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Huvrtech: Real, fake, a stunt, or something else?

Techly - 06 Jun 2014
Hoverboards: here, now. Being used by celebrities, including Tony Hawk. For a product that needs absolutely no hyping, this video is about as awesome as you can get. And who else would you get to ride your hoverboard prototype than Tony Hawk?

How Much Would You Pay To Own The World's First Hoverboard?

MTV.com - 21 Oct 2014
Back in March, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk -- along with the team at FunnyOrDie and "Back to the Future" star Christopher Lloyd -- sadistically pranked the world with a video promoting the "HUVrTech" hoverboard. Millions of starry-eyed dreamers ...

The Internet Is Going Insane For This Star-Packed Hoverboard Ad

Junkee - 04 Mar 2014
A company named HUVr Tech is actively fucking with our feels after releasing an epic video demonstrating a “real-life” hoverboard in action. The video features celebrity cameos galore from the likes of Tony Hawk, Moby, Best Coast and Dr. Emmett Brown ...

Tony Hawk Apologizes For Skateboard Hovercraft Prank

RumorFix - 05 Mar 2014
"HOVERBOARDS ARE REAL (finally!) thanks to@huvrtech http://huvrtech.com #theyrehere" he captioned the video. But the dream of hoverskating was dashed Wednesday when Hawk unveiled the whole thing was a giant prank. "I was recently invited to ...

Empresa “cria” skate voador de “De Volta para o Futuro 2”

EXAME.com - 07 Mar 2014
São Paulo – Uma cena de perseguição com skates voadores era um dos pontos altos de “De Volta para o Futuro 2”, filme de 1985. Inspirada nisso, a empresa HUVrtech apresentou, nos EUA o HUVr, o skate que voa, mostrado em vídeos no YouTube (veja ...

Peeple Rating People and 5 Other Viral Marketing Hoax Campaigns

Small Business Trends - 27 Oct 2015
The Internet has recently been abuzz with news of an app that lets people rate other people. Peeple, an app said to be created by best friends Julia Condray and Nicole McCullough, came under fire after it emerged that, when the app is said to be ...

Top 10 Hoaxes That You Probably Believed

Gazette Review - 01 Oct 2016
And that's exactly what a company called HUVr Tech created in 2014. Well, not really, it was a hoax, but everyone and their mothers bought it. A fake video was produced showing a real life hoverboard being used by famous people such as Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk

Hollywood Life - 28 Jun 2016
Tony Hawk (born Anthony Frank Hawk in Carlsbad, California on May 12, 1968) is an American professional skateboarder. In 1999, Tony was the first skater to land a “900” skateboarding trick after his twelfth attempt. The documented move gave him a lot ...

HUVr Board Tech, fake vs real social mayhem

Online Social Media - 11 Mar 2014
You have only got to visit the official HUVr Tech Facebook and Twitter to see the responses and debates, the HUVr Tech Twitter account has over 17k following, and on its Facebook page they have a staggering 142k already. The video below is fantastic ...

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