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Janay Rice: Ravens gave us a script for news conference

FOXSports.com - 30 Nov 2014
With the news of Rice winning an appeal and becoming eligible to play again, the running back and his wife, Janay, are making the media rounds. Janay appeared Monday on NBC's "TODAY" show where she talked about the traumatic ordeal.
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If not the player, Ray Rice asks you to forgive the man

ESPN - 28 Apr 2017
In July 2014, the NFL served Rice with a two-game suspension for his domestic assault against Janay Palmer. He pleaded not guilty to an aggravated assault charge and applied for a pretrial intervention program to avoid prosecution. But in September ...
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GameStop's disturbing Ray Rice tweet met with backlash (update)

Polygon - 10 Jun 2018
“This is the latter.” “Wondering how society feels about a national brand making jokes about domestic violence,” another tweet reads. Rice was arrested on Feb. 15, 2014 after he and his then fiancee (now wife), Janay Palmer, got into a physical ...
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Janay Rice: Ray Rice was 'terrified' after hitting me

CNN - 01 Dec 2014
Ray Rice is a human who made a mistake that he'd never made before and that he won't make again, wife Janay Rice said in an interview that aired Monday. "Ray knows me, and there's no way. He knows what he would have to deal with. ...
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Ray and Janay Rice: Seven things to know about the couple

CNN - 10 Sep 2014
Before Baltimore Ravens star player Ray Rice knocked out his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, in a ferocious punch seen around the nation, little was known about them. But there's more to their story than the assault video that has left many stunned. Here ...
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Janay Rice expecting 2nd child with abusive, jobless ex-NFLer

New York Post - 02 May 2016
Unemployed Ray Rice will soon have another mouth to feed. According to TMZ, the former Ravens running back and his wife, Janay — the protagonists in the horrific domestic violence incident that set off an NFL crisis — are expecting their second child.
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Janay Rice, in her own words

ABC News - 28 Nov 2014
Editor's Note: This is Janay Rice's story, as told to ESPN's Jemele Hill. On Wednesday, Nov. 5, Jemele interviewed Janay for three hours at the home of Janet Rice, Ray Rice's mother, in their hometown of New Rochelle, New York. Ray Rice was not present.
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Janay Rice on elevator incident: 'It was 10 seconds in our life'

The Grio - 02 May 2017
Janay and Ray Rice recently spoke to ESPN about the infamous domestic violence incident that forever changed their lives, and shared that they are trying to move forward from the infamous 2014 incident. “I honestly don't think there was a day in the ...
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Janay Rice: 'I refuse' to watch second elevator tape

Today.com - 01 Dec 2014
The wife of NFL player Ray Rice and her mother Candy Palmer speak with TODAY's Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview to discuss the elevator video that shows Ray assaulting Janay. “I'm not gonna let the public bring me back there,” Janay says about the ...
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Leave Janay Rice Out of Her Husband's Bullshit Redemption Story

Deadspin - 15 Apr 2015
Last September, when the unavoidably shocking video finally surfaced of Ray Rice knocking out then-fiancée Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City casino elevator, it brought a swift end to his career with the Baltimore Ravens, and, one hoped, his time in the ...
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Why Janay Rice Can't Call Herself a Domestic Abuse Victim

TIME - 04 Dec 2014
Many were perplexed this week when, in her first public interview, Janay Rice stated that while she is happy to have brought the discussion about domestic violence to the fore, she wanted to be clear that she herself is not an abused wife and that she ...

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