the lawsuit was filed, I paid a visit to the White House to inform Hope Hicks that I wanted to write about Scavino and his value to the president. Hicks was not enthusiastic. The story had already been done, she maintained ...
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Behind the story: Olivia Nuzzi on how she got Hope Hicks to talk

Columbia Journalism Review - 24 Mar 2018
This was one of several ideas that would always come up. Oh, maybe I should revisit Hope Hicks. I'd profiled her 2016, but a lot of material was left on the cutting room floor. And even the pieces from great reporters, like Annie Karni's profile for ...
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The PR Guru Behind Trump's Mouthpieces Speaks

Hollywood Reporter - 17 Apr 2018
Then Trump happened, and suddenly two of Hiltzik's PR proteges, Hope Hicks and Josh Raffel, became key White House confidants of the president and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, respectively. It was with Hiltzik that Hicks, now 29, and Raffel, 33, were ...
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Hope Hicks' Send Off Photo Sparks Criticism

KGW.com - 04 Apr 2018
Hope Hicks departed the white house with a send-off party and critics are noting that the party lacked diversity. An assistant to the president shared the photo on Twitter. Related Videos. Barbara Bush 'In Great Spirits', Reports Granddaughter Jenna ...

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