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Jason Whitlock on LeBron's social media usage: 'Grow up'

FOXSports.com - 07 Nov 2017
JASON WHITLOCK: Wouldn't have done that. Thank you. - No, no-- was so bored he went to the riveting fast paced sport of baseball. He was bored. Remember the Shaq Kobe teams when they were so dominant they'd go 15-1 in the playoffs. They'd lose 25, ...
jason whitlock

Jason Whitlock: 'I just wasn't that impressed with the Raiders'

FOXSports.com - 20 Oct 2017
I thought about you, I thought Whitlock called it. Raiders going to win this game. JASON WHITLOCK: Well, look, you've already made my point. When you go from being compared to Aaron Rodgers to Sam Darnold, that says a mouthful. I wasn't impressed.
jason whitlock

Is Urban Meyer burned out at Ohio State?

FOXSports.com - 09 Nov 2017
Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, Joel Klatt and Jason McIntyre talk Ohio State Buckeyes and head coach Urban Meyer. Big Ten · CFB · FBS (I-A) · Ohio State Buckeyes · speak-for-yourself. Show Transcript Hide Transcript. - Cowherd. Urban Meyer, season six ...
jason whitlock

Vikings now must decide between Keenum and Bridgewater at QB

FOXSports.com - 13 Nov 2017
JASON WHITLOCK: You got to outscore the Rams. And I don't know if Teddy dusting off Teddy Bridgewater means I'm outscoring the Rams. COLIN COWHERD: But you brought up a point on my show today that I think's a real point, is that-- you see this in ...

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