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How Will Into the Storm be Different from Twister?

Parade - 07 Aug 2014
And part of the story [of Into the Storm] is that one of the scientists is doing all this to try to get earlier warning to try to save lives basically, and that's her whole thrust and motivation for doing as much work as she does. So we're always very ...
into the storm

Alice family caught in swarm of Caribbean storms

KRIS Corpus Christi News - 26 Sep 2017
But in the one month since the monster storm hit, Miguel Elizondo, an Alice, Texas native attending medical school on the Leeward Island of Dominica, has been running from one big storm into the next. Starting with Hurricane Harvey. In the last part of ...
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Gas price gouging continues long after the storm

New York Post - 26 Sep 2017
Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has asked the Federal Trade Commission to look into the gouging, and maybe the FTC will. But here's a suggestion: Before our politicians debate whether we should pay less in taxes in the future, how about they help us pay less ...
into the storm

First post-Hurricane Irma cruise ship docks in Key West

USA TODAY - 24 Sep 2017
KEY WEST — Two weeks after Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys, the first cruise ship docked Sunday in this southernmost city, providing the first boost of tourist dollars to the storm-ravaged area. Doni Battochi, the first to disembark into ...
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Voices from the Storm

Texas Monthly - 22 Sep 2017
That it would cross the Yucatán and, feeding off the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, grow into the strongest hurricane to hit Texas since Carla, in 1961. That it would churn over the state for five agonizing days, releasing more rain than any storm ...
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Storm's Winds Begin Battering Tampa Bay Area

New York Times - 10 Sep 2017
But after the center of the storm passes Tampa early Monday morning, the direction of the winds will reverse and push water back into the bay, adding to the flooding, said Andrew McKaughan, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Tampa.
into the storm

Kind World #45: The Storm

WBUR - 26 Sep 2017
When they arrived at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, they were ushered into intensive care and got the terrifying diagnosis: leukemia. The reality was overwhelming. “I had to learn what leukemia was,” Jennifer says. “I knew it was a cancer of ...
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Hurricane Irma: Into the eye of the storm

Deutsche Welle - 06 Sep 2017
Tesla autopilot hits storm over Irma-fleeing software upgrade 11.09.2017. When the electric car firm Tesla remotely upgraded some of its cars to expand their mileage capacity to allow people to flee further from Hurricane Irma, little did it know ...
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Into The Eye Of The Storm - 08 Sep 2017
Working with a team of co-pilots, Commander Price flies into the centers of powerful, ocean-born storms. It is often dark and rainy, with the crew relying on radar to reach the eye of the hurricane. As they approach the middle, wind speeds pick up ...
into the storm

After The Storms: Implications For The Financials Sector

Seeking Alpha - 26 Sep 2017
We've also had alternative capital with people looking for additional yield, looking to lessen their correlations to macro events and perhaps bet on weather and for some yield pickup, so we've got alternative capital move into the market and that's led ...
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Harvey: Into The Storm

FOX News Radio (blog) - 28 Aug 2017
I've participated in way too many hurricanes. For some reason, it felt a little too normal to have to fly to a different city than where tropical weather struck and to drive a rented car hundreds of miles to get to the right place. But Harvey gave me a ...
into the storm

The Atlantic Daily: Into the Storm

The Atlantic - 08 Sep 2017
One difficulty comes in communicating warnings to those who don't speak English. And by combining ship tracking images and wind tracking data, it's possible to see how marine craft have been avoiding the storm. Also, despite EPA administrator Scott ...

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