HR Giger, Artist Who Gave Life to 'Alien' Creature, Dies at 74 -
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HR Giger, Artist Who Gave Life to 'Alien' Creature, Dies at 74

New York Times - 13 May 2014
H. R. Giger, a Swiss painter, sculptor and set designer who mined his own nightmares in creating phantasmagorical works, including the title character — slimy, eyeless and oddly sexual — in the 1979 hit film “Alien,” died on Monday in Zurich. He was 74.
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In the spirit of Jules Verne: Nantes reinvents itself through art

Financial Times - 21 Jul 2017
A current creepy and occasionally jarring HR Giger show chimes with the fetishistic steampunk of the city's silly mechanical elephants, but also brings a hint of darkness and misgivings about how industrial technology can be reconsidered. That same ...
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What happened to Ridley Scott's "The Forever War" film?

Scified - 19 Jul 2017
In 1974, Vietnam War veteran Joe Haldeman wrote The Forever War, a groundbreaking work in the genre of military science fiction. In short, the novel detailed the hardships faced by soldier William Mandella when thrown into interstellar combat. Haldeman ...
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'Aliens': THR's 1986 Review

Hollywood Reporter - 18 Jul 2017
Stan Winston has done an excellent job of making H.R. Giger's original Alien design quicker moving and more mobile, adding a hitherto unseen form of the Alien for the climax. Aliens ends up as a wild and woolly roller-coaster ride of a movie which ...
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The Must-See Films of Cinema's Mystic Alejandro Jodorowsky

Daily Beast - 18 Jul 2017
Perhaps most famously, his 1974-76 attempt to adapt Frank Herbert's Dune (with music by Pink Floyd and set design by H.R. Giger) crashed and burned as funding ran out for a film estimated to run 14 hours. Yet as the 2013 documentary Jodorowsky's Dune ...
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The Promising Plot Potential of Predator

Geek - 17 Jul 2017
It's one of the better Schwarzenegger movies. Doing Vietnam but instead, the Americans are the outgunned primitives is a cheeky reversal. And while they aren't dripping with the surreal psycho-sexuality of H.R. Giger's Xenomorph design, the Predator ...
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Species: Collector's Edition

The Digital Bits - 10 Jul 2017
A simplistic tale of an alien genetics experiment gone wrong, it attracted a variety of names both in front of and behind the camera, including creature designer H.R. Giger. The film also essentially made Natasha Henstridge, the alien/human hybrid ...
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Sigourney Weaver almost rejected role in Alien

Bloomer Advance (subscription) - 15 Jul 2017
She explained: "It wasn't till I met Ridley Scott and saw these amazing drawings by [Alien concept artists] H.R. Giger and Carlo Rambaldi of the alien itself that I thought, 'Oh. Well. I've never seen anything like this.'" The 'Alien' franchise has ...
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6 bands that will scare the s*** out of you

Alternative Press - 12 Jul 2017
Their live shows cast an even more hopeless tone: Banners featuring the nightmarish paintings of prolific artist H.R. Giger adorn the stage, while Warrior leads the rest of the band into a black oblivion donning dark shadows smeared beneath his eyes.
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IVANA BAŠIĆ: Through the Hum of Black Velvet Sheep

Brooklyn Rail - 14 Jul 2017
There are resonances with the lurid, gruesome assembly line sexual imagery of Hans Rudi (H.R.) Giger's drawings and paintings, and his attendant creations in the sci-fi epic Alien (1979), as well as the Wachowskis's dystopian psycho-digital drama The ...
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5 Movie Aliens That Probably Inspired Prey's Monsters

Paste Magazine - 06 Jul 2017
So much of modern sci-fi creature design draws inspiration from H.R. Giger's ghastly creations. Preyis no exception. The tricky mimics that populate Talos I's labs and office spaces reflect the springlike potentiality of face huggers. Walking up and ...
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In Space No One Can Make You Think: Why 'Prometheus' Failed - 23 Jun 2017
The Jockey was envisioned by Alien creators Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett to be as far removed from humanity as possible, desires later reflected by creature creator H.R. Giger. The universe was simply too big for mankind to be anything more than an ...

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