Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes controversial anti-gay bill, SB 1062 -
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How Arizona Banned Mexican-American Studies

JSTOR Daily - 22 Jul 2017
Foreshadowing Donald Trump's rhetoric, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and other state officials fueled public hostility toward immigrants with rhetoric contrasting “illegal aliens” with innocent, vulnerable Americans. That hostility extended to Latinos ...
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Star Opinion: Don't gut AHCCCS

Arizona Daily Star - 23 Jul 2017
Jan Brewer supported the Medicaid expansion as part of the Affordable Care Act. Arizona is testing out paying medical providers based on patient outcomes instead of by volume of services provided. Arizona has done a good job of enrolling at-risk ...
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Letter: Arizona GOP turning to cannibalism

Arizona Daily Star - 24 Jul 2017
Recall that after Gabby went down, then-governor Jan Brewer refused to replace her with a Democrat, instead she forced taxpayers to cough up for an unnecessary special election. I have no doubt (if not for that tragic event) that Gabby would still be ...
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White House squeezes Jeff Flake

Politico - 17 Jul 2017
Jan Brewer, a vigorous Trump backer, will enter the race. Don Shooter, a state legislator and an outspoken backer of the president, predicted that a Flake challenger would immediately be able to raise between $10 million and $15 million from donors ...
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Didn't like the original, don't want to see the sequel

Arizona Capitol Times - 29 Jun 2017
Arizona has already seen the effects of the types of Medicaid cuts that could occur under the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the US Senate Republicans' Obamacare repeal bill, and former Gov. Jan Brewer doesn't want to see the state return to those days.
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Hall of Fame Inductees

Grundy County Herald - 20 Jul 2017
Kyle Brewer, the son of Gary “Rooster” and Jan Brewer of Gruetli-Laager, is the oldest of three brothers. He attended Swiss Memorial Elementary School and played baseball, football, and basketball. After elementary school, Brewer attended Grundy County ...
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Civil rights groups seek to block Arizona anti-immigrant law

Wisconsin Gazette - 19 Jul 2017
Jan Brewer signed the law in April 2010 saying that the federal government had failed to secure the state's Southwest border with Mexico. A Brewer spokesperson said the new suit wasn't a surprise but the Supreme Court already has spoken on the law. “Gov.
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James Ammons becomes chairman of Arizona Game and Fish Commission

Willcox Range News - 19 Jul 2017
PHOENIX — James Ammons assumed the role of chairman of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission on July 1. Charged with leading the five-member commission for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, Ammons has been serving on the commission since 2014 after ...
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James Garcia's 1070 Is a Theatrical Call to Action

Phoenix New Times - 07 Jul 2017
The real political players in the SB 1070 debacle were Russell Pearce, the state senator who wrote the bill in January of 2010, and Governor Jan Brewer, who signed it into law that April. And, of course, there was Joe Arpaio, whose long run as Maricopa ...
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Bloomberg Markets: The Trump Economy 6/26

Bloomberg - 27 Jun 2017
Guests include: Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Eurasia Group's Sasha Riser-Kositsky and Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican. (Source: Bloomberg). Related. Full Show: Surveillance (07/21). Most Recent Videos. Full Show: Bloomberg ...
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Beavers Supporter Kay White Going to Run for Governor Herself

Nashville Scene - 12 Jul 2017
Back in March, White was one of the first people to publicly start drumming up support for a Beavers race, posting on Facebook that in a Gov. Beavers, "we would have our own Margaret Thatcher and Jan Brewer wrapped in one!" But by the middle of June, ...

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