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Hypoxia Cited as Possible Cause to Crash in the Caribbean

TWC News - 05 Sep 2014
"They put you in a pressure chamber and evacuate the pressure and make you hypoxic," said Ernisse, "Many of these pilots like small corporate pilots or not big commercial airline or military pilots don't have that kind of training so they've never been ...

Oregon Now Has A Hypoxia Season, Just Like A Wildfire Season

OPB News - 18 Sep 2018
Scientists say warming ocean temperatures mean Oregon's coastal waters now have a low-oxygen season, or hypoxia season, just as the state's forests have a fire season. Hypoxia is a condition in which the ocean water close to the sea floor has such low ...

In Young Mice, Hypoxia During Sleep Speeds Tumor Growth

Sleep Review - 18 Sep 2018
Researchers are interested in the potential relationship between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and its immediate consequence, intermittent hypoxia, with the appearance of tumors. A new study, led by the lecturer Isaac Almendros, PhD, from the faculty ...

Hypoxia, 'Dead Zone' Research Funding Set To Expire Sept. 30

agprofessional.com - 27 Sep 2018
Minimizing hypoxia, the lethal absence of oxygen in water, is critical to protect the environment. The “Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Act” (HABHRCA) was first introduced in 1998 to research control and reduction strategies for ...

Oregon sees low-oxygen seasons in coastal waters

OregonLive.com - 20 Sep 2018
The coastal waters go through an annual season of hypoxia, a condition resulting in the deaths of sea organisms as dissolved oxygen decreases in water near the ocean floor, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported this week. The low-oxygen season is much ...

Drug-based approach sensitizes hypoxic tumours to radiation therapy

physicsworld.com - 08 Oct 2018
Human tumours often have regions of low oxygen levels (known as hypoxia) because the poorly formed blood vessels cannot deliver enough oxygen to meet the metabolic need of the tumour cells. This is problematic in a clinical setting because it has been ...

T-6 Hypoxia Problem Solved, AF Says

FEDweek - 21 Sep 2018
The study focused on fluctuating cockpit oxygen levels, which were identified as the reason why pilots and student pilots experienced hypoxia. The variances accounted for the issue, even when oxygen levels were above physiologically required minimums.

Appropriate sedation minimizes endoscopy risks during pregnancy

Healio - 07 Oct 2018
The potential risks from endoscopy include over-sedation which can lead to hypotension and hypoxia in the mother. In turn, hypoxia in the mother can lead to hypoxia in the fetus. The fetus can also be exposed to potentially dangerous medications or ...

2018 one of worst low-oxygen years for ocean off Oregon

KTVZ - 03 Oct 2018
For the past two decades, Oregon has experienced a decline in oxygen in Pacific Ocean waters near the seafloor just off the coast to the extent that many scientists are saying we now have a “hypoxia season,” much the same way that we have a wildfire ...

Air Force T-6 crashes in Texas, crew suffers 'minor injuries'

AirForceTimes.com - 18 Sep 2018
The T-6 has been struck by a series of hypoxia events where pilots have become disoriented due to malfunctions in the aircraft's oxygen system. Over the past year the incidents have resulted in several groundings. Last November, the 71st Flying ...

How does the flu actually kill you?

Santa Maria Times - 16 Oct 2018
Usually, that process works to heal the body. But sometimes the immune system's reaction is so strong, destroying so much tissue in the lungs that they can no longer deliver enough oxygen to the blood, which in turn causes hypoxia and death.

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