Imitation of Life is a 1934 American drama film directed by Joh... -
imitation of life (1934 film)

Imitation of Life is a 1934 American drama film directed by Joh...

wikipedia - 11 Sep 2016
Imitation of Life is a 1934 American drama film directed by John M. Stahl. The screenplay by William Hurlbut, based on Fannie Hurst's 1933 novel of the same name, was augmented by eight additional uncredited writers, including Preston Sturges and Finley Peter Dunne. The film stars Claudette Colbert, Warren William and Rochelle Hudson and features Louise Beavers and Fredi Washington.
imitation of life (1934 film)

Big Screen Berkeley: '306 Hollywood' and 'The Goddess'

Berkeleyside - 05 Oct 2018
Pacific Film Archive's series 'Chinese Cinema Classics: Screen Idols and Stardom Reexamined' will introduce viewers to a few of these incredibly rare features, commencing with a screening of Wu Yonggang's 1934 weepie Shennü (The Goddess) at 7 p.m. on ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

The black hair revolution is happening now on a screen near you

Los Angeles Times - 14 Oct 2018
Black actresses, whether by choice or under pressure from Hollywood, have altered their natural hair to appeal to mainstream audiences since their first appearances in film and television — from Josephine Baker's plastered-down coif in 1934's “Zouzou ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

Friday essay: where are the female academics on film?

The Conversation AU - 11 Oct 2018
Banks's character was groundbreaking because for decades, men have been portrayed as brilliant, heroic academics in American and British films. Movies such as A Beautiful Mind, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, Good Will Hunting and ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

Tony Lucia's TV and Art Films: Through Sept. 8

Reading Eagle - 02 Sep 2018
John M. Stahl's original version of "Imitation of Life" (1934) follows at 9:30, starring Claudette Colbert and Louise Beavers. Whereas the 1959 remake featured a white actress as the maid's daughter, black actress Fredi Washington plays the role here.
imitation of life (1934 film)

Two Takes on 'Imitation of Life': Exploitation in Eastmancolor

New York Times - 14 May 2015
“I would have made the picture just for the title,” Douglas Sirk said of his last Hollywood production, “Imitation of Life” (1959). But, newly released on Blu-ray by Universal, along with its original version, directed in 1934 by John M. Stahl, the ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

Films to Watch During Black History Month

The Washington Informer - 03 Feb 2018
Recent films such as Moonlight” which last year won the Oscar for “Best Picture,” and this year's Oscar-nominated “Get Out” and “Mudbound” are good indications that Black filmmakers are receiving more opportunities in the movie industry, evidenced by ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

Rescuing the Letterpress Art Made for Movie Ads

Atlas Obscura - 08 Jan 2018
For many years, movie advertisements were carved into letterpress blocks and plates. Roffman stumbled across his first—an ad for the 1934 film The Imitation of Life—at an antique shop in Waterbury, Connecticut, where he was conducting an interview ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

Movie Stars Have Heroines, Too

New York Times - 14 Sep 2018
Fredi Washington, known by most for her role in the original 1934 classic “Imitation of Life,” is a woman whose talent, courage and conviction I truly admire. Her passion and activism helped forge the way for all black Hollywood, including Josephine ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

Entertainment Black History Month: 28 Days, 28 Films

Pulse Nigeria - 02 Feb 2018
There are exceptions, including “Imitation of Life,” a 1930s melodrama with a storyline about a black character who “passes” for white, as well as “Intruder in the Dust,” a 1940s parable of white conscience. Both are worth viewing because of the power ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

Every James Bond film ranked from worst to best

USA TODAY - 18 Jun 2018
James Bond is arguably the most famous spy in cinematic history. Created by British author and journalist Ian Fleming in the early 1950s, the always-suave character with a license to kill has been at the center of 26 films, with the 27th, directed by ...
imitation of life (1934 film)

Fredi Washington, a talented actress and devoted activist

Amsterdam News - 20 Sep 2018
Now, for me to recall Washington's place in films and stage is not that revelatory, but for Hall, of another generation, to recall Washington was quite surprising. Washington, to refresh the memory of those of my generation and ...

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