It Can't Happen Here is a semi-satirical 1935 political novel b... -
it can't happen here

It Can't Happen Here is a semi-satirical 1935 political novel b...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
It Can't Happen Here is a semi-satirical 1935 political novel by American author Sinclair Lewis, and a 1936 play adapted from the novel by Lewis and John C. Moffitt. Published during the rise of fascism in Europe, the novel describes the rise of Berzelius "Buzz" Windrip, a politician who defeats Franklin Delano Roosevelt and is elected President of the United States, after fomenting fear and promising drastic economic and social reforms while promoting a return to patriotism and "traditional" values.
it can't happen here

BarnArts Stages Timely Production of 'It Can't Happen Here'

Seven Days - 13 Jun 2018
After the 2016 elections, Sinclair Lewis' 1935 novel, It Can't Happen Here, along with other dystopian, anti-fascist writings, sold out on Amazon. While readers nationwide were diving back into the disturbing story, Vermonters in Barnard were ...
it can't happen here

A Whiff Of Fascism

The Transylvania Times - 20 Jun 2018
Who says it can't happen here? If you want a whiff of fascism American style, just walk outdoors, face south and breathe the air coming up from the border. You might even hear cries and screams in the distance as Homeland Security rips children away ...
it can't happen here

Opioid Crisis Hits Right Here at Home

KDRV - 21 Jun 2018
open-open sot announcer says "watchinwell. "we all imagine that opioids can't happen here at home. we imagine that it happens to other people in other parts of the country. but one man here in grants pass knows that it can happen anywhere." more than ...
it can't happen here

It can happen here

Halifax Examiner - 08 Jun 2018
I wrote about Robert Ross and Canada's newfound love of its invented militaristic history in an essay I wrote for The Coast. Click here to read “Land of the flee: Tim Bousquet tries to escape from George Bush's America — but Steve Harper's Canada isn ...
it can't happen here

The unspeakable cruelty of Trump's child-migrant camps

The Globe and Mail - 18 Jun 2018
Another answer to “it can't happen here” is, of course, “make it stop happening” – an option the GOP can choose to enact, by holding Mr. Trump and officials, who have flagrantly broken the law, accountable for their crimes and striking down their policies.
it can't happen here

This Week's Headlines, Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Vermont Standard - 20 Jun 2018
Review: Right time for 'It Can't Happen Here' By Sharon Groblicki, Standard Correspondent. SPORTS. McCarthy, Potter to play in All-Star Game By George Calver, Standard Correspondent. WUHS tennis post-season awards announced. Staff Report.
it can't happen here

Central Vermont Arts Preview

Rutland Herald - 16 Jun 2018
BARNARD — “It Can't Happen Here,” by Sinclair Lewis, adapted for the stage by Tony Taccone and Bennett S. Cohen, will be performed at 7 p.m. June 16, 22, 23, 29, and 30, and at 4 p.m. June 17 and July 1, on the outdoor stage at Feast & Field, 1544 ...
it can't happen here

Kentucky Shakespeare's 'Henry IV' has a superb ensemble

Louisville Eccentric Observer - 20 Jun 2018
Eighteen months ago, it was possible to dismiss the impending Trumpification of America with a host of plausible arguments of why “it can't happen here.” Now, as weaponized government bureaucracies are increasingly used as tools of terror and ...
it can't happen here

Tant: 2 new books explore ominous possibilities for nation's future

Online Athens - 10 Jun 2018
Taking its title from the 1935 Sinclair Lewis novel about a fascist dictatorship in America, “It Can't Happen Here,” Sunstein's book is a cautionary tale that says that while it may be unlikely, a fascist USA is still within the realm of possibility in ...

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