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Jason E. Chaffetz (/ˈtʃeɪfᵻts/; born March 26, 1967) is the U.S...

wikipedia - 28 Jun 2017
Jason E. Chaffetz (/ˈtʃeɪfᵻts/; born March 26, 1967) is the U.S. representative for Utah's 3rd congressional district, first elected in 2008. He is a member of the Republican Party. He has been the chairman of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform since 2015.
jason chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz: 10 things Congress should do, but won't

Fox News - 04 Apr 2018
Congress is on the clock. Time is ticking. Here are ten actions Congress should take now to truly do the work of the American people, but they won't. 1. DOJ Conflicts of Interest: Chairman Grassley, Chairman Goodlatte, Chairman Gowdy, and Chairman ...
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It's official: Laura Ingraham will return to her Fox News show

Philly.com - 03 Apr 2018
Filling in this week for Laura will be former Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz, Fox & Friends hosts Brian Kilmeade and Pete Hegseth, and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich. Ingraham is scheduled to return April 9. Ingraham is the third popular Fox ...
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Utah lawmakers override 2 vetoes in balance of power dispute

SFGate - 19 Apr 2018
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah lawmakers overruled the Republican governor Wednesday on a pair of issues regarding separation of powers, deepening an intra-party tug-of-war in the overwhelmingly GOP state. By a wide margin, the legislature voted to ...
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Nursing Election Grievances, Hillary Clinton Supporters Curse Comey

New York Times - 16 Apr 2018
WASHINGTON — When it comes to James B. Comey's book-tour crusade against President Trump, the question for hard-core Hillary Clinton fans boils down to this: Curse Mr. Comey, or cheer him? Curse him, mostly. They may be card-carrying members of “the ...
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RNC's Comey Attacks Are Right out of the Dictators' Playbook

Daily Beast - 17 Apr 2018
As former Office of Government Ethics director Walter Shaub tweeted, referring to former GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who went public with the news of the reopened Clinton probe: “Comey had to know Chaffetz would leak the letter on the reopened ...
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Moving the Swamp Out of Washington Won't Help Flyover County

The American Conservative - 16 Apr 2018
Draining the Washington swamp was supposed to be one of the main objectives of Donald Trump's presidency. Since this goal's success is nowhere in sight, a new idea has gained steam instead: don't drain the swamp; move federal agencies out of D.C. to ...
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Lindsey Graham: I endorse Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination

Hot Air - 20 Apr 2018
Jason Chaffetz, among others, formally withdrew his support. Reince Priebus privately encouraged Trump to drop out in the name of giving the party a small chance of winning with Mike Pence on Election Day. Within a few weeks of the tape surfacing ...
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And the 'biggest post-Parkland jerk' award goes to … Jason Chaffetz

Religion News Service - 03 Mar 2018
But few acts have reached this level of disgusting: Let's talk about former Utah Republican congressman, Jason Chaffetz. Chaffetz had an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, and the endorsement of its associated political action committee in ...

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