Apple releases iOS 7.1 with reboot fix, UI tweaks, and CarPlay -
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Apple releases iOS 7.1 with reboot fix, UI tweaks, and CarPlay

The Verge - 10 Mar 2014
The long-awaited iOS 7.1 update is now available. While this is a point release, Apple has made several tweaks to the iOS user interface, alongside the usual bug fixes and some feature additions. The main visual changes can be found in the phone dialer ...
ios 7.1

14 hidden features in iOS 7.1

Digital Trends - 17 Mar 2014
iOS 7 is the biggest change to Apple's operating system in six years, and iOS 7.1 has just tweaked it even more, but finding things in its Settings menu keeps ...
ios 7.1

Make iOS 7.1 less nausea-inducing

Macworld - 11 Mar 2014
This story originally ran in September 2013 with the launch of iOS 7. Now that iOS 7.1 is out, we've updated it with some of the new accessibility changes ...
ios 7.1

Nest Folders Inside of Folders In iOS 7.1

Lifehacker - 21 Mar 2014
One of the fun tricks in iOS 7 was the ability to nest folders inside of other folders so you could hide away the apps you don't really use. iOS 7.1 broke that ...
ios 7.1

Nvidia releases remote app for Shield TV

The Verge - 11 Sep 2018
Nvidia has released a mobile app offering remote control for the Shield TV streaming box. It's available for iOS and Android, letting you navigate the Android TV ...
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iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Tool May Be Too Risky

Tom's Guide - 21 Jun 2017
A jailbreak tool for iOS 7.1 has been released, but be careful about using it on your iPhone or iPad. The tool, called Pangu, comes from a band of Chinese ...
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The iOS 7.1.2 contacts fix you need to see

CNET - 30 Jul 2014
If new contacts you have created since upgrading to the latest version of iOS aren't showing up in your contacts list, there is a simple tweak in settings that can fix ...
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Apple iOS 7.1 flaws, problems and fixes

ZDNet - 17 Mar 2014
Battery life issues appears to be one of the main problems associated with an upgrade to Apple's iOS 7.1. Some users say that after upgrading, iPhones and ...
ios 7.1

iOS 7.1: Quick Fix for Slow Keyboard

The Mac Observer - 11 Mar 2014
Some users have been reporting slow keyboard response after upgrading to iOS 7.1. If you're one of them, we have a quick fix for you that should get you back ...
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How to Fix iOS 7.1.2 Problems

Gotta Be Mobile - 09 Jul 2014
Apple's iOS 7.1.2 update was released to fix lingering iOS 7.1 problems and problems that the iOS 7.1.1 update brought along with it. However, in the days since ...
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Can I jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 untethered?

iPhone FAQ - 24 Sep 2017
The answer is yes. iOS 7.1.2 contains no new patches for existing jailbreak exploits from Apple. This means that Pangu can be used to jailbreak iOS 7.1.2.
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iOS 7.1 will speed up your iPhone 4 - 11 Mar 2014
Apple released the iOS 7.1 update last night, over the air. iPhone 4 users may have gritted their teeth at the thought of more glitchy transitions after iOS 7 slowed ...
ios 7.1

Researchers jailbreak iOS 7.1.2

Phys.Org - 01 Aug 2014
Security researchers at the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) have discovered a way to jailbreak current generation Apple iOS devices (e.g., ...
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iOS 7 review

Expert Reviews - 16 Jul 2014
Apple iOS 7: A sleek-looking update that makes iOS easier to use and puts settings in more convenient places.
ios 7.1

How to install iOS 8

CNET - 17 Sep 2014
Are you stuck in the middle of a two-year phone contract? Do you like the size of your current iPhone and do not care to go bigger with the iPhone 6 or even ...
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How to Fix Bad iOS 7.1.2 Battery Life

Gotta Be Mobile - 08 Jul 2014
It appears that Apple's brand new iOS 7.1.2 update is causing battery life problems for iPhone and iPad users. Fortunately, for those experiencing bad iOS 7.1.2 ...
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20 Apps That Look Great on iOS 7

Mashable - 19 Sep 2013
We toiled through the many iOS 7 updates released, and whittled them down to a list of 20 apps we think really capture the look and feel of Apple's new OS.
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How to download iOS 10.3 right now

Techradar India - 29 Mar 2017
iOS 10.3 is available for everyone to download right now. The update will roll out in waves, though, so if you've not got it just yet, don't panic, it should appear on ...
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iOS 7.1.2 Review: One Month Later

Gotta Be Mobile - 28 Jul 2014
A month ago, Apple released the iOS 7.1.2 update for iPhone and iPad, an update that delivered a trio of bug fixes aimed at squashing iOS 7.1 problems.
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Tweak These Settings to Darken iOS 7

Lifehacker - 26 Mar 2014
iOS 7.1 is a very bright operating system. It has a lot of white going on and looking at your phone at night can be blinding. If simply turning down the brightness ...
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Apple iOS 10.3.3: Should You Upgrade?

Forbes - 20 Jul 2017
iOS 10.3.3 has arrived and, despite how it looks from the outside, it is a big deal. In fact Apple beta tested this release for two months across six betas, which is ...

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