Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes controversial anti-gay bill, SB 1062 -
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Jan Brewer: With border reforms, Trump is making America safe again

Washington Examiner - 28 Jun 2018
Crime, drugs, fewer jobs, and even terrorism are problems that fester when the federal government doesn't take border security seriously. Heaven knows, we Arizonans understand that better than anyone in America. Thankfully, President Trump's proactive ...
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Jan Brewer: Border Tough Trump Protects US From Illegal Aliens

Newsmax - 28 Jun 2018
President Donald Trump's border-tough policies are making America safe again from immigrant lawbreakers, former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer wrote in a column for the Washington Examiner. Brewer cites border arrests, which topped 50,000 in May, ...
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Invest for Ed, dark money measures may go on ballot

Ahwatukee Foothills News - 15 Jul 2018
In the interim, the #RedForEd movement took hold, forcing Ducey to agree to a 19 percent increase in teacher salaries by 2020 and a commitment to restore all the money he and his predecessor, Jan Brewer, took from an account that pays for things like ...
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Letter: Bumbling

The Daily Courier - 12 Jul 2018
Jan Brewer, in a recent “Talk of the Town” column, praised Trump's leadership in the saga of kids separated from their parents. We have a reality show president who created a real crisis by pushing a policy that tears children from their parents. The ...
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Prison health care case shaping up for years of litigation

Arizona Capitol Times - 13 Jul 2018
Jan Brewer made the case a priority and shepherded it to a conclusion that included enhanced services for about 19,000 people in Maricopa County alone and another 7,000 to 8,000 people across the state. In part, Arnold said, that came from a ...
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US Postwar Immigration Policy

Council on Foreign Relations - 10 Jul 2018
Frustrated by a perceived lack of federal action to regulate immigration, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs SB1070, a restrictive immigration law that makes it illegal to hire, house, or transport undocumented immigrants. It also permits law ...
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Judge: Arizona Can't Deny Licenses For Certain Immigrants

KNAU Arizona Public Radio - 27 Jun 2018
Four years ago, the courts ruled against Arizona in a lengthy battle over then-Gov. Jan Brewer's 2012 executive order that denied licenses to young immigrants who have avoided deportation under an Obama administration policy. The young immigrants were ...
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Jan Brewer: President's defense budget is making Arizona great again

Arizona Daily Star - 07 Jun 2018
A “blue wave” isn't just a danger to Republicans this November. It's a danger to Arizona's economy. The Department of Defense is one of the largest and most overlooked employers in our state, and thanks to President Trump's budget, our state's future ...
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GOP unsettled by narrow win in US House race in Arizona

Boston Herald - 25 Apr 2018
Republican U.S. Congressional candidate Debbie Lesko, right, celebrates her win with former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer at her home, Tuesday, April 24, 2018, in Peoria, Ariz. Lesko ran against Democratic candidate Hiral Tipirneni for Arizona's 8th ...

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