HUVr: The Back to the Future hoverboard is finally here -

HUVr: The Back to the Future hoverboard is finally here

ExtremeTech - 04 Mar 2014
Ladies and gentlemen, the 15-year wait is finally over: HUVr Tech has announced what appears to be the first ever hoverboard. Dubbed the HUVr, the device appears to function almost exactly like the hoverboard used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future ...

Drone-testing range coming to Henderson

Las Vegas Sun - 03 Jan 2017
Called the Henderson Unmanned Vehicle Range, or HUVR, the site sits southeast of Nevada State College just off of Paradise Hills Drive. According to the NIAS, the site will feature a 150-foot runway, four vertical take-off and landing pads, an ...

Austin's HUVR Raises $2M to Deploy Drones to Industrial Sites

Xconomy - 10 Aug 2015
What HUVR does is work with sites like wind farms to do regular turbine assessments in order to identify and diagnose damage such as cracks, bonding problems in layers of fiberglass, or heat fatigue on high temperature components such as flare stacks.

Doc Brown and Tony Hawk show off a real-life hoverboard (or not)

The Verge - 06 Mar 2014
Seemingly out of nowhere, a major promotional campaign for a "real" hoverboard known as HUVr has launched online today. It all began with a pair of bizarre video clips featuring testimonials from celebrities including Tony Hawk, Moby, and Back to the ...

HUVR launches drone service, backed by $2 million, multiple 333s

UAS Magazine - 13 Aug 2015
After applying for, and receiving, a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration section 333 exemption in April to fly its multirotor platform for the use of industrial inspections and precision agriculture applications, HUVR followed it up with another ...

Clever Huvr hoverboard prank is a month early

Nerd Reactor - 04 Mar 2014
If you grab the assistance of a couple famous names, some good film editing and a fun idea, you'll probably get enough desperate people to believe you. The Huvr is a perfect example of an elaborate viral prank. I shudder to think how many individuals ...

Kotak upgrades Colgate to 'Buy'; puts target price at Rs 1100

Financial Express - 09 Mar 2017
As per our internal estimates, Patanjali has already gained ~10% incremental market share over FY2015-17 to reach 12.3% share in toothpaste category with losses distributed across CLGT (260 bps), HUVR (440 bps) and others (ex-Dabur/ GSK-CH, 340 ...

HUVRData Launches and Announces $2 Million in Funding

Inside Unmanned Systems - 26 Aug 2015
HUVR already has customers in the wind industry and is focused on working with wind farm owners and repair companies to conduct regular turbine assessments to identify and diagnose damage. Customers can access their information in real time via the ...

HUVRData To Bring Drone-Based Data Analytics To Solar Market

Solar Industry - 11 Aug 2015
Earlier this year, HUVR received a commercial drone exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate the AscTec Falcon 8 for precision agriculture and aerial surveys of wind farms; solar arrays; and industrial infrastructure such as ...

Antiviral: Here's What's Bullshit on the Internet This Week

Gawker - 07 Mar 2014
The pro skater lied to all of us this week when he appeared in a video for a new company called HUVr shilling real-life hoverboards like the ones in Back to the Future II. "I can't believe how well it works," Hawk said. HUVr promised it was legit on ...

HUVr Board or Nah? Futuristic Fun Pokes At Reality - 05 Mar 2014
The mere thought of an actual hoverboard type device had folks on edge yesterday. The video went viral instantly and had folks trying to figure out where they could get such a thing. The HUVr device is something that we may actually see in years to ...

HUVr Board Tech, fake vs real social mayhem

Online Social Media - 11 Mar 2014
So many people were in awe of the new HUVr Board Tech, that basically uses the same technology has Marty McFly's hoverboard in Back to the Future movies. When you watch the movie you will notice that Marty arrived in the future dated October 21, 2015, ...

HUVr : l'hoverboard était bien un gros fake… signé Funny or Die

Le Journal du Geek - 06 Mar 2014
Tout d'abord, il faut saluer le fake en question. En plus de la vidéo (où l'on apercevait des harnais pour les acteurs, en passant), un site sur HUVr et une page Facebook ont été crées. La présence de guest stars (Christopher LLoyd, Tony Hawk ...

Tony Hawk Is Bringing an Actual Hoverboard to the World

Maxim - 16 Oct 2015
Tony Hawk pulled a fast one on us last year in a Funny or Die clip where the legendary pro skater, along with Terrell Owens and a handful of other stars, took a ride on the "Huvr" hoverboard and extolled the virtues of the high-tech deck. While it was ...

What Is a GIFV? The New File Type Explained - 09 Oct 2014
GIFs are part of life on the Internet (the GIF above comes from the Huvr video, in case you were wondering). It seems like every blog and website uses GIFs to showcase memorable moments, breaking news, and stuff that's just plain cool. But the GIF ...

Bans and injuries aside, hoverboards top 2015 wish lists

CNBC - 02 Dec 2015
What is the hottest-selling tech gadget this holiday season? Hoverboards. On Black Friday, deal-seekers bought more than 5,000 of these ultracool self-balancing scooters on eBay. The online marketplace claims they are now selling one every 12 seconds.

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