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Hypoxia Cited as Possible Cause to Crash in the Caribbean

TWC News - 05 Sep 2014
"They put you in a pressure chamber and evacuate the pressure and make you hypoxic," said Ernisse, "Many of these pilots like small corporate pilots or not big commercial airline or military pilots don't have that kind of training so they've never been ...

Method found to detect hypoxia in real time

Xinhua - 08 Dec 2017
CHICAGO, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Researchers at the University of Illinois (UI) have developed a photoacoustic molecular probe to find hypoxic spots noninvasively in real time. Areas of hypoxia, or low oxygen in tissue, are hallmarks of fast-growing cancers ...

NASA Team Studying Hypoxia Put USAF Pilot-Physician In F/A-18

Aviation Week - 13 Dec 2017
U.S. Air Force Col. Jay Flottmann is one of a handful of individuals the service calls “unicorns”—qualified both as a fighter pilot and a physician. As a member of the NASA team charged with studying a troubling surge in hypoxia-like cockpit episodes ...

Photoacoustic molecular probe detects hypoxia

Chemical & Engineering News - 04 Dec 2017
Hypoxia—damage to tissue caused by low oxygen levels—can be difficult to detect. Jefferson Chan and coworkers at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, have developed a small molecule probe they call HyP-1 that improves hypoxia detection by ...

Hypoxia Epidemic Spreads To T-6

AVweb - 01 Dec 2017
The U.S. Air Force has grounded its fleet of T-6 Texan II turboprops at Vance Air Force Base after a string of four hypoxia-like incidents in two weeks, according to the public affairs office of the 71st Flying Training Wing. This year has been a ...

Hypoxia linked to poor prognosis in gastric cancer

Medical Herald - 16 Dec 2017
Gastric cancer (GC) is one of most common malignancies and ranks the third leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide. Hypoxia is known as a common feature of malignant tumours and plays an important role in therapeutic resistance, recurrence ...

Training Tip: How bad leads to worse

AOPA Pilot - 04 Dec 2017
You might have learned about hypoxia around the same time you perused the flight rules on supplemental oxygen. Unless you train at a high-elevation airport, you may have dismissed those rules as testable material not applicable to your own flying. Here ...

Molecular Beacon Signals Low Oxygen With Ultrasound

R & D Magazine - 10 Dec 2017
Areas of hypoxia, or low oxygen in tissue, are hallmarks of fast-growing cancers and of blockages or narrowing in blood vessels, such as stroke or peripheral artery disease. University of Illinois researchers have developed a way to find hypoxic spots ...

Hindering cadherin-22 may reduce the spread of cancer

Drug Target Review (press release) - 20 Nov 2017
Studying breast and brain cancer cells in a hypoxia incubator, Prof Uniacke and his team discovered that cadherin-22 is involved in this process to enable the spread of cancer cells. “We found that the more hypoxic a tumour was, the more cadherin-22 ...

Adapt-N Team From Cornell Wins Tulane Nitrogen Reduction Challenge

agprofessional.com - 16 Dec 2017
With a $1 million grand prize, Tulane University has named the team at Adapt-N as the winner of the Tulane Nitrogen Reduction. The Adapt-N team started at Cornell University and developed a cloud-based computer modeling system to predict optimum ...

UND designs headset to enhance pilot safety

AOPA Pilot - 30 Nov 2017
The team's "near-term deliverable" is traffic via Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) feedback into a headset. The same tactile technology and physiological monitoring could be adapted to alert a pilot experiencing the lack of oxygen ...

As I See It: One man's quest into why cancer recurs

Worcester Telegram - 10 Dec 2017
This is why understanding hypoxic cells is critical in understanding why cancers recur for some tumors. That's because hypoxic cells are resistant to most frequently administered therapies (Radiation therapy/Chemotherapy) because the treatments only ...

Focus on Boeing F-18 oxygen loss should be pilots, NASA says

Bloomberg Government (blog) - 14 Dec 2017
The Navy's response to its vexing problem of fighter pilots risking oxygen loss should focus on the humans flying the planes instead of just fixing the machines, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reports. The Navy and congressional ...

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