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A Guide To What's Great In iOS 8

Forbes - 17 Sep 2014
There's a good chance if you've already downloaded iOS 8, you're wondering what all the fuss is about. It looks enough like iOS 7 that you could be forgiven for wondering if anything has changed at all. Rest assured it has. In fact, there's more ...
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Visualizing the iPhone 8's biggest design change

BGR - 17 Aug 2017
In fact, the only thing that's “wrong” with Calkins' home button design is the fact that his iPhone Pro is running iOS 12 instead of iOS 11. Let's remember that Apple hasn't yet given us the full iOS 11 picture. It left out the many iPhone 8-specific ...
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iPhone 8 to virtually guide people around using augmented reality

Telegraph.co.uk - 17 Aug 2017
Apple's new iPhone could guide users around towns and cities with augmented reality, superimposing directions onto the real world though a user's smartphone. Developers have found code in Apple's iOS 11 update that suggests maps could be updated ...
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8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

BGR - 17 Aug 2017
Today's roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free includes eight nifty apps for you to check out. There's something for everyone on Thursday's list, but you'll also find a few additional freebies in yesterday's post if eight just ...
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Apple changed the Maps icon to show its new spaceship campus

The Verge - 14 Aug 2017
Apple has been making all sorts of tiny changes to its app icons in the iOS 11 beta. And today, it made two of the most interesting changes yet: one to Maps, and one to the App Store. The Maps change is a bit more fun (you can see the difference above ...
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How an iOS Developer Just Uncovered The Next iPhone

WIRED - 31 Jul 2017
While some details regarding Apple's redesigned, high-end iPhone—called the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro, though no one outside Cupertino knows the official name yet—had previously leaked, Rambo found in the HomePod not rumors or hints but Apple's own ...
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How the iPhone 8 and iOS 11 could make you a better photographer

Yahoo Finance - 10 Aug 2017
While we don't yet know the specifics of the iPhone 8's camera — how many megapixels it captures, what kind of optical zoom it will offer — we do know the kind of software updates Apple is bringing to iOS 11 to improve how you shoot and edit your photos.
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Leaked Image Teases Major iPhone 8 Feature

Tom's Guide - 17 Aug 2017
However, some reports have said that the iPhone 8 will not ship with wireless charging out of the box and will instead require you to buy a charging pad to get it up and running. Other reports have said Apple might offer the feature in iOS 11.1 and not ...
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Nokia 8 release date, news and features

TechRadar - 16 Aug 2017
We've already seen a few mid-range phones designed by the company, but the new Nokia 8 is the first time we've seen a flagship since the brand's return. The phone features a dual-sensor camera, a powerful chipset and a luscious new design, so read on ...
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8 isn't great: iPhone 8 doom and gloom

Macworld - 25 Jul 2017
Of course, some of this is related to analysts' projections of sales for the third calendar quarter and if the iPhone 8 doesn't ship until October, it won't be available for sale in the third quarter. But the Macalope isn't sure how that squares with ...
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This Is the Best iOS App for Simple Expense Tracking

Lifehacker - 01 Aug 2017
I want something that requires me to manually enter all my expenses, forcing me to confront my spending as it's happening. Enter the aptly-named Expense, an intuitive, beautifully designed, free expense-tracking app for Apple mobile devices running iOS ...

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