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Jameela Jamil Is in a Much Better Place Now

ELLE.com - 18 Sep 2018
Here's a partial list of the items I consumed while on a picnic with Jameela Jamil: egg salad, chicken salad, French bread, bacon, fruit salad, frittata, baked apples, and rice pudding with mango puree. The picnic was her suggestion, and she'd planned ...
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Jameela Jamil has best response to man who body-shamed her at gym

The Independent - 14 Sep 2018
Jameela Jamil has been praised for her response to a stranger who body-shamed her at the gym, after he told her how “amazing” she could look if she made greater efforts to “improve” her body. Jamil has become a major proponent of the body positivity ...
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Jameela Jamil: Speaking out about inequality probably cost me

The Delaware County Daily Times - 15 Sep 2018
Jameela Jamil won't stop speaking out against inequality in Hollywood in fear of losing work. The 'Good Place' actress - who reprises her role as Tahani Al-Jamil in the Netflix show which returns for a third series on September 27 - has been vocal ...
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Jameela Jamil Slammed a Troll Who Body-Shamed Her at the Gym

Allure Magazine - 12 Sep 2018
Jameela Jamil doesn't care what haters have to say about her curves; she likes them just fine, thank you very much. The star of The Good Place took to Twitter on Thursday to recount a story about a man body-shaming her at the gym, and she had the best ...
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Ways to Change the World: Jameela Jamil

Channel 4 News - 29 Aug 2018
Jameela Jamil does not want to be known as a 'double agent of the patriarchy'. Star of Netflix' The Good Place and former Radio 1 DJ, she is rallying against a culture of airbrushing, weight-loss and vanity. She chats to me about her latest 'I Weigh ...
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Why Jameela Jamil's 'I Weigh' Movement Is Inspirational AF

Scary Mommy - 08 Sep 2018
If you haven't heard of the “I Weigh” movement that has been sweeping Instagram, it's time to go check it out. What started as one powerful message on Instagram has turned into a movement, and we are so here for it. Jameela Jamil, a 26-year old actress ...
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The Good Place's Jameela Jamil Called Out the Kardashians

InStyle - 05 Sep 2018
Reality TV's first family is getting an earful from Jameela Jamil. Cosmopolitan reports that the actor called out the Kardashians for pushing ta patriarchal narrative into the world, even though they seem to be spreading messages of female empowerment.
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Jameela Jamil to host 'empowering' Radio 4 show on sexual consent

Independent.ie - 23 Aug 2018
Jameela Jamil is set to host an “empowering” new BBC documentary on sexual consent. The actress and broadcaster will present a two-part programme exploring attitudes to sex in the upcoming Radio 4 show The New Age Of Consent. Jamil has said she ...

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