Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes controversial anti-gay bill, SB 1062 -
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Arizona election 2018: What's on your ballot? - 18 Oct 2018
Early ballots have gone out, and Election Day, Nov. 6, is just a few weeks away. The ballots are packed with choices — from candidates to ballot measures. The azcentral voter guide offers detailed information provided by candidates for each race.
jan brewer

How Will the Governors' Races Break?

National Review - 19 Oct 2018
In Georgia, which is nowhere near as solidly red as its neighbors and likewise has an open seat, the streak goes back to Sonny Perdue in 2002. In Arizona, the winning streak goes back to Jan Brewer in 2010; in Texas, it goes back to George W. Bush in 1994.
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Jan Brewer is Sacha Baron Cohen's latest 'Who Is America?' target - 21 Aug 2018
Following in the footsteps of angry people who didn't want a mosque built in Kingman and disgraced former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio,who was duped into agreeing to oral sex with President Donald Trump, former Gov. Jan Brewer showed up on the ...
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She's Mavericky!

The Weekly Standard - 30 Aug 2018
Jan Brewer, governor from 2009 to 2015, is mostly remembered for wagging her finger at President Obama on an airport tarmac in 2012, and her signing of SB1070, the harsh anti-immigration law (largely gutted by the courts) that sharply polarized racial ...
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Judicial candidate Dennis Brewer resolves mortgage payment issue

Livingston Daily - 17 Oct 2018
"The matter's been resolved. I'm up to date on payments," Brewer said. "My family and I are not losing our home." He said the issue was resolved early last week. Brewer is running in the Nov. 6 General Election against L. Suzanne Geddis, a district ...
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Jan Brewer: With border reforms, Trump is making America safe again

Washington Examiner - 28 Jun 2018
Crime, drugs, fewer jobs, and even terrorism are problems that fester when the federal government doesn't take border security seriously. Heaven knows, we Arizonans understand that better than anyone in America. Thankfully, President Trump's proactive ...

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