Hunky punk is Somerset (in the West Country of England) dialect... -
hunky punk

Oscar Isaac: High Flyer - 15 Nov 2017
You'll also know that Isaac plays Poe Dameron, a hunky, wise-cracking X-wing fighter pilot for the Resistance who became one of the most popular characters of writer-director JJ Abram's reboot of the franchise thanks to Isaac's charismatic performance ...
hunky punk

Seven Suicide Squad Characters You'll (Probably) Never See on Film

Paste Magazine - 05 Aug 2016
Suicide Squad, the last great hope in a tepid summer blockbuster season—and the third attempt by Warner Bros. to cultivate mass excitement for their nascent DC shared universe film slate—opens today to…mixed reviews. While some DC diehards fervently ...
hunky punk

New Suicide Squad #21 review

Batman-News - 17 Jun 2016
Last month saw the demise of Hunky Punk (Mr. Hockey Puck!!!), Amanda Waller being prepared for sacrifice, and Deathtrap assassinating Deadshot (say it ain't so). To make matters worse, there's now a demonic entity named Rose Tattoo – who is basically a ...
hunky punk

New Suicide Squad #20 review

Batman-News - 05 May 2016
Unbeknownst to them, Waller has been educated on their status, and is currently in route with Boomerang and Hunky Punk. Now, you may think that she picked two yahoos to join her – if you recall, I'm not completely sold on Hunky Punk – but both ...
hunky punk

Marvel's Merry Mutant Suicide Squad: X-Statix at 15

Paste Magazine - 08 Aug 2016
DC's rebirthed Suicide Squad from writer Rob Williams and tag-team artists Philip Tan and Jim Lee is expertly crafted to appeal to fans of the critically maligned but commercially successful film—the team line-ups are nearly identical, comic ...

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