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Hyperparathyroidism is an increased parathyroid hormone (PTH) l...

wikipedia - 28 Mar 2018
Hyperparathyroidism is an increased parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels in the blood. This occurs either from the parathyroid glands inappropriately making too much PTH (primary hyperparathyroidism) or other events triggering increased production by the parathyroid glands (secondary hyperparathyroidism). Most people with primary disease have no symptoms at the time of diagnosis. In those with symptoms the most common is kidney stones with other potential symptoms including weakness, depression, bone pai

Secondary Hyperparathyroidism Pipeline Review H1 2018

India Reporter - 23 Oct 2018
Report Highlights. Latest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare disease pipeline guide Secondary Hyperparathyroidism – Pipeline Review, H1 2018, provides an overview of the Secondary Hyperparathyroidism pipeline landscape. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare ...

Thick Carotid Arteries=HIGHER Bone Mineral Density?

https://ryortho.com/ (press release) - 23 Oct 2018
According to the news release, “Among study participants who were not treated for hyperparathyroidism, there were 56 hip fractures per 1, 000 people after 10 years. Among those who had parathyroid surgery, there were just 20 fractures per 1, 000 people.

Racial Differences Observed in Pediatric SHPT

Renal and Urology News - 08 Oct 2018
Investigators have identified racial disparities in secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) biomarkers among children and adolescents receiving dialysis that appear similar to trends seen in adult patients. In a recent study of 661 patients (younger than ...

Cinacalcet Eases Refractory SHPT in Young Children

Renal and Urology News - 05 Oct 2018
Cinacalcet effectively treats infants and young children with refractory hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) from advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD), researchers reported in Pediatric Nephrology. Carolyn L. Abitbol, MD, of Holtz Children's Hospital and her ...

Ascorbic Acid Ineffective for CKD-MBD

Renal and Urology News - 04 Oct 2018
Some earlier research had suggested that ascorbic acid could reduce phosphorus or delay secondary hyperparathyroidism. “Our systematic review and meta-analysis does not support prescription of AA to HD patients with CKD-MBD,” Shuangxin Liu, MD, ...

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