Hurricane Nora was only the third tropical cyclone on record to... -
hurricane nora (1997)

Hurricane Nora was only the third tropical cyclone on record to...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
Hurricane Nora was only the third tropical cyclone on record to reach Arizona as a tropical storm. Nora was the fourteenth named tropical cyclone and seventh hurricane of the 1997 Pacific hurricane season. The September storm formed off the Pacific coast of Mexico, and aided by waters warmed by the 1997–98 El Niño event, eventually peaked at Category 4 intensity on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale.
hurricane nora (1997)

Has a hurricane ever hit Arizona? - 06 Sep 2017
Arizona residents who are following the destructive paths of hurricanes Harvey and Irma may be wondering if a hurricane has ever hit Arizona. Given the state's heat, drought and other factors, Arizona has been spared the punch of a full-on hurricane ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Don't think hurricanes impact Arizona? Think again

AZFamily - 28 Aug 2017
17-21, 1968; RAYMOND, Sept. 25- Oct. 5, 1989; LESTER, Aug. 20-24, 1992; NORA, Sept. 16-26, 1997; NEWTON, Sept. 4-8, 2016. [RELATED: Dry conditions to yield with Newton bringing rain to Arizona]. [READ MORE: Hurricanes and the monsoon]. Arizona's ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Hurricanes: Storms like no other

AZFamily - 11 Jun 2017
While many of the tropical systems will remain over the open ocean with little or no impact on land, three landfalls are forecast on the Mexico coastline. That could also lead to at least two storms impacting the United State. That means flooding rain ...
hurricane nora (1997)

This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Bronx

NY Metro Parents - 28 Mar 2018
Nora Twomey. 2017, 94 mins. DCP. This Oscar-nominated film is based on Deborah Ellis's novel about a young girl, Parvana, growing up under Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 2001. When Parvana's father is arrested, she decides to disguise herself as a boy ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Could a Hurricane Ever Strike Southern California?

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - 17 Oct 2012
While there has never been a documented case of a hurricane making landfall in California, the Golden State has had its share of run-ins and close calls with tropical cyclones. In fact, California has been affected by at least a few tropical cyclones ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Fox News or CNN: biases impact news

The Appalachian Online - 31 Jan 2018
According to the 2016 Gallup News poll on trust in the media, only 32 percent of Americans say they trust the media, which is down from 40 percent in 2015. The Gallup News poll on trust in media has been done every year since 1997 when it was then 53 ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Dry conditions to yield with Newton bringing rain to Arizona

AZFamily - 06 Sep 2016
Historically, there have only been four tropical storms to actually make it into Arizona, the last being Nora in 1997. If you were in Phoenix back then, you may call remember that storm as "Nada Nora". If you were in Yuma, you`d remember it as the ...
hurricane nora (1997)

AP EXCLUSIVE: A contractor fails to deliver Puerto Rico aid

WTOP - 29 Nov 2017
WASHINGTON (AP) — After Hurricane Maria damaged tens of thousands of homes in Puerto Rico, a newly created Florida company with an unproven record won more than $30 million in contracts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide emergency ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Earth Fissures May No Longer Get Mapped in Arizona

Eos - 18 Jul 2016
Newly melded with the University of Arizona at a reduced level of funding, the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) might need to shut down a program more than a decade old under which it has mapped fissures in the Earth that plague the state, officials at ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Battered Hong Kong cleans up after killer Typhoon Hato pounds region

South China Morning Post - 23 Aug 2017
Typhoon Hato triggered the No 10 signal – the highest in Hong Kong's storm warning system – for the first time since 2012, forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights to and from the city and around the region, and caused a power blackout in Asia's ...
hurricane nora (1997)

EnerVest business filing for bankruptcy to restructure - 15 Mar 2018
The publicly traded business of Houston energy investment firm EnerVest plans to file for bankruptcy to restructure and reduce its debt. The upstream oil and gas business, EV Energy Partners, said it has agreed to a bankruptcy plan with a majority of ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Hurricane Dolores and Socorro Island History (blog) - 16 Jul 2015
The "big ones" were Category 4 Hurricane Iselle in 1990 (which moved directly over the island -- technically, the only "landfall" there) and Hurricane Norman in 1978. Norman was also very close, and was a Category 4, but Linda is the only Category 5 ...
hurricane nora (1997)

HPD looking for missing elderly woman - 01 Sep 2017
Authorities are looking for a missing 93-year-old woman, the Houston Police Department said Thursday. Nora Edwards stands 5 feet and 4 inches, weighs about 100 pounds and has hazel eyes. Police did not say the last time or place that Edwards was seen ...

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