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Horatio William Bottomley (23 March 1860 – 26 May 1933) wa...

wikipedia - 17 Sep 2016
Horatio William Bottomley (23 March 1860 – 26 May 1933) was an English financier, journalist, editor, newspaper proprietor, swindler, and Member of Parliament. He is best known for his editorship of the popular magazine John Bull, and for his patriotic oratory during the First World War. His career came to a sudden end when, in 1922, he was convicted of fraud and sentenced to seven years imprisonment.
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The finest of fraudsters

NT News - 07 Jul 2017
Horatio Bottomley bought Top End gold mines and used them as vehicles for stock exchange scams. He brought the mining industry to a standstill. Lawlessness was rife. There was barely a police presence and mining wardens were few and far between.
horatio bottomley

Who said being an MP was a full-time job?

Financial Times - 20 Oct 2017
A caution to all these entrepreneurs, though, comes in the example of the Liberal MP Horatio Bottomley. Among his side-hustles was the running of lottery schemes. Eventually, these schemes existing in something of a legal grey area, he went to jail. An ...
horatio bottomley

My father threw away his poppy in disgust

The Independent - 04 Aug 2014
For Little Belgium, Little Gaza. For Flanders poppies, Ukrainian sunflowers. It's not difficult to imagine what “they” would have thought, the men we should – today – respect, love, remember, but finally leave in peace. For their Horatio Bottomley, we ...
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Forgotten history: The black missionaries of Colwyn Bay

BBC News - 30 Oct 2017
After a scandal in 1911 involving a Welsh girl bearing the child of one of the students, public opinion turned on the Reverend and his institute, spearheaded by the populist magazine John Bull and editor Horatio Bottomley. Mr Hughes attempted to sue ...
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Downfall of a dastardly squire

Sussex Express - 01 Dec 2012
Horatio Bottomley was president of Dicker Cricket Club in the early years of the 20th century. He was one of the most colourful characters of his era. Until recently there were still some local old folks who remembered with affection Upper Dicker's ...
horatio bottomley

Who spawned Mr Toad?

BBC Berkshire - 15 Oct 2008
"Not least he was influenced by his own son who he christened 'mouse'," says Mr Oakes, "he was also influenced by Horatio Bottomley, a liberal MP who'd recently come to the House of Commons at that time. Matt Lucas as Toad in BBC adaptation.
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The Ignominious End to Britain's First Labour Prime Minister

OZY - 01 May 2015
During one especially nasty public spat in 1915, during World War I, the editor of the ultrapatriotic John Bull magazine, Horatio Bottomley, labeled MacDonald a “traitor, a coward and a cur” — and then proceeded to unveil MacDonald's birth certificate ...
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Boniface VIII, The Man Who Would Be Pope

HeadStuff.org (press release) (blog) - 25 Dec 2017
To paraphrace Carl von Clausewitz, violence is politics by other means. When debate and discussion just becomes too difficult, it can be very tempting for those involved to take “direct action” instead. History is littered with examples of people who ...
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The Top 10: Journalist-politicians

The Independent - 27 May 2016
Horatio Bottomley. “Financier, journalist, editor, newspaper proprietor, swindler and MP,” says Robert Hutton, quoting from Wikipedia. Founder of, among others, the Financial Times and John Bull magazine. 9. Sarah Palin. Started as a sports ...
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George Osborne: From history buff to austerity editor

BBC News - 17 Mar 2017
Of course, there is a long tradition of journalists becoming politicians, from Churchill and Horatio Bottomley to Nigel Lawson, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Michael Gove, Ruth Davidson, Benito Mussolini (who edited two socialist papers) and the fictional ...
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Looking at the life of reviled poet and occultist

The Argus - 14 Aug 2015
In the popular press he was “The Wickedest Man in the World” but this was the invention of Horatio Bottomley, editor of the jingoistic journal “John Bull”. Bottomley was convicted and sent to prison for fraud and embezzlement. Crowley wrote of him: “I ...
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After Chris Huhne, 10 other politicians who were jailed

Metro - 11 Mar 2013
With Chris Huhne's sentencing for perverting the course of justice over swapping speeding points with his ex-wife Vicky Pryce, we look at ten other politicians who did time in jail. 10 Former cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken was convicted of perjury ...
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First World War: 'the violent birth of the modern world'

The Week UK - 04 Aug 2014
"For their Horatio Bottomley, we had Blair. For Woodrow Wilson, we have Obama; and Netanyahu, an Austrian Archduke facing a Serbian horde." But Andrew Murrison, Tory MP and Cameron's special representative for the centenary commemoration, says he ...
horatio bottomley

The low sculduggery of high Victorian finance

Spectator.co.uk - 05 Feb 2015
Later we meet flamboyantly dishonest 'company promoters' such as Horatio Bottomley and Whitaker Wright (Klaus might profitably have diverted into more detail about them and their ilk) and a pioneer of financial journalism, Harry Marks, who shamelessly ...

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