Barricaded MMA fighter Jason 'Mayhem' Miller arrested by SWAT team as he live ... -
jason mayhem miller

Judith Miller: Las Vegas was the ultimate 'soft target'

Fox News - 03 Oct 2017
Some 22,000 people -- young and old, people of all colors and religions -- were attending the final night of a three-day country music festival starring Jason Aldean when they suddenly found themselves cornered in a killing field. Aldean was on the ...
jason mayhem miller

As tailspin continues, what's to become of Jason 'Mayhem' Miller? - 25 Mar 2016
In the video, he's wearing a black vest, some gold chains, and a pair of sunglasses with one lens missing. On his head, there's a baseball cap with what appears to be a sleep mask strapped to one side. When the host of the show, “Inside MMA's” Kenny ...
jason mayhem miller

Jason “Mayhem” Miller Deep Sixes SmartTV, Thanks CIA

MMA News - 14 Mar 2017
JasonMayhemMiller has drawn more attention for his antics outside of the cage than in it recently, but he has certainly been living up to his name. The most recent example? After the Wikileaks report of the CIA potentially spying on people via ...

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