Apple iOS 10: Should You Upgrade? -

Apple iOS 10: Should You Upgrade?

Forbes - 13 Sep 2016
It's the big one. Apple iOS 10 has landed and it represents one of the biggest upgrades to iOS in recent years. But iOS 10 also kills off support for a number of older iPhones, iPads and iPod touch and it also suffered initial installation problems ...

Siri Can Share Messages From Third-Party Apps On Locked Phones - 21 Mar 2018
When iOS 11 debuted, Apple allowed iPhone users to have more privacy by letting them hide notifications on their lock screen until they unlocked their phones with Face ID or Touch ID. But that security measure can apparently be circumvented through ...

iOS 11 is Apple's Vista

Computerworld - 21 Mar 2018
Within the first week of iOS arriving, Apple had to release its first patch, 11.0.1. Why? Because users complained that their battery life had fallen through the floor. They were right. Mobile security company Wandera documented that iOS 11 was a ...

Polyarc Games Release Moss Animated Stickers

VRFocus - 18 Mar 2018
Following the release of the PlayStation VR title Moss, fans can now take the lovable main character Quill with them on the go thanks to the newly released iOS animated sticker pack. Moss Stickers 01. The sticker pack is available on the Apple app ...

8 tips for being productive on the iPad with iOS 10

The Verge - 27 Jun 2017
In my review of the iPad Pro 10.5, I said that most people should probably wait until all the productivity improvements coming in iOS 11 are available before buying one. But you didn't wait, did you, you maniac? You went out and bought one, and are now ...

50+ essential iOS 10 tips you'll use every day

Computerworld - 11 Jul 2017
From quick and dirty ways to silence your iPhone during a meeting to little-known tips for Safari on iPad, you'll find a few things you didn't know you could do within this extensive collection of tips for iOS 10 -- which is now up to version 10.3.2 ...

How to Downgrade iOS 11 Back to iOS 10

Lifehacker - 01 Jul 2017
Congratulations, you've downloaded the iOS 11 beta! No doubt you've by now had your fun experimenting with Apple's latest operating system packed with new features like a QR code-friendly camera app, a customizable control center, and a file manager ...

How to downgrade from the iOS 11 beta to iOS 10

CNET - 08 Jul 2017
Of the iOS public betas I've used the past number of years, the iOS 11 public beta feels particularly buggy. Animations are choppy. Graphic elements are often broken. Apps frequently crash. In one frightening episode, my entire photo library ...

iOS 11 vs iOS 10: what's new and what's cool

TechRadar - 05 Jun 2017
The combination of iOS 10, the Apple Pencil and Markup on the iPad Pro opened up all kinds of possibilities for document creation and editing. In iOS 11 that has been taken even further, with built-in document scanning and conversion, improved markup ...

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CNET - 14 Jul 2017
The iOS 11 public beta is buggy, so if you've had enough and you want some iOS 10 stability, here's a way to go back. 1:20 / July 14, 2017. Transcript. By default saying Alexa near one of Amazon speakers will activate the voice assistant. That said if ...

iOS 10: How Secure is Apple's Closed-Ended Operating System?

Forbes - 18 Apr 2017
Harold Stark , Subscriber Bringing the world up to speed on lifestyle technology. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Devices From Apple: Image Courtesy of Digital Trends Digital Trends. Devices From Apple: Image Courtesy of ...

iOS 10: Pro tips and tricks

ZDNet - 09 May 2017
Here is a quick rundown of some of the new features contained in the latest iOS 10 updates that you might have missed. While most of these features should be available on all devices that support iOS 10, some will only be available on newer devices ...

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