I'm Your Man is the eighth studio album by Leonard Cohen, relea... - dofaq.com
i'm your man (leonard cohen album)

Leonard Cohen Albums From Worst To Best

Stereogum - 15 Nov 2016
Several years ago, The Atlantic published a controversial essay by a healthy, middle-aged oncologist who hoped to die at 75. Among his reasons -- the pain ...
i'm your man (leonard cohen album)

Every Leonard Cohen Album, Ranked

Observer - 25 May 2017
There was so much more to Leonard Cohen than "Hallelujah." Here's our definitive ranking of every Leonard Cohen album, from worst to best.
i'm your man (leonard cohen album)

Leonard Cohen obituary

The Guardian - 10 Nov 2016
It is a remarkable testament to the scope of popular music that Leonard Cohen could ever have been filed under the headings of rock or pop. A poet and novelist ...
i'm your man (leonard cohen album)

Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker

The New Yorker - 17 Oct 2016
When Leonard Cohen was twenty-five, he was living in London, sitting in cold rooms writing sad poems. He got by on a three-thousand-dollar grant from the ...
i'm your man (leonard cohen album)

Top 10 Leonard Cohen Songs

Ultimate Classic Rock - 11 Nov 2016
Leonard Cohen's legacy goes beyond the numerous covers of his songs, and the seemingly endless soundtrack appearances. Those things helped afford him ...
i'm your man (leonard cohen album)

Primer: Leonard Cohen

A.V. Club New York - 02 Feb 2012
If there's a defining image of Leonard Cohen's career, it's the cover of his 1968 debut Songs Of Leonard Cohen. He cuts a dashing figure, with his suit and ...
i'm your man (leonard cohen album)

Eleanor Friedberger 'Rebound' Review

SPIN - 09 May 2018
At the end of “Open Season,” a highlight from Eleanor Friedberger's 2016 album New View, her narrator leaves some things—”antique needles,” “the money in ...

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