Inchkeith (from the Scottish Gaelic: Innis Cheith) is an island... -

Fife helicopter mystery: Chinooks and loud bangs at Inchkeith?

Fife Today - 05 Sep 2017
Choppers appeared to be landing at Inchkeith. Fifetoday has received reports of as many as three helicopters from as far apart as Kinghorn to St Andrews until at least 3am this morning. Police Scotland have confirmed that their helicopter was not in ...

MP says late night chopper flights over homes 'unacceptable'

Fife Today - 12 Sep 2017
Fifers have been kept awake at night by low helicopters and chinooks, along with loud bangs as troops are dropped off and collected from Inchkeith in the Firth of Forth. Mr Gethins said: “The noise made by night flying has caused considerable concern ...

Video: Military chopper exercises 'to last more than a week'

Fife Today - 06 Sep 2017
Witnesses have been startled or woken up by helicopters, including chinooks, flying low over Fife and the Firth of Forth, with bangs heard coming from Inchkeith island late at night. Military sources had initially been tight lipped on the nature of the ...

Cutting through the chopper mystery

Fife Today - 15 Sep 2017
If you've just been visiting Fife for the first time over the last week or so, you could be forgiven for getting an odd impression of the place. This last wee while we've not only seen a huge increase in the amount of military aircraft in the skies ...

Super 16: Team #3 Selinsgrove Seals - 24 Aug 2017
Quarterback Logan Leiby returns with his 3,000 yards passing and 24 touchdowns. Wide Receiver weapons include Kody Showers and Jarrett Inch. Keith Dresse anchors that offensive line. Keith goes 6'3" and 280lbs. Derek Hicks and his squad went (8-4) in ...

Tour De Forth Part 2: Life and work on the Forth Estuary

Herald Scotland - 01 Sep 2017
Heading back towards the bridges I can see all the islands in the Forth, Inchkeith (currently owned by Sir Tom Farmer), Inchholm, Inchgarvie, Inchmickerey, all the way out to Bass Rock and the Isle of May. Here is the Forth estuary. The next leg of the ...

140 bags of rubbish removed from Inchkeith island

Edinburgh Evening News - 27 Mar 2015
Derek Robertson, chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “Inchkeith is such an iconic island in the Forth Estuary, and a crucial habitat of national significance for seabirds. And with the new crossing bringing international attention to the ...

The Forbidden Experiment reveals Inchkeith mystery

Edinburgh Evening News - 30 Apr 2014
INCHKEITH is an island that has been wrapped in mystery for centuries, but now, Rob Jones and Michael O'Neill of Enormous Yes theatre company have found something they think you should know...

Burst pipe cuts off water supply for Plymouth residents

Plymouth Herald - 22 Jul 2017
Residents in a Plymouth suburb were left without water for hours today after a leak. Southway resident Bradley Darlington arrived home on Saturday afternoon to find a small stream of water running along Inchkeith Road and Skerries Road. Bradley ...

The forgotten history of the Firth of Forth islands

Edinburgh Evening News - 25 Feb 2016
In 1497 sufferers from a contagious disease called 'grandgore' were sent to Inchkeith Hospital from Edinburgh. Plague victims were also dispatched to the island in 1580 and 1609 while in 1799 Russian sailors were buried on the island after dying from ...

Go forth and drink up new adventures

Fife Today - 24 Feb 2017
It was soon time to go back to base. However, about half way across the Forth and a mile away from Inchkeith, the boat came to a stop. Neil, who had taken over from Megan on steering duties, had a gleeful smile as he began to perform doughnuts in the boat.

Letters to The Fife Free Press

Fife Today - 23 Sep 2016
Only one went east over Inchkeith. This was a Balkan Airways A320 with no noise on the Fife coast. You can monitor the flight paths using The 'Lets Go Further' website infers there have been no changes since 1970 and in a recent ...

Solo sailor saved from sinking yacht

Practical Boat Owner Magazine - 07 Sep 2015
A lone yachtsman was rescued by Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat crew after he ran aground on rocks south of Inchkeith Island, in the Firth of Forth, Scotland. The 19ft yacht ran aground on the Briggs rocks, a reef to the south of the island, and began to sink ...

From the ruins

Business Standard - 18 Mar 2016
SS Inchkeith The wreck is from a cargo vessel that sank during World War II near the Andaman's Duncan Island. "The low visibility lends the wreck an air of mystery," says Samit Sawhney, managing director of the Andaman-based Barefoot Holiday. The bow ...

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