How Harry Houdini escaped death -

How Harry Houdini escaped death

The Week Magazine - 01 Sep 2014
On Monday night, the network premiered a two-part special event called Houdini, an Adrien Brody-starring biopic covering the life of one of the greatest magicians of all time. Brody's performance has been widely praised, with critics describing him as ...

Lady Houdini act describes the road to recovery after car crash

KULR-TV - 16 Aug 2017
A job like lady Houdini's is one that tests both her mental and physical abilities. "Training is done by the stunt that I'm working on so what I do is I find experts in that specific arena and I use those people and I glean the information from them so ...

Lady Houdini explains her act in an upside down interview

KULR-TV - 14 Aug 2017
Kristen Johnson and her husband Kevin Ridgeway were involved in a serious car accident in Florida in January. Kristen suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung, a severe concussion, and has ongoing issues with headaches and double vision. Kevin broke his ...

DEATH-Defying Houdini Stunt To Be Staged In Greenock

Inverclyde Now - 15 Aug 2017
A DEATH-defying outdoor escapology stunt -- re-creating legendary Houdini's famous milk churn escape -- will be performed in Greenock next month. The free event -- part of a major convention being held by the International Brotherhood of Magicians ...

Happy Birthday to the Houdini of the Hardwood

Hardwood Houdini - 09 Aug 2017
No, this is not the birthday of the site, and yes you should be ashamed if you are sitting there wondering who the Houdini or the Hardwood is. Before the high flying Golden State Warriors, before the pace pushing of Steve Nash, before pretty much any ...

A magical display by 'Houdini'

Jamaica Observer - 13 Aug 2017
Houdini's Magic, the Anthony Nunes-trained dark bay horse, led from the first jump and was never challenged in a dominating victory in the top-rated Open Allowance event at Caymanas Park yesterday. The five-year-old Performing Magic offspring broke ...

The perils of Houdini, part 2, waiting for Little Bit

Durham Herald Sun - 28 Jul 2017
When last we saw Houdini, the daring owlet had narrowly escaped entanglements before reaching the safety of a low tree branch. Now the young owlet had only to wait for its cautious sibling to make its first glide down from the nest cavity. Owlets can't ...

Boston Celtics Top Offensive Lineup

Hardwood Houdini - 12 Aug 2017
The Boston Celtics still have an unsettled starting lineup and with a 60 percent roster turnover from last season, it gets even more chaotic once you get to the second unit. The good news is that this means the Celtics have all kinds of options and ...

The Open: Jordan Spieth turns Houdini to crush inner demons

The Times - 23 Jul 2017
Across the sea on the Blackpool skyline the metallic track of the Big One shimmered on the pleasure beach. On the other side of the Ribble Estuary, Jordan Spieth was expected to go on his reductive way, culling the Big Three and Four until he stood alone.

Boston Celtics Top Defensive Lineup

Hardwood Houdini - 13 Aug 2017
Ever since Brad Stevens took over the Boston Celtics, defense has been a clear cut priority for playing time and a spot in the rotation. Stevens accepted plenty of offensive liabilities, if they had an impact on the defensive end. It is the defensive ...

Celtics Should Hold Onto Their Picks

Hardwood Houdini - 17 Aug 2017
Well, it happened. Marvin Bagley III has officially passed through NCCA and will forgo his senior year of high school. The 2017-18 season will see him suiting up for the Duke Blue Devils. If you haven't watched Bagley III you may be asking yourself ...

The Houdini of Air Purifiers - Yanko Design

Form Beyond Function - 20 Jul 2017
This living room looks quite lovely, right?! That's because there aren't any unsightly appliances to kill the vibe! Little did you know, there is an air purifier hidden in the mix. Can you spot it? Didn't think so! That's the idea behind the Dongbu ...

What Kind of Pressure is on Brad Stevens

Hardwood Houdini - 11 Aug 2017
Brad Stevens has had quite a start to his NBA career. He has been at the helm of one of the quickest and most successful rebuilds in the history of the NBA. He has taken sub par talent and turned them into a playoff team. Stevens has universally earned ...

Visualizing the Boston Celtics troubled future

Hardwood Houdini - 08 Aug 2017
As a fan you visualize success for your team, but what if all that success leads to problems. As the season begins expect Boston Celtics coach, Brad Stevens to focus on developing the chemistry of his “Big Three”. The success of this season will depend ...

Phil Jackson Almost Transformed the Boston Celtics

Hardwood Houdini - 12 Aug 2017
Phil Jackson's tenure with the New York Knicks was one of the most miserable failures we have ever seen from an executive, and reports are now surfacing that he actually wanted to make it even worse. The lone positive thing Jackson did for the Knicks ...

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