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'How I Met Your Mother' ends with one last twist

CNN - 31 Mar 2014
(CNN) -- In the end, it was always Robin. That was the big bombshell from Monday night's final episode of "How I Met Your Mother," which piled on one surprise after another. When Ted finally finished the story for his kids, they called him on it: His ...
how i met your mother

Sued Over Big Deck

TMZ.com - 26 May 2017
Josh Radnor is rich and famous, and he's also got a huge deck that just got him sued. The "How I Met Your Mother" star owns a house in the Hollywood Hills. According to the lawsuit, the prior owner of Radnor's property had a right to extend his ...
how i met your mother

We Will Never Forget Katie Holmes' 'How I Met Your Mother' Episode!

Closer Weekly - 26 May 2017
She's one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, but do you remember when Katie Holmes co-starred on that one episode of How I Met Your Mother five years ago? Back in October 2011, Katie, 37, appeared on the hit sitcom — which ran from 2005 until ...
how i met your mother

Arts events this week

The Boston Globe - 23 Jun 2017
CLOUD CULT Last year this Minnesota indie-pomp octet got in on the visual album game with “The Seeker,” a one-hour grapple with life's big questions starring Josh Radnor (“How I Met Your Mother”) and Alex McKenna. This show's opening set will spotlight ...
how i met your mother

Robert Michael Morris, 'The Comeback' Actor, Dies at 77

Hollywood Reporter - 30 May 2017
Once a college and high school theater teacher, he also had memorable guest spots on shows such as 'Will & Grace,' 'Arrested Development' and 'How I Met Your Mother.' Robert Michael Morris, who played hairdresser Mickey Deane on HBO's The ...
how i met your mother

The French Connection

SLAM Online - 22 Jun 2017
For Frank Ntilikina, the 18-year-old guard out of Strasbourg, France, that meant binging TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and Empire (interesting combination, no?) and devouring every piece of music put out by Drake or Meek Mill. But also: “I read a ...
how i met your mother

'Harry Potter' Turns 20: Who Are the Series' Superfans?

Fandom (blog) - 23 Jun 2017
Given all the relationships in Harry Potter, which include the aforementioned Hermione and Ron, and Harry and Ginny Weasley, Potter fans are hopeless romantics, enjoying shows like Grey's Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother. Of course, not all ...
how i met your mother

Missed It by That Much: Hit TV Shows That Almost Got a Spin-Off

Zimbio - 15 Jun 2017
Even the success of How I Met Your Mother couldn't get this spin-off to the small screen. Despite landing Greta Gerwig in the leading role and Meg Ryan as the narrator, CBS crushed everyone's dreams after watching the pilot. Looks like a couple of kids ...

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