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james foley beheaded

Nicole Tung/AP Photo

ABC News - 19 Aug 2014
A disturbing video posted online appears to show a militant beheading American journalist James Foley and threatening a second American captive with a similar fate. In the video a man who appears to be Foley, dressed in orange, kneels beside an armed ...
james foley beheaded

For Presidents, August Is the Cruelest Month - 04 Aug 2017
August 2014: Journalist James Foley is beheaded by ISIS militants; uncertainty persists in Iraq and Ukraine; riots rock Ferguson, Mo. Obama hits the lowest approval rating of his presidency. August 2016: The Obama administration is warned of Vladimir ...
james foley beheaded

Trump has escaped Washington, but don't call it a vacation

Denton Record Chronicle - 08 Aug 2017
Brinkley recalled a series of serious events that intruded on Obama's summer breaks, including the beheading of journalist James Foley by Islamic State militants in 2014 and Syria's chemical weapons use in 2013. "Things happen when presidents are away ...
james foley beheaded

Three big stories beyond Brexit: Macron's latest headache

The New European - 10 Aug 2017
“Every August you have something horrific that's going to happen,” Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian with the James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy said this week. And just as Donald Trump settled into his “working” vacation at one of ...
james foley beheaded

Letter: Criticism of Obama has nothing to do with race

Buffalo News - 03 Aug 2017
Instead of negotiating for hostages, Obama sat idly by while the Islamic State beheaded James Foley and two other Americans. In contrast, many European governments pay ransoms. I fail to see how Obama could be referred to as “one of history's greats.”.
james foley beheaded

Despite Bedminster stay, no unplugging for Trump

CNN - 09 Aug 2017
When then-nascent terror group ISIS beheaded American James Foley in 2014, Obama delivered a statement from a grade school cafeteria a mile from the Edgartown harbor and went directly to a round of golf. Bush had been vacationing in Crawford for ...
james foley beheaded

Journalists lightly wounded in IS blast in Syria's Raqqa

Washington Post - 02 Aug 2017
The extremist group has brutally killed journalists and media activists in their custody in the past. In 2015, the group beheaded Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. A year earlier they killed American journalist James Foley and American-Israeli journalist ...
james foley beheaded

The reporter ISIS hates — and respects

Poynter (blog) - 08 Aug 2017
It means that terrorists know who she is and may sometimes tweet directly at her, including video of the beheading of journalist James Foley. The tweetstorms are a reason that they know her. It's enabled producing more content more often and inevitably ...
james foley beheaded

The Left Exploits the Charlottesville Tragedy

FrontPage Magazine - 15 Aug 2017
By contrast, Obama resumed his golf game during his Martha Vineyard vacation immediately after his brief statement condemning ISIS's beheading of the American journalist James Foley in 2014. He said that ISIS “speaks for no religion” and compared it to ...
james foley beheaded

Building bridges

Coastal Illustrated - 01 Aug 2017
One of those people was the notorious masked ISIS executioner nicknamed “Jihadi John,” after his video of beheading journalist James Foley went viral online and brought the little-known ISIS to the attention of the West. Through a combination of ...

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