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BepiColombo's journey to Mercury relies on ion power

New Atlas - 21 Oct 2018
The ESA-JAXA BepiColombo mission is on its way to Mercury, but instead of coasting to the smallest planet in the Solar System, it will be helped along by four state-of-the-art ion thrusters developed by an industrial consortium led by British company ...
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NASA's asteroid explorer Dawn soon to go dark

Science Magazine - 18 Oct 2018
Launched in 2007, Dawn is the only NASA mission to orbit two planetary bodies, a feat made possible by its efficient ion thrusters. In 2011, it arrived at the egg-shaped, 600-kilometer-long Vesta, orbiting for a year before departing for Ceres, where ...
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RPI Ambulance back in service temporarily

The Rensselaer Polytechnic - 31 Oct 2018
SEDS is also working on campus to create a solid iodine ion thruster, which they plan to send to space by buying space on a rocket. The one concern with the proposition was the fact that the club cannot both be funded by the Union and external parties.
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Aerojet Rocketdyne Tests Out its New Advanced Ion Engine System

Universe Today - 04 Sep 2018
In addition to spacecraft and launchers that will be able to send astronauts farther into the Solar System, NASA and other space agencies are also looking into new means of propulsion. Compared to conventional rockets, the goal is to create systems ...
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The Little Ion Engine That Could

Bloomberg - 26 Jul 2018
One theory for why NASA and its corporate partners haven't perfected an ion engine is that the space behemoths are too big to try. Their missions are so grand and expensive that risk is squeezed out, along with much of the drive for innovation. “It's ...
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Two-way ion thruster could blow space junk out of orbit

New Atlas - 30 Sep 2018
The same thing happens with the ion beam shepherd. The thruster is open at both ends and as the ion beam is accelerated out the front, an identical beam goes out the back, keeping the hunter satellite in one place. By proper adjustment, the satellite ...
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Applied Fusion starts production of ion thruster for rocket engine

Aerospace Technology - 11 Sep 2018
UK-based nuclear start-up Applied Fusion Systems has started the production of an ion thruster, which is capable of propelling a small nuclear fusion reactor of a rocket to launch a spacecraft into space. The company has already tested specialist ion ...
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The European Space Agency's New Ion Thruster “Breathes” Air

Futurism - 08 Mar 2018
Researchers just test-fired a new type of ion thruster that “breathes” air, and one day, it could help humanity reach Mars and beyond. Better propulsion systems are key to advancing our space capabilities, and one of the most promising kinds is ion ...

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