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5 Fun Facts About Jana Duggar, The Often-Forgotten Oldest Sister

Romper - 17 Aug 2018
But fans still might not know much about Jana as a person. So here are 5 fun facts about Jana Duggar, the often-forgotten, oldest sister. Fans of Counting On are probably well-acquainted with many of the older Duggar siblings, like Jessa, Jinger, Joy ...
jana duggar

Laura DeMasie: Who Is Jana Duggar's Rumored Girlfriend?

The Hollywood Gossip - 09 Aug 2018
If you're a longtime Counting On viewer, then you're probably familiar with Jana Duggar's longtime friend Laura DeMasie. Laura and Jana have an unusually close relationship, as DeMasie assists her BFF with homeschooling of the younger Duggars, as well ...
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Jessa Duggar: I Know Why Jana is Still Single!

The Hollywood Gossip - 07 Aug 2018
Appropriately for someone dubbed the Cinderella Duggar, Jana accepted the compliment with her signature modesty. "I enjoy doing a lot of different things, so I guess I could be a 'Jack of all trades' or a 'Jana of all trades,' Jana says. "But there's ...
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Counting On Canceled? Duggars' 2018 Season May Be Their Last

The Hollywood Gossip - 13 Aug 2018
It also features Josiah and John David, both of whom are are currently in relationships, and Jana Duggar, who is famously single. (Unless you believe those rumors swirling around the 28-year-old "Cinderella" Duggar and BFF Laura DeMasie, above.).

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