Interface is a 1994 novel by Neal Stephenson and George Jewsbur... -
interface (novel)

Interface is a 1994 novel by Neal Stephenson and George Jewsbur...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Interface is a 1994 novel by Neal Stephenson and George Jewsbury and originally published under the pseudonym Stephen Bury. Reprints of the novel have credited the work to Stephen Bury and J. Frederick George, and more recently to Stephenson and George. It is a thriller, set in the then-future year of 1996 when a shadowy coalition bent on controlling the world economy attempts to manipulate a candidate for president of the United States through the use of a computer biochip brain implant. It was desc
interface (novel)

iQIYI Launches Comprehensive Upgrade of Reading App

Markets Insider - 19 Jul 2018
The new version of the reading app (iOS 1.7.0 and Android 1.7.1) includes an enriched user experience, better customer service and an improved, streamlined interface. After this upgrade, new users of the app will have access to 30 days of free reading ...
interface (novel)

DreamCatcher Software Announces Issuance of US Patent No 10001975

Markets Insider - 12 Jul 2018
A visual and re-usable system for capturing technical architecture of the product features as well as for integrations with other systems and services, including design patterns, design components and interface data fields; Novel ability to visualize ...
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Why You Should be Using yWriter to Plan Out That Pesky Novel

Study Breaks - 12 Jul 2018
yWriter's interface certainly isn't dripping with style and remains incapable of some of Scrivener's more complex functions, but it thrives on simplicity. In fact, the minimalistic environment can foster positive writing habits. With yWriter, you won't ...
interface (novel)

Novel approach to boost motor recovery after a stroke

Tech Explorist (press release) - 20 Jun 2018
Combining a brain-computer interface (BCI) with functional electrical stimulation (FES) can help stroke casualties recuperate more noteworthy utilization of their paralyzed arm – even a long time after the stroke. Scientists at the EPFL have now come ...
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ASU molecular sciences professor receives NSF CAREER Award

ASU News Now - 19 Jul 2018
The specific goals of the NSF CAREER Award are to addresses the challenge of creating new designer materials to interface with biological systems in order to help in the treatment of disease, regrow damaged tissue or uncover fundamental mechanism of ...
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'Plumbelly': Gary Maynard sets sail with a coming-of-age novel

Martha's Vineyard Times - 03 Jul 2018
Now Gary has built a coming-of-age novel set at sea in the South Pacific, where the dramatic ingredients include racial hostility, paternal abusers, molestation, shipwreck, three deaths (one a murder), and teenage heartbreak. At least some of this ...
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25 Comic Book, Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video

Den of Geek US - 29 Jun 2018
We've scoured through Amazon Prime video to pick out some geek favourites available to subscribers, since it's not always the friendliest interface to navigate. Thankfully we found some good stuff. Here are 25 comic book, sci-fi, fantasy and horror ...
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Microsoft Makes OneNote Client Kinder to Laptop Batteries

eWeek - 19 Jul 2018
The software's Activity Center interface has been refreshed and now sports a more modern look and feel that allows users to see the status of the service's file sync and share activities at a glance. Finally, users can now send ...

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