Apple iOS 10: Should You Upgrade? -

Apple iOS 10: Should You Upgrade?

Forbes - 13 Sep 2016
It's the big one. Apple iOS 10 has landed and it represents one of the biggest upgrades to iOS in recent years. But iOS 10 also kills off support for a number of older iPhones, iPads and iPod touch and it also suffered initial installation problems ...

Apple iOS 11 Starts Causing Problems

Forbes - 24 Sep 2017
The result: battery life for iOS 11 upgraders is decaying over twice as fast as those running iOS 10. Breaking this down, Wandera reports iPhones running iOS 10 can be used for 240 minutes on average before the battery dies. Meanwhile iPhones running ...

How fast is iOS 11 anyway?

BGR - 20 Sep 2017
Now that iOS 11 is out, and you can update your iPhone and iPad to Apple's best iOS upgrade in years, you may be wondering how fast iOS 11 is compared to the iOS 10 build it replaces. That question is even more important if you're using an older iPhone ...

iOS 10: How to Save a PDF to iCloud Drive

The Mac Observer - 14 Sep 2017
If you can print a particular item in iOS 10, you can save it as a PDF. Yep, you really can—it's just not obvious how you'd do so. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that this is a pretty darned hidden feature, which is a shame. I find it very useful to ...

iOS 11 hao pin nhanh gấp đôi so với iOS 10

Bóng Đá + - 25 Sep 2017
Cách đây ít ngày, Apple vừa phát hành bản cập nhật iOS 11 với hàng loạt các tính năng mới nổi bật. Tuy nhiên, iOS 11 lại gặp phải vấn đề hao pin nhanh gấp 2 lần so với phiên bản iOS 10. Hướng dẫn hạ cấp iOS 11 xuống iOS 10.3.3 nhanh nhất.

Add Email Accounts to Mail in iOS 11 on Your iPhone

Gadget Hacks - 18 Sep 2017
Adding a new email account in iOS 11 has slightly changed from iOS 10. In the older version, you would just go to "Mail" from the within the Settings app, then tap on "Accounts" to find the option to add a new email account. You could even add a new ...

10+ ARKit apps you'll want to use today

Computerworld - 22 Sep 2017
If you've upgraded to iOS 11 you may want to take time to explore some of the more interesting ARKit apps I've come across. Stephanie Llamas, VP, Research and Strategy at SuperData Research says the mobile AR market will grow from $1.01b in 2017 to ...

iOS 11 يستهلك البطارية ضعف iOS 10

عالم التقنية - 24 Sep 2017
بحسب الدراسة فإن الجهاز العامل على iOS 11 طالت بطاريته للعمل حوالي 96دقيقة متواصلة، بينما العامل على iOS 10 شغلته بطاريته حتى 240 دقيقة. هذا يعني أن iOS 11 يستهلك البطارية 60% أكثر من iOS 10 وهي مشكلة كبيرة بحيث سيحتاج المستخدم لشحن هاتفه في ...

iOS 11'den iOS 10'a nasıl dönülür?

Yeni Şafak - 22 Sep 2017
iOS 11'i yüklemeden önce yedek almadıysanız aşağıdaki işlemleri uyguladığınız zaman tüm verilerinizin silineceğini hatırlatalım. iOS 10 versiyonundayken yedek aldıysanız işlemlerin sonunda yedeklerinizi yükleyebilirsiniz. 5 adımda iOS 11'den iOS 10.3.3 ...

How to downgrade from the iOS 11 beta to iOS 10

CNET - 08 Jul 2017
If you've had enough of this early version of iOS 11 and want to go back to iOS 10, you can. Apple will send you back to iOS 10.3.3. You will need to perform a fresh install unless you have an archived backup in iTunes that you created prior to ...

Блоггер сравнил скорость работы iOS 11 и iOS 10 | нескучный сайт о технике - 24 Sep 2017
Видеоблогер с канала EverythingApplePro протестировал скорость работы новенькой iOS 11 и сравнил ее с предшественницей iOS 10 на большинстве современных айфонов. Результаты как всегда получились спорными. В ролике ...

Apple iOS 11 vs iOS 10 | Comparativo do TudoCelular - 22 Sep 2017
A mudança mais drástica está no medidor de sinal, que deixa aquelas bolinhas do iOS 10 e adota o design em barras que lembra outros sistemas móveis, como o Android. Do lado direito vemos um novo ícone de bateria, que separa o medidor interno de ...

iOS 11 vs iOS 10 Cat de Repede se Consuma Bateria - 23 Sep 2017
iOS 11 si iOS 10 sunt comparate pentru a ni se arata cat de repede se consuma bateria in utilizarea iDevice-urilor cu noua versiune a sistmeului de operare al Apple. Foarte multa lume s-a plans de faptul ca bateria iPhone si iPad se consuma foarte ...

How to Downgrade iOS 11 Back to iOS 10

Lifehacker - 01 Jul 2017
But you might also be experiencing a few growing pains as you use your new, not-too-stable OS. So here's how to get the damn thing off your iOS device and head back to iOS 10 so your smartphone doesn't randomly reboot at the worst possible moment.

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