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Apple iOS 10 Has 25 Great Secret Features

Forbes - 13 Sep 2016
Apple iOS 10 is here and the case to upgrade is a strong one thanks to a multitude of major new features. And this case gets even stronger given all the secret features iOS 10 also hides beneath the surface… 'Great Features' and 'Nasty Surprises' are ...
ios 10 features

Apple fixes buggy iPhone X ad before fixing the actual iOS 11 bug

The Verge - 23 Mar 2018
Apple published a new ad for its iPhone X last week, demonstrating the new Face ID unlock feature. It also demonstrated an iOS 11 bug, where the text from an iMessage escapes the animated bubble it's supposed to stay inside. While it was a relatively ...
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iOS 12 release date & new features rumours

Macworld UK - 23 Feb 2018
The next version of iOS - the operating system that runs on all iPhones and iPads - is likely to hit our Apple handhelds in the autumn of 2018. This year's update will be iOS 12. Now that iOS is almost a teenager, what can we expect from it? Based on ...
ios 10 features

Dear Apple: iOS is now a toxic hellstew

ZDNet - 22 Mar 2018
Every year, Apple scrambles to keep up with Google's crazy software development cycles in terms of feature sets and rushes out a new version of iOS to align with their hardware refresh cycle. Those of us who get the new devices every year get to also ...
ios 10 features

Top 5 things I'd change about the Galaxy S9+

Android Central - 23 Mar 2018
Over the years, Samsung has added a ton of features to its interface, and although the design has received an overhaul, there are several legacy features still baked into the interface. Ideally, it takes a few hours to set up the phone to your liking ...
ios 10 features

Pocket Casts desktop app available in beta for Windows 10

Windows Report (blog) - 23 Mar 2018
Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast players on the market, and now it's finally available in the Microsoft Store. You will find the beta version there, and it's worth checking out. Pocket Casts stands up in the podcast app area, and it's one of the ...
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How to Remove Ads on YouTube

Tech Advisor - 22 Mar 2018
Can you pay to have ads removed from YouTube? At the moment there is a subscription service called YouTube Red, but it's not yet available in the UK. This premium version of YouTube features original content from some of the biggest stars on the ...
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Interactive Brokers Takes Top Spot in Online Broker Ranking

Barron's - 24 Mar 2018
TradeStation (4 stars) launched Version 10 of its trading platform last November. It features a much easier-to-use experience. Included is a feature called TradeStation Today, which is intended to be a trader's home base. It features educational ...
ios 10 features

Nine questions to answer before you choose a security suite

IT PRO - 23 Mar 2018
The feature was added to Windows XP in 2004, with the express intention of shutting off online attacks. It did this very well, and over the years it's only got better. At the same time, the rise of the household router has also made it much harder for ...
ios 10 features

What to expect from Apple's big 'field trip' event

Cult of Mac - 22 Mar 2018
References for ClassKit were discovered in early betas of iOS 11.3. The new Apple framework will help developers create better educational apps. Based on some digging into the code by Guilherme Rambo, ClassKit will give apps the ability to create ...
ios 10 features

5 Hidden iOS 10 Features You Might not Know

The Mac Observer - 27 Jun 2017
1. Finding the Shuffle Button in the Music App as the First of Our Hidden iOS 10 Features. One of the most common questions we get asked here at Mac Observer is where to find the Shuffle button in the Apple Music player. For the longest time, several ...
ios 10 features

11 new iOS 11 features to try

Popular Science - 19 Sep 2017
To get started, either order a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, or simply install the new software when your device prompts you to do so. In addition to the recently-announced iPhone models, many older phones and tablets will be able to download iOS 11. If ...
ios 10 features

Apple uses iOS 10 Tips app to start teaching iOS 11 features

AppleInsider (press release) (blog) - 06 Sep 2017
Apple has begun pushing out Tips notifications to iOS 10 users, encouraging them to get familiar with some of the features coming in this fall's iOS 11 —perhaps a sign that the update is as little as a week away. There are curently just six tips in ...

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