Apple iOS 10: Should You Upgrade? -

Apple iOS 10: Should You Upgrade?

Forbes - 13 Sep 2016
It's the big one. Apple iOS 10 has landed and it represents one of the biggest upgrades to iOS in recent years. But iOS 10 also kills off support for a number of older iPhones, iPads and iPod touch and it also suffered initial installation problems ...

iOS 11 Adoption Surpasses iOS 10 Ahead Of Upcoming iOS 11.2 Update

International Business Times - 08 Nov 2017
On Tuesday, Apple updated its App Store support page for developers with an announcement that its new statistics can confirm that iOS 11 is running on more devices than last year's iOS 10. Per MacRumors, this was the first time that the Cupertino giant ...

An Apple Feature Catalogs All Your Bra-Related Photos

The Daily Caller - 31 Oct 2017
Through an automatic filing feature in the Photos app, iPhones employing the operating system iOS 10 will sort almost all of a user's pictures into groups, including fairly broad ones like “New memories” or more specific ones like “Breakdancing.” “Bra ...

Apple iOS 11.1.2 Release: Should You Upgrade?

Forbes - 19 Nov 2017
iOS 11.1.2 will jailbreak your device which isn't surprising, but it is worth noting hackers are having more success in jailbreaking iOS 11 releases than they did with iOS 10. That said, until an official iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak is publicly released (many ...

How to Downgrade iOS 11 Back to iOS 10

Lifehacker - 01 Jul 2017
But you might also be experiencing a few growing pains as you use your new, not-too-stable OS. So here's how to get the damn thing off your iOS device and head back to iOS 10 so your smartphone doesn't randomly reboot at the worst possible moment.

How to downgrade from the iOS 11 beta to iOS 10

CNET - 08 Jul 2017
If you've had enough of this early version of iOS 11 and want to go back to iOS 10, you can. Apple will send you back to iOS 10.3.3. You will need to perform a fresh install unless you have an archived backup in iTunes that you created prior to ...

8 tips for being productive on the iPad with iOS 10

The Verge - 27 Jun 2017
So if you're sticking with iOS 10 for now, good on you — you are a very responsible person. And lucky for you, there are a bunch of obvious and not-so-obvious things you can do to get more use out of your shiny new iPad, making it less likely that it ...

New Pokemon Go Update Fixes Bugs and Improves Load Times - 22 Nov 2017
Only 10% of users use a version of Apple's operating system older than iOS 10, so this shouldn't impact too many players. Pokemon Go also finally fixed the bug that prevented players from leveling up their Pokemon to Level 40. Pokemon Go tried to fix ...

iOS 10: Pro tips and tricks

ZDNet - 09 May 2017
Here is a quick rundown of some of the new features contained in the latest iOS 10 updates that you might have missed. While most of these features should be available on all devices that support iOS 10, some will only be available on newer devices.

How Many iOS 10 Tricks Do You Know? - 22 Mar 2017
Apple's jam-packed iOS 10 is full of shiny features, but there are some hidden tricks you might not have heard of that will help you make the most of the operating system. You may be having plenty of fun with the new iMessage features in iOS 10, but ...

iOS 10: How Secure is Apple's Closed-Ended Operating System?

Forbes - 18 Apr 2017
Bringing the world up to speed on lifestyle technology. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Devices From Apple: Image Courtesy of Digital Trends Digital Trends. Devices From Apple: Image Courtesy of Digital Trends. Buying an iPhone ...

iOS 10 Now Installed on Nearly 80% of Active iOS Devices

Mac Rumors - 22 Feb 2017
iOS 10 Now Installed on Nearly 80% of Active iOS Devices. Wednesday February 22, 2017 7:18 am PST by Joe Rossignol. Just over five months after iOS 10 was released to the public, the operating system is now installed on 79% of active iOS devices, ...

50+ essential iOS 10 tips you'll use every day

Computerworld - 11 Jul 2017
From quick and dirty ways to silence your iPhone during a meeting to little-known tips for Safari on iPad, you'll find a few things you didn't know you could do within this extensive collection of tips for iOS 10 -- which is now up to version 10.3.2.

How to attach photos to emails in iOS 10

Macworld - 29 Apr 2017
In today's world of Facebook, Snapchat, and iMessage, there are no shortage of ways to share photos with friends or family members. But sometimes, email is still the easiest, more straightforward approach. After all, email is ubiquitous in a way that ...

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