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Ivan Logginovitch Goremykin (Russian: Ива́н Лóггинович Горемы́к...

wikipedia - 08 Nov 2016
Ivan Logginovitch Goremykin (Russian: Ива́н Лóггинович Горемы́кин, Ivan Logginovič Goremykin; 8 November 1839 – 24 December 1917) was a conservative Russian politician who served as Prime Minister in 1906, and from 1914–1916, during World War I. He was the last person to have the civil rank of Active Privy Councillor, 1st class.
ivan goremykin

A New Age of Questions

Chronicle of Higher Education - 03 Nov 2014
In 1915 a French diplomat asked the conservative Russian statesman Ivan Goremykin about the Ukrainian question. "There is no Ukrainian question!" Goremykin snapped. "From the national point of view, the Ukrainians are as Russian as the purest ...
ivan goremykin

The Tsar's Scapegoats: Beilis, the Chassidim and the Jews

Chabad.org - 23 Sep 2013
One hundred years ago this month, the blood libel trial of Menachem Mendel Beilis—the 39-year-old manager of a Jewish-owned brick factory—began at the Superior Court of Kiev, Ukraine. Falsely accused of the ritual murder of 13-year-old Andrei ...
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Russia's Humanitarian Response to the Armenian Genocide

Armenian Weekly - 20 May 2016
20 Ivan Goremykin was prime minister of the Russian Empire from February 1914 to February 1916. 21 GARF, f. 651, op. 1, d. 39, p. 1. 22 Kratkii otchet o deyatel'nosti Kavkaszkogo otdela Vserossiiskogo soiuza gorodov pomoshchi bol'nym i ranennym ...
ivan goremykin

How the stage was set for revolution

Socialist Worker Online - 10 May 2013
Received Goremykin. Signed a decree dissolving the Duma [Russian parliament]! Dined with Olga and Petia." But there was another face to Russia in these early years of the 20th century. Amid the economic stagnation and political decay of the old feudal ...

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