Hurricane Odile lashes Baja California with strong winds, heavy rains -
hurricane odile

How Cabo Is Making a Post-Hurricane Comeback

Hollywood Reporter - 08 Jan 2016
Hurricane Odile made mincemeat of Mexico's upscale resorts in 2014, tossing boulders into infinity pools and ripping roofs off presidential suites. A year later ...
hurricane odile

Torrential rains cause damage in Mulegé

Mexico News Daily - 09 Sep 2016
In Santa Rosalía dozens of houses and vehicles were buried in rocks and dirt as a result of the torrential rains that accompanied the hurricane.
hurricane odile

Isis removed from list of hurricane names

USA TODAY - 20 Apr 2015
There won't be a Hurricane Isis this year, or any year. Due to its association with the terrorist group ISIS,the name has been removed from the official list of ...
hurricane odile

Local nurses stranded in Cabo during Odile - 22 Sep 2014
SAN DIEGO - Four local nurses are back in San Diego after being stranded in Cabo San Lucas for four days during hurricane Odile. Kristen Enari, Kristen ...
hurricane odile

Hurricane Linda Recap

The Weather Channel - 10 Sep 2015
Tropical Depression Fifteen-E developed on Sept. 6, 2015, well southwest of Mexico, and became Tropical Storm Linda later that day. This fifteenth tropical ...
hurricane odile

At Paradisus, a Los Cabos comeback story

Travel Weekly - 07 Dec 2017
Dec. 23, 2016, was referenced frequently during my stay at the all-inclusive Paradisus Los Cabos, host of last month's Los Cabos VIP Summit. That date marked ...
hurricane odile

Barely two days ago, Surfline published an article about the Odile aftermath and ways for people to help. While the article spawned a lot of action from the surf ...
hurricane odile

The 7 Most Disastrous Bachelorette Parties - 28 May 2015
Bachelorette parties are supposed to celebrate a bride-to-be's last single days — not her last days, full stop. But these epic celebrations turned tragic fast, for the ...

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