Hunky punk is Somerset (in the West Country of England) dialect... -
hunky punk

An interview with Chunk and Massive

Yohomo (blog) - 20 Sep 2017
Chunk is a party that started nearly 10 years ago by hunky beast-man Danny Buchanan. Massive is a brand, a manga legacy, and lifestyle created by Anne Ishii after she got tired of smuggling porn from Japan to her friends in the U.S.. Chunk and Massive ...
hunky punk

The 15 Best Songs Written About Other Musicians

Paste Magazine - 29 Aug 2017
The most successful hit to come from Santa Barbara, Calif., pop punk band Nerf Herder was a tribute to Van Halen, whose 1978 debut album was, according to the narrator, “the best damn record I ever owned.” Lead singer Parry Gripp gushes about David Lee ...
hunky punk

Meet the hunky young star of ABC's 'Dirty Dancing' reboot

New York Post - 21 May 2017
In the new TV adaptation of “Dirty Dancing,” premiering Wednesday at 8 p.m. on ABC, actor Colt Prattes dons the tight, black tank top of Johnny Castle, the role made famous by Patrick Swayze in the classic 1987 film. It's a major moment for the first ...
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#DaddyWillSaveUs: A primer on pro-Trump punk conservatism

The Hill (blog) - 17 Oct 2016
Two months ago my boss emailed, “let's have a 15 minute convo in the taint.” “The taint” is what employees call the corridor of small meeting rooms on the 10th floor. I obliged and skipped up with my laptop. I was working on a brand strategy ...
hunky punk

Seven Suicide Squad Characters You'll (Probably) Never See on Film

Paste Magazine - 05 Aug 2016
Suicide Squad, the last great hope in a tepid summer blockbuster season—and the third attempt by Warner Bros. to cultivate mass excitement for their nascent DC shared universe film slate—opens today to…mixed reviews. While some DC diehards fervently ...
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New Suicide Squad #19 review

Batman-News - 08 Apr 2016
Despite my belief that Seeley and Ferreyra's run is the best Suicide Squad in years, perfectly violent, perfectly pulpy and crazy, I do agree with the Cheetah problem..She has been fist fighting WW for some time, these punks should be eviscerated by now.
hunky punk

Hunky Hunnam fit as a fiddle from fighting in 'King Arthur'

Toronto Sun - 31 Mar 2017
Charlie Hunnam's daily gym sessions after filming on the set of King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword got him into peak athletic shape. Hunnam plays the titular role in the movie about the young king, who has to battle his uncle to assume his birthright ...
hunky punk

New Suicide Squad #21 review

Batman-News - 17 Jun 2016
Last month saw the demise of Hunky Punk (Mr. Hockey Puck!!!), Amanda Waller being prepared for sacrifice, and Deathtrap assassinating Deadshot (say it ain't so). To make matters worse, there's now a demonic entity named Rose Tattoo – who is basically a ...
hunky punk

APPEAL: Hunky butlers needed to bare their bums at parties

The Bolton News - 15 Feb 2017
Butlers with Bums wants to recruit staff and is appealing to the muscle men of Bolton. The hunks add fun and sexiness to any event, including hen parties, life drawing classes, cocktail classes and baby showers. The job includes wearing the signature ...
hunky punk

Two Limited Edition David Bowie Albums Due for Record Store Day

Billboard - 10 Mar 2017
Parlophone Records is prepping two limited edition David Bowie albums for this year's Record Store Day. The never-released Cracked Actor (Live in Los Angeles 1974) and the Hunky Dory-era BOWPROMO will both hit shelves on Apr. 22. Cracked Actor will ...
hunky punk

New Suicide Squad #20 review

Batman-News - 05 May 2016
Unbeknownst to them, Waller has been educated on their status, and is currently in route with Boomerang and Hunky Punk. Now, you may think that she picked two yahoos to join her – if you recall, I'm not completely sold on Hunky Punk – but both ...
hunky punk

Marvel's Merry Mutant Suicide Squad: X-Statix at 15

Paste Magazine - 08 Aug 2016
DC's rebirthed Suicide Squad from writer Rob Williams and tag-team artists Philip Tan and Jim Lee is expertly crafted to appeal to fans of the critically maligned but commercially successful film—the team line-ups are nearly identical, comic ...
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Blackest of the Black Fest By The Minute

OC Weekly - 30 May 2017
9:11 You could really smell the reefer, as people burned the sweet leaf during Corrosion Of Conformity's hard rocking set of '80s and '90s metal, with hints of Southern Rock, thrash, punk doom and sludge all with a groove that was smack dab in your ...

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