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house election results

Election results for president, US Senate and House

TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press - 08 Nov 2016
I want to thank the voters for preventing me from having to listen to Terri Bonoff or Angie Craig in the near future, and for rendering BLM mute. Did anyone else notice how BLM became very quiet as we got closer to the election? HilLIARy's polls showed ...
house election results

It Could Take Days to Find Out the Midterm Election Results

Bloomberg - 12 Oct 2018
The first results, after polls close in the eastern U.S. beginning as early as 6 p.m. New York time, may give an early indication of whether Democrats managed to generate a so-called wave election that sweeps Republicans out of control in the House and ...
house election results

What Would a Democratic Takeover in the House Mean for 2020?

The Weekly Standard - 15 Oct 2018
This scatter compares midterm election results to the results of the following presidential election. Each point is a midterm election (all midterms from 1946 to 2014 are included). The horizontal axis shows the number of seats Republicans lost or ...
house election results

Election Q&A: House District 26, Sally Siegrist vs. Chris Campbell

Journal & Courier - 19 Oct 2018
I have a proven track record of delivering results for our community such as the largest infrastructure investment in state history and improving the quality of education by delivering more than $7 billion annually in K-12 funding, accounting for more ...
house election results

Want election results? On West Coast, patience is required

CBS News - 09 Oct 2018
If control of the U.S. House comes down to any of the competitive congressional races in Washington state and California, the nation might have to wait days to learn the outcome. In both of those states, voters can put their ballots in the mail as late ...

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