HR Giger, Artist Who Gave Life to 'Alien' Creature, Dies at 74 -
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HR Giger, Artist Who Gave Life to 'Alien' Creature, Dies at 74

New York Times - 13 May 2014
H. R. Giger, a Swiss painter, sculptor and set designer who mined his own nightmares in creating phantasmagorical works, including the title character — slimy, eyeless and oddly sexual — in the 1979 hit film “Alien,” died on Monday in Zurich. He was 74.
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Kickstarter Spotlight: HR Giger-Inspired Horror Game 'Scorn'

Geeks of Doom - 13 Sep 2017
If you love the style of the late, great artist H.R. Giger, whose work has been seen in movies like the Alien franchise and Species, Scorn is a game you'll likely be interested in seeing more of. The game has been in development for quite a while now ...
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The 30 Best Female-Led Horror Films of All Time

Vulture - 21 Sep 2017
H.R. Giger's design work on the titular monster is slippery and unnerving. David O'Bannon's script (which has significant rewrites by David Giler and Walter Hill) quickly establishes a distinctive cast of characters who, despite their intelligence ...
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The 'Scorn' Gameplay Trailer is Hellish Insanity

Bloody Disgusting - 05 Sep 2017
Currently in development by Ebb Software, forthcoming two-part video game Scorn is headed our way next year, and today brings an 8-minute gameplay trailer that promises one of the most disturbing and unsettling video games of all time. In the trailer ...
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Behind the beautifully grotesque art of Scorn

PC Gamer - 15 Sep 2017
Largely inspired by the work of painters H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński, it blends the anatomical and organic with the mechanical and architectural to create fleshy, irregular landscapes inhabited by shambling monstrosities. “It deals with human ...
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Fade Out: Harry Dean Stanton

Film School Rejects - 16 Sep 2017
Space truckin' along with Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley and H.R. Giger's xenomorph terror, it's Stanton and Yaphet Koto who firmly establish the reality of space through their incessant blue-color bitching. While we wait to understand the survival ...
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815: Cocktail culture on point at downtown Rockford restaurants

Freeport Journal-Standard - 15 Sep 2017
Popular absinthes at Social are the St. George from California ($13); Letherbee out of Chicago ($13); and Brevans H.R. Giger from Switzerland ($13). (Fun fact: Giger, a painter, was on the Academy Award-winning special effects team that created concept ...
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10 reasons you'll want to play Metroid: Samus Returns

T3 - 14 Sep 2017
There are various bosses in Samus Returns and, without spoiling them for prospective players, they are all uniquely designed and fun to best in combat. Their designs are slightly less H.R. Giger than early titles in the series, however, they look ...
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Critic Grace Dent Laments Outmoded Fine Dining at RIGO'

Eater London - 04 Sep 2017
Food can, of course, be a source of both pleasurable escapism and homely comfort; sterile tasting labs like RIGO' and HR Giger shrine Vespertine offer neither. A theory to consider: the more visual trickery and narrative overlay the kitchen and ...
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How to Make the Perfect 'Venom' Movie – Hint, Make it Horror

Bloody Disgusting - 01 Sep 2017
The sharp, salivating teeth. The serpentine, Gene Simmons-esque tongue. The dark, hulking mass and perpetually angry, milky-white eyes. He might as well be H.R. Giger crossed with Jack Kirby. He is Venom. And now, Sony has announced a standalone ...
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30 Years Ago: Jello Biafra 'Wins' Obscenity Trial (blog) - 27 Aug 2017
The chain of events was triggered when Biafra (birth name Eric Boucher) set eyes on “Landscape XX”, created by respected Swiss artist HR Giger, probably best known for his Oscar-winning work on the movie Alien and the artwork for Emerson, Lake and ...
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Metal maniacs Korn rock the Main Stage at Reading Festival

getreading - 27 Aug 2017
He also brought his custom mic stand designed by the late HR Giger, a surrealist artist who created the Alien creatures. The group looked like sci-fi villains crossed with Keith Richard's character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Vocalist ...
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Jolan van der Wiel's Original gravity stool

The Australian - 08 Sep 2017
I think it is really courageous and bold and there's something a little bit HR Giger about it. There is something a bit supernatural or perhaps extraterrestrial. “When you learn more … about this piece, you realise it is designed by physics and the ...
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Predatory worm emerges from Burgess Shale

Rocky Mountain Outlook - 25 Aug 2017
With its flattened worm-like body and curved grasping spines that surround its mouth, Capinatator praetermissus (Latin for grasping swimmer overlooked) looks like something straight from the imagination of H.R. Giger, the Swiss artist who created the ...
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Review: Observer

Destructoid - 10 Sep 2017
It becomes more unsettling the further you get, showing not only the ways the psyche can break when dealing with things like guilt and grief, but also delving deeply into body horror, to the point where the environments reflect it with H. R. Giger ...
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Alien: Covenant and HR Giger's lasting impact on the franchise

Den of Geek UK - 17 May 2017
It's like something out of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, certainly - one of Covenant's many allusions to gothic and romantic literature - but it could also be viewed as an affectionate homage to the Alien's real creator: HR Giger. In 1978, it was Giger ...

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