Irish flag raising ceremony, celebration in Auburn honors family, tradition on ... -
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Irish flag 'nailed to Kingsmills massacre memorial'

BBC News - 30 Jul 2018
An Irish tricolour has been nailed to a memorial commemorating the Kingsmills massacre during an incident which police are treating as a "sectarian motivated hate crime". Ten Protestant workmen were murdered by the IRA in 1976 near the County Armagh ...
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Israeli flags burned by Northern Irish nationalists

The Times of Israel - 16 Aug 2018
WATCH | Disgusting scenes in Derry, Northern Ireland as terrorist-sympathising Irish Republicans set alight a bonfire of Union and Northern Ireland flags and poppy wreaths containing the names of NI police officers murdered by the IRA. Sickening and ...
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Twitter creates new Pope Francis emoji for Irish visit

Irish Times - 13 Aug 2018
Twitter has created a new papal visit emoji in honour of Pope Francis's visit to Ireland this August. The emoji, consisting of the smiling face of the pope against an Irish flag backdrop, can be generated under a number of hashtags including ...
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Crossing the Irish Police Barrier

U.S. News & World Report - 19 Aug 2018
DUBLIN — Hollywood loves cops who are wrenched out of context -- stripped of their badges, abandoned by comrades, forced to make a stand on someone else's turf. Think of Gary Cooper's shunned marshal in "High Noon," or Eddie Murphy's Detroit ...
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Thirty years on, Estonian-Irish relations continue to flower

ERR News - 21 Aug 2018
In September of that year, Estonian athletes competed at the Seoul Olympics, not quite under their own flag, but with the blue, black and white now being waved openly upon their return to Estonia. I am lucky enough to catch up with some of those who'd ...
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Northern Ireland: Belfast's 'peace walls' murals to Troubles

New Zealand Herald - 21 Aug 2018
Behind us is a working-class Irish Catholic neighbourhood with houses flying green, white and orange Irish flags, and murals of local heroes and causes - boxers, released political prisoners, martyrs from the Troubles. Ahead of us, the wall acts as a ...
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New pope emojis will mark Francis' visit to Ireland

Catholic News Agency - 09 Aug 2018
The emoji, which can be accessed by use of the hashtags #popeinireland, #pápainÉirinn, #WMOF2018 and #festivaloffamilies on Twitter, will feature an image of Pope Francis in front of the Irish flag. Another will feature the pope in front of Ireland's ...
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Ireland's hockey team and 'Ireland's Call'

Irish Times - 08 Aug 2018
It is also my view that those players honoured by being selected to represent Ireland in any sport and who feel unable to respect our anthem and flag should take the honourable course and render themselves unavailable for selection. – Yours, etc,.
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Twitter to launch Pope Francis emoji ahead of Irish visit

Irish Examiner - 13 Aug 2018
Twitter has announced that Pope Francis is getting his very own emoji for his visit to Ireland later this month. The emoji, which features the Pontiff's face against a backdrop of the Irish flag, will be launched tomorrow and can be triggered by using ...
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Our property market is still broken – and that means trouble ahead

Irish Times - 29 Jul 2018
You have to love estate agents – or at least Irish estate agents. The flag bearers for the “this time its different” mantra in the Irish economy up to 2008 are now warning of a “cooling-off” period in Irish property prices. But of course, in their eyes ...

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