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iOS 11, thoroughly reviewed

Ars Technica - 19 Sep 2017
Last year one of the things we complained about in iOS 10 was setup creep—the ever-increasing number of screens new users needed to tap through as Apple added new stuff. iOS 11 ...
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The history of Android OS: its name, origin and more

Android Authority (blog) - 20 Sep 2017
In October 2003, well before the term “smartphone” was used by most of the public, and several years before Apple announced its first iPhone and its iOS operating system, the company Android Inc was founded in Palo Alto, California. ...
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Unhide App Purchases on Your iPhone in iOS 11

Gadget Hacks - 13 Sep 2017
We'll update this guide if they ever fix it, but for now, you're limited to just using iOS 12.6.X and below, so make sure you don't update if this is a big issue for you. If you did update already, you should downgrade and install the last version of ...
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Adblock Plus releases latest version of its iOS browser

MobileMarketing Magazine - 19 Sep 2017
It offers private browsing through 'Ghost Mode', easier management of new tabs, the ability to view recent history, the ability to bookmark pages, customisable settings, and a more reliable performance than the previous version. “For the last year, our ...
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How is Pegasus malware different on Android than on iOS?

TechTarget - 11 Sep 2017
Lookout and Google have now uncovered a version of the Pegasus malware that can compromise Android devices after detecting signals of anomalous Android applications running on phones in Israel, Georgia, Mexico, Turkey, Kenya and six other countries ...
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Apple is Defying History With Its Pricey iPhone X

WIRED - 12 Sep 2017
The iPhone's 10th anniversary launch was today, and Apple's arms are just about to fall off from patting itself on the back. You can't blame the company's executives for self-congratulations. Apple's marvelous smartphone has transformed our lives, and ...
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Google unveils Android 8.0 Oreo ahead of iOS 11/iPhone 8 launch

9to5Mac - 22 Aug 2017
That's what happens every year without fail. The S8 users that just bought their device won't get Oreo for probably 6 months from now. It's the Android curse. That's what happens when you have OEMs running open loop and modify their version of Android.
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How One of Apple's Key Privacy Safeguards Falls Short

WIRED - 15 Sep 2017
Researchers at the University of Southern California, Indiana University, and China's Tsinghua University have dug into the code of Apple's MacOS and iOS operating systems to reverse-engineer just how the company's devices implement differential ...
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Instant Expert: Secrets & Features of tvOS 11

iLounge - 20 Sep 2017
Although it received no special mention at last week's event, Apple quietly released tvOS 11 yesterday alongside its considerably larger updates to iOS 11 and watchOS 4. While it's a surprisingly minor update considering the new version number, tvOS 11 ...
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Final Fantasy IV: A Retrospective

IGN - 18 Sep 2017
By Andy Corrigan As I approached Final Fantasy IV for the latest instalment of this series playthrough (read my impressions of Final Fantasy 1, 2 and 3), I realised it was the first of the pre-PlayStation era entries that I've had prior history with. I ...

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