Hurricane Nora was only the third tropical cyclone on record to... -
hurricane nora (1997)

Hurricane Nora was only the third tropical cyclone on record to...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
Hurricane Nora was only the third tropical cyclone on record to reach Arizona as a tropical storm. Nora was the fourteenth named tropical cyclone and seventh hurricane of the 1997 Pacific hurricane season. The September storm formed off the Pacific coast of Mexico, and aided by waters warmed by the 1997–98 El Niño event, eventually peaked at Category 4 intensity on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale.
hurricane nora (1997)

Has a hurricane ever hit Arizona? - 06 Sep 2017
But it periodically gets the remnants of Pacific hurricanes in the form of rain, and some of those storms have reached Arizona at tropical-storm strength. The most recent was the remains of Hurricane Nora in 1997. Here are some of the more significant ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Hurricanes: Storms like no other

AZFamily - 11 Jun 2017
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in the Eastern Pacific are one of Arizona's main sources for rainfall. They infuse our monsoon. Our largest amount of rainfall from a tropical storm was from Nora in 1997 in the Harquahala Mountains with 12.01 inches. In ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Could a Hurricane Ever Strike Southern California?

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - 17 Oct 2012
In September 1997, powerful Hurricane Linda, shown in this NASA rendering created with data from the NOAA GOES-9 satellite, was briefly forecast to strike Southern California, most likely as a tropical storm, as shown in the inset forecast track from ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Comparison of 1997 El Niño vs. 2015 El Niño showing lots of similarities. Standout differences though between the 1997 and 2015 events are the current lower temperatures off the South American coast and warmer waters over the tropical East Pacific.
hurricane nora (1997)

Will Norbert Be the Rare Cyclone to Hit California?

CityLab - 05 Sep 2014
With Hurricane Norbert tracking up the Baha coast toward the U.S. border, weather officials from San Diego to Los Angeles are warning of the risk of thunderstorms, flooding, and even deadly "sneaker waves." To locals thinking Say what?, don't worry, it ...
hurricane nora (1997)

The president's daughter, then and now

Houston Chronicle - 21 Mar 2017
The phrase, as I recalled it, appeared in an essay by Nora Ephron in her collection "Crazy Salad," and it had to be written circa 1974. The "spider," somewhat astonishingly, referred to Julie Nixon Eisenhower, the younger daughter of President Richard ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Steal this book: Sedaris fans will covet 'Theft by Finding'

USA TODAY - 29 May 2017
Take this one (please!) about Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, who died within a week of one another in 1997: The two are in heaven and the future saint is not pleased: “ 'It isn't fair,' she says. 'All those years I lived in squalor, devoting myself ...
hurricane nora (1997)

Expert: Phoenix storm 'one for the record books'

Arizona Republic - 08 Sep 2014
ASU's Cerveny said the last time a dying tropical storm brought rain this significant to the state was in 1997 with Hurricane Nora. But that rain hit Yuma and western Arizona, not the Phoenix area, he said. Castro said this storm was notable for ...
hurricane nora (1997)

NASA solves flashing light from Earth mystery

USA TODAY - 16 May 2017
NASA researchers say mysterious flashes of light erupting from Earth have an explanation rooted not in the supernatural, but in science. A NASA camera on NOAA's Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), launched in 2015, has caught hundreds of ...

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