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Viral Video: HUVrTech hoverboard demo

fox13now.com - 04 Mar 2014
Viral Video: HUVrTech hoverboard demo. Posted 2:44 pm, March 4, 2014, by David Wells, Updated at 02:48PM, March 4, 2014. Facebook · Twitter · Reddit · Pinterest · LinkedIn · Email. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be ...

The Internet Is Going Insane For This Star-Packed Hoverboard Ad

Junkee - 04 Mar 2014
A company named HUVr Tech is actively fucking with our feels after releasing an epic video demonstrating a “real-life” hoverboard in action. The video features celebrity cameos galore from the likes of Tony Hawk, Moby, Best Coast and Dr. Emmett Brown ...

How Much Would You Pay To Own The World's First Hoverboard?

MTV.com - 21 Oct 2014
Back in March, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk -- along with the team at FunnyOrDie and "Back to the Future" star Christopher Lloyd -- sadistically pranked the world with a video promoting the "HUVrTech" hoverboard. Millions of starry-eyed dreamers ...

Tony Hawk Explains the Back to the Future Hoverboard Prank

Kotaku - 06 Mar 2014
It still looks awesome, though. HUVr Tech - Tony Hawk Reveals Hoverboard Prank [RIDE Channel, YouTube]. To contact the author of this post, write to: gergovas@kotaku.com. Discussion. Reply. Community (53); Pending. Sort by: Popular. Reply. Sort by:.

Tony Hawk Apologizes For Skateboard Hovercraft Prank

RumorFix - 05 Mar 2014
"HOVERBOARDS ARE REAL (finally!) thanks to@huvrtech http://huvrtech.com #theyrehere" he captioned the video. But the dream of hoverskating was dashed Wednesday when Hawk unveiled the whole thing was a giant prank. "I was recently invited to ...

Empresa “cria” skate voador de “De Volta para o Futuro 2”

EXAME.com - 07 Mar 2014
São Paulo – Uma cena de perseguição com skates voadores era um dos pontos altos de “De Volta para o Futuro 2”, filme de 1985. Inspirada nisso, a empresa HUVrtech apresentou, nos EUA o HUVr, o skate que voa, mostrado em vídeos no YouTube (veja ...

It's Not Where You're Going, It's How you Get There

GOOD Magazine - 20 Sep 2014
At one point, we humans were fascinated with the invention of the wheel, but we're human. It's part of our make-up to constantly search for and invent what's next. Well, what's next doesn't always rely on the wheel. Who needs those when you can ...

Tony Hawk's YouTube-funded skateboard channel just did a 360

SlashGear - 06 Nov 2014
Skateboard veteran Tony Hawk's production company, 900 films, have teamed up with Complex media this month to expand their already-massive RIDE Channel into something much bigger. The YouTube-funded RIDE Channel is turning into a full 360 ...

The 13 most viral hoaxes of 2014

The Daily Dot - 21 Dec 2014
Recently, we were treated to the irresistible tale of 17-year-old Mohammed Islam, a senior at New York's Stuyvesant High School who had allegedly made an astounding $72 million trading stock. Trouble was, the story wasn't remotely true, and it ...

HUVr : l'hoverboard était bien un gros fake… signé Funny or Die

Le Journal du Geek - 06 Mar 2014
Hier, nous vous parlions de HUVr, start-up qui a fait sensation sur le web en présentant son hoverboard. Nous nous en doutions et aujourd'hui, la chose est confirmée : c'est bien un bon gros fake des familles. Screenshot_1. Tout d'abord, il faut saluer ...

Hoverboard : HUVr Tech présente son skate volant ! Ou pas…

Nowhere Else - 04 Mar 2014
Publiée il y a quelques heures sur Youtube, la vidéo ci-dessous aurait été réalisée pour nous annoncer, démonstrations à l'appui, que les ingénieurs d'une mystérieuse société américaine appelée HUVr Tech sont parvenus à concevoir un Hoverboard ...

Back To The Future Part II: how many predictions came true?

Den Of Geek - 12 Jun 2014
We've had a few false alarms (such as the Christopher-Lloyd-endorsed hoax from Funny Or Die, which featured miraculous boards created by "HUVrTech"), but real inventors are giving it their best efforts. Artist Nils Guadagnin created a board which does ...

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