In mathematics, an incidence matrix is a matrix that shows the ... -
incidence matrix

In mathematics, an incidence matrix is a matrix that shows the ...

wikipedia - 12 Nov 2016
In mathematics, an incidence matrix is a matrix that shows the relationship between two classes of objects. If the first class is X and the second is Y, the matrix has one row for each element of X and one column for each element of Y. The entry in row x and column y is 1 if x and y are related (called incident in this context) and 0 if they are not. There are variations; see below.
incidence matrix

Govt demands more control over Aids NGOs

Daily Monitor (press release) (blog) - 19 Jun 2018
The commission is now drawing a matrix into which to enter the NGOs engaged in HIV/Aids prevention upcountry. Additionally, it has met the NGO registration board, a unit in the Internal Affairs ministry, which currently ...
incidence matrix

It wasn't all bad

Roads & Briodges (press release) (blog) - 01 Jun 2018
Using the Haddon Matrix and the research team's broad expertise, the team developed a comprehensive set of parameters to create statistical models of the incidence of traffic fatalities over the period. The data series covered a broad and comprehensive ...
incidence matrix

Using Phased Array UT for Austenitic Weld Inspections

Quality Magazine - 01 Jun 2018
By optimizing the wedge angle, and the element configuration of the matrix probe, it is possible to efficiently generate the large sweep of refracted angles without relevant side lobes (Figure 2). The footprint of the wedge assembly in the incidence ...
incidence matrix

What Ateneo – and illness – taught me - 04 Jun 2018
I saw the faces of “poverty incidence” and “wealth inequality.” Many stories exposed me to the realities of public healthcare in the Philippines. What has my Ateneo education meant to me? Ateneo programs such as JEEP and immersion push students to ...
incidence matrix

Removing health care barriers and boundaries

MIT News - 22 May 2018
He developed neural-network algorithms for reading mammograms that dramatically reduce the incidence of false negatives and false positives. He also developed a neural network-based system to reduce a ...

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