Meg Ryan joins the cast of 'How I Met Your Dad' -
how i met your dad

Meg Ryan joins the cast of 'How I Met Your Dad'

Fox News - 23 Apr 2014
The "Sleepless in Seattle" actress will play "Future Sally," the unseen narrator and older version of Greta Gerwig's character in the "How I Met Your Mother" spin-off pilot. The part corresponds to Bob Saget's role on the original series, where Saget ...
how i met your dad

Bruce Gray, 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' Star, Dies at 81

Hollywood Reporter - 15 Dec 2017
Gray returned to Toronto in 1977 to star in the Canadian TV series High Hopes, and in 1980 moved to Los Angeles to guest star on series like Beverley Hills 90210, Chicago Hope, Murphy Brown, Melrose Place, Nowhere Man, Wings and ER. His other TV ...
how i met your dad

2017 Shut Down My Love Life, But Here's How I'm Turning It Around

Refinery29 - 07 Dec 2017
When Colin affirmed all of this to me, and connected the dots between what's been going on in the world, how I've been feeling, and how I've been treating my father, it blew my mind. Subconsciously, I probably knew that all of this was connected. But I ...
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Cameron Jordan is showing his work and telling us all about it - 17 Dec 2017
When Jordan was growing up, though, he didn't like running and initially balked at the idea of playing football, according to his father and former NFL tight end Steve Jordan. Jordan didn't play football until eighth grade because his parents wanted ...
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I Met My Website's Commenters. And I Kind of…Like Them? - 28 Nov 2017
“There's two people at the heart of it: the mom and dad of the group,” she says. “They organize a lot of stuff, and they're often seen as the voice of reason.” Apparently, I met the two ringleaders at the happy hour, though they asked Kittyliteral not ...
how i met your dad

LIFESTYLE: How I found a wife at the brothel

GhanaWeb - 17 Dec 2017
Her level of politeness is immeasurable and she speaks impeccable English on top of it all. So I was really wondering how a lady of her calibre ended up in prostitution. The brothel Interview I asked her for a “short time” which she said was going for ...
how i met your dad

Genetic test helps Nebraska man find a brother he had never met

Omaha World-Herald - 09 Dec 2017
e.g. your father is not genetically your father.” In 2014, 23andMe decided not to show DNA relatives by default on new users' test results after concerns surfaced from families who were torn apart by troubling new information. Users now must opt in to ...
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Han Kang: 'If I was 100% healthy I couldn't have become a writer'

The Guardian - 17 Dec 2017
I was looking for answers to fundamental questions. And then, as a reader, I realised every writer is seeking answers and they don't have any conclusions, but they're still writing. So I thought why don't I do that too? Your father is also a novelist ...
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Praying the Gay Away, One Away Message at a Time

GQ Magazine - 15 Dec 2017
For a closeted kid in the '90s, AIM was like a crawlspace from your home into a gay bar. I met Ace around midnight on a school night in a Teens4Christ chatroom. Within a few minutes of joining, a box popped up and a trill of marimba tones rattled my ...
how i met your dad

Netflix's Best Christmas Television Episodes & Specials

Refinery29 - 15 Dec 2017
They say: "When Blair's father comes home for the holidays with an unexpected guest - his boyfriend - Blair finds it difficult to hide her disappointment." We say: Another one to make you feel better about your own awkward family dynamics. A reassuring ...
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Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' coming to the THS stage

Tullahoma News and Guardian - 17 Dec 2017
“I met a man named Kevin Coleman over the summer who showed me a new way to look at the play. Terri and I had always loved Shakespeare and had talk about maybe doing 'Romeo and Juliet.' So, we decided we were ready. Working with Coleman, it blew my ...

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