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Apple iOS 10 Has 25 Great Secret Features

Forbes - 13 Sep 2016
Apple iOS 10 is here and the case to upgrade is a strong one thanks to a multitude of major new features. And this case gets even stronger given all the secret features iOS 10 also hides beneath the surface… 'Great Features' and 'Nasty Surprises' are ...
ios 10 features

Apple iOS 11.4.1 Has A Nasty New Surprise

Forbes - 17 Jul 2018
A growing number of iPhone and iPad owners report that after upgrading to iOS 11.4.1 they can no longer update any apps from the App Store (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, etc). Several users have also contacted me about this directly and it has ...
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Apple iOS 11.4.1 Release: Should You Upgrade?

Forbes - 11 Jul 2018
Every iOS update comes in a variety of sizes since different features/fixes apply to different devices, but at circa 200MB iOS 11.4.1 is fairly large for a 'minor point' update. Something which hints at a lot more going on under the surface than Apple ...
ios 10 features

Microsoft Edge iOS beta offers handy visual search tool

Engadget - 17 Jul 2018
Those with a work or school account can access intranet sites from their home as well as the ability to see mobile browser activity on the Windows 10 timeline feature. Unlike the Android beta users, those who get an early look at Microsoft Edge on iOS ...
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How to trigger Emergency SOS on your iPhone (and shut it off)

iMore (press release) (blog) - 12 Jul 2018
Wherever you are in the world, there is likely access to some sort of emergency service for police, medical, or fire help. Different locations around the world have different call numbers for emergency services. Instead of having to know the local ...
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Everything new with Messages in iOS 12

AppleInsider - 16 Jul 2018
Another headlining feature is all of the new effects coming to the camera. While shooting a picture, you're able to apply a multitude of different filters, stickers, and Animoji in real time. Animoji can replace your head in a selfie, stylish filters ...
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The 10 Best New Features in iOS 12's Photos App for iPhone

Gadget Hacks - 18 Jun 2018
While there were eight new features revealed for the Photos app in iOS 11, including many Live Photos improvements (user-selectable thumbnails, trimming options, long exposures, etc.), GIF support, and drag-and-drop capabilities, the new iOS 12 version ...
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The App Store turns 10

Apple Newsroom (press release) - 05 Jul 2018
Since 2009, millions of customers have benefitted from apps such as Lyft, Twitter, Starbucks and TED that incorporate the rich accessibility features built into iOS including VoiceOver, while others like Voice Dream Reader and CP Channel have provided ...
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How to use Task View features on Windows 10

Windows Central - 12 Jul 2018
Windows 10's Task View is a system that provides an experience to work more efficiently with multiple apps. with it you can quickly jump between open applications and spread projects onto separate desktops to stay focus on a particular task ...
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Bitmoji: the emoji avatar app taking on Apple and Facebook

The Guardian - 17 Jul 2018
To mark the occasion, Apple replaced all of its executive headshots with cartoony “memoji”, a new feature coming in iOS 12 for iPhone X users, which lets them create custom avatars and ping them over to friends and family. The feature was introduced in ...
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Here Are The Emojis Coming to iOS 12

Gotta Be Mobile - 16 Jul 2018
If you're just now making to move from iOS 10 (or whatever you're on) to iOS 11, your iOS 11.4.1 update will come with even more security-related features. Apple's first iOS 11 update delivered several patches for potential exploits. iOS 11 also comes ...
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The 10 best free iPhone games of the week

BGR - 15 Jul 2018
The first ever 3v3v3 battle mode, Battle Royale, incorporates new features like multi-team battles, competition for resources, and fast-paced combat. Players are divided into 3 teams of 3 for an exciting new multi-team experience! In the Battle Royale ...
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Apple Watch and activity tracking: Everything you need to know!

iMore (press release) (blog) - 16 Jul 2018
Additionally, you can feed workout data into the Activity app using third-party workout apps that support this feature, meaning you can use all of the features provided to you by your favorite workout app while still filling the Exercise ring. One ...

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