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hunky punk


City Pulse - 14 Jun 2018
The free event, happening at The Avenue Café, also features I Believe in Julio, a Grand Rapids-based garage-punk trio. Closing the show is the GTG Records On Shuffle All-Star Party Band, which features members of the Plurals, Hunky Newcomers, City ...
hunky punk

How David Bowie Invented Ziggy Stardust - 05 Jun 2018
His hair – which appeared blond and flowing on the cover of Hunky Dory, released just three months earlier – was now chopped at severe angles and dyed bright orange, the color of a B-movie laser beam. His face was lavishly slathered with cosmetics. He ...
hunky punk

RANKED: Malta's Sexiest Male Politicians Of All Time

Lovin Malta (press release) - 25 Mar 2018
This hunky punk-drummer-cum-activist-turned-fully-fledged-politician is definitely the bad boy on our list. He might flash a disarming smile at you, or he might come down with full force and wrath. You never know what you're going to get with Briguglio ...
hunky punk

CHVRCHES: Love is dead

Dork Magazine - 24 May 2018
They sound like a pop band, write lyrics that cut like an emo band and carry themselves like a punk group. 'Love Is Dead' is no different, it's just ...
hunky punk

Punk Drunk and Trembling EP

Pitchfork - 30 Oct 2017
But whereas the LP's sound felt ill-fitting, “Punk Drunk & Trembling” soars with apparently effortless ease. You wonder if the song suffered from being almost too effortless, too reminiscent of the illustrious past for a band who, by 2016, had decided ...
hunky punk

Seven Suicide Squad Characters You'll (Probably) Never See on Film

Paste Magazine - 05 Aug 2016
Suicide Squad, the last great hope in a tepid summer blockbuster season—and the third attempt by Warner Bros. to cultivate mass excitement for their nascent DC shared universe film slate—opens today to…mixed reviews. While some DC diehards fervently ...
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Marvel's Merry Mutant Suicide Squad: X-Statix at 15

Paste Magazine - 08 Aug 2016
DC's rebirthed Suicide Squad from writer Rob Williams and tag-team artists Philip Tan and Jim Lee is expertly crafted to appeal to fans of the critically maligned but commercially successful film—the team line-ups are nearly identical, comic ...
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Pitchfork - 27 Mar 2018
Since launching her own website in 2004, she's used it as a platform to track protests, events, and key figures in the Los Angeles punk scene. This project has led her to champion rising Latinx bands like Downtown Boys and Trap Girl, only some of whom ...
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The Official Body

Pitchfork - 19 Jan 2018
And yet, since their formation in 2012, the English post-punk trio have adamantly refuted claims that their music intentionally broadcasts a political dogma. Any commentary, they insisted, was simply a reflection of what was on their minds, not an ...
hunky punk

The 25 Best Rock Songs of 2017: Critics' Picks

Billboard - 20 Dec 2017
And even far below the mainstream, in punk, D.I.Y. and experimental circles, many of the best rock songs embraced electronic heartbeats, bubblegum pop, laptop-friendly sampling, or on the flipside, chillingly sparse production. Some even dropped a ...
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Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois

Pitchfork - 05 May 2018
Nile Rodgers' upstrokes helped Daft Punk's “Get Lucky” achieve ubiquity, and six-strings pop up everywhere from Boards of Canada to Ben Frost; even Pink Floyd's David Gilmour once took a trip with the Orb. So a mutual appreciation society between ...
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INTERVIEW – La culture rock de Delphine de Vigan

Rolling Stone Magazine - 10 Jun 2018
À base de rock et de reggae, avec une énergie punk, le répertoire du groupe était rempli de compos extraordinairement efficaces, comme “Roxanne” ou “So Lonely”. Parallèlement au trio anglais, j'écoutais beauoup de Supertramp à cette époque, notamment ...
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Pitchfork - 07 May 2018
Iceage have spent a decade inching towards a twisted glamor: a sullen band fronted by a Draculian poet, constantly experimenting, carrying forth the clangoring drama of post-punk innovators such as Rowland S. Howard in The Birthday Party and These ...
hunky punk

What a Time to Be Alive

Pitchfork - 21 Feb 2018
On each of the previous post-hiatus albums, Superchunk threw a couple full-throttle punk songs into the generally mid-tempo power-pop mix, as if to prove they still could. What a Time as a whole is faster and feistier than any Superchunk album in 25 ...

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