Isabel Euphemia Oakeshott (born 12 June 1974 in Westminster, Lo... -
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Isabel Euphemia Oakeshott (born 12 June 1974 in Westminster, Lo...

wikipedia - 14 Dec 2017
Isabel Euphemia Oakeshott (born 12 June 1974 in Westminster, London) is an English political journalist and broadcaster. She is the co-author, with Michael Ashcroft, of an unauthorised biography of former British prime minister David Cameron, Call Me Dave and various other non fiction titles, including Farmageddon, co-authored with Philip Lymbery, and The Bad Boys of Brexit, ghostwritten for major UKIP donor Arron Banks.
isabel oakeshott

Journalists clash over Vote Leave spending story

BBC News - 25 Mar 2018
The journalist who carried out an investigation that links the Vote Leave campaign with Cambridge Analytica - the firm embroiled in a storm over claims it exploited the data of Facebook users - has been accused of looking for a conspiracy where there ...
isabel oakeshott

Letters: Labour has failed to address antisemitism

The Guardian - 07 Apr 2018
Yet all the BBC can do is “balance” Cadwalladr with the loudly voiced opinions of the hard Brexit apologist Isabel Oakeshott. We live in worrying times, with the BBC seemingly driven by two critical factors that do not include the seemingly obvious ...
isabel oakeshott

Anger over Isabel Oakeshott disabled parking tweet

BBC News - 20 Feb 2018
Brian O'Callaghan said "That is, Oxford Parkway, a vast car park. How many non-designated spaces were also vacant?" Another user, Tristan, tweeted "there are around 700-800 non disabled spaces there and 40 disabled. Don't see what the problem is ...
isabel oakeshott

Heed the warnings of this former GCHQ boss

MediaTel Newsline - 28 Mar 2018
Robert Hannigan has warned that tech companies are becoming more powerful than governments and have a tendency to consider themselves above democracy. We should pay attention, writes Raymond Snoddy. The swirls of information and dis-information, claim ...
isabel oakeshott

Wednesday's national newspaper front pages

Sky News - 27 Mar 2018
You can watch the Press Preview on Sky News every evening at 10.30pm and 11.30pm. Wednesday night's reviewers political journalist Isabel Oakeshott and chief leader writer at The Observer, Sonia Sodha. expanded thumbnail. FlagShare. LikeReply. Thomas ...
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THE BREX FACTOR: This week's worst Brexiteers

The New European - 29 Mar 2018
ISABEL OAKESHOTT. The close chum of Lord Ashcroft and Arron Banks delivered a desperate, swivel-eyed performance on the BBC's Marr show, accusing the Observer's Carole Cadwalladr of “chasing unicorns” with her Cambridge Analytica revelations and ...
isabel oakeshott

John McDonnell's 'wargamer' trolls Isabel Oakeshott (blog) - 03 Dec 2017
At this year's Labour conference, John McDonnell went somewhat off message when the shadow chancellor announced at a fringe event that his party was 'war-gaming' for a 'run on the pound' if elected. Given that this hardly signs like a desirable outcome ...
isabel oakeshott

New organ 'not for masturbation purposes'

NewsBiscuit (satire) - 30 Mar 2018
Scientists have been disappointed to discover that the human body's newly discovered 80th organ can in no way be used to spice up your love life or attract Russell Brand. Sadly the 'interstitium' is unlikely to feature in any other than the most niche ...
isabel oakeshott

What Question Time made of Brexit vote defeat

BBC News - 14 Dec 2017
The last Question Time of the year saw Conservative Nicky Morgan and Labour's Rebecca Long-Bailey joined on the panel by Professor Robert Winston, comedian Geoff Norcott and journalist Isabel Oakeshott in Barnsley. So what happened? Coming the day ...

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