This week in accessories: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case roundup, part 1 -
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iPhone XR Review: One Month Later

iMore - 06 Dec 2018
This time I did something different: Used an iPhone XR side-by-side, and alternating with an iPhone 6s, so I could get a better, more real-world look at whether ...
iphone 6 colors

Here are the top features of the iPhone XR

AppleInsider - 01 Nov 2018
Apple's newly released iPhone XR is the most budget-friendly flagship iPhone. AppleInsider breaks down the top nine features of this colorful handset to show ...
iphone 6 colors

Everything new with Messages in iOS 12

AppleInsider - 16 Jul 2018
AppleInsider takes a dive into iOS 12 to discover twenty new features and changes coming to the Messages app including new Animoji, camera effects, and ...
iphone 6 colors

The best iPhone case for every model

Business Insider - 01 Oct 2018
There are a ton of cases out there, but some are just a cut above the rest. We've tested innumerable iPhone cases over the years and we try dozens more each ...
iphone 6 colors

How to change background color in Pages

9to5Mac - 29 Jun 2018
Pages recently added the ability to set page backgrounds, so you can give your document a blue or pink base color without messing around with full-page ...
iphone 6 colors

iOS 12 problems: how to fix them

TechRadar - 01 Oct 2018
iOS 12 problems are continuing to crop up even though Apple intended that the big update would squash bugs and fix issues we've encountered over the last ...
iphone 6 colors

How To Free Up Space on Your iPhone

WIRED - 06 Jul 2018
Before you do anything, it's helpful to understand what's taking up your storage space. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. You'll find a color-coded bar ...

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