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'American Masters' drills deep on JD Salinger, the man

Baltimore Sun (blog) - 21 Jan 2014
"American Masters" drills deep tonight on the life of J.D. Salinger, author of "The Catcher in the Rye." While it is filled with literary worship for the 1951 novel, it also takes a hard look at a troubled personal life that included a nervous ...
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'Rebel in the Rye' gives a dull reading of JD Salinger's life

Salt Lake Tribune - 21 Sep 2017
Fans of the author J.D. Salinger and his singular novel, “The Catcher in the Rye,” will likely know most of the details divulged in writer-director Danny Strong's biographical drama “Rebel in the Rye” — and anyone, fan or not, will likely find Strong ...
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Writer/Director Danny Strong on JD Salinger and “Rebel in the Rye”

HuffPost - 19 Sep 2017
Danny Strong has appeared in “The Gilmore Girls” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” wrote the “Mockingjay” films that finished the “Hunger Games” series, co-created “Empire.” He wrote and directed “Rebel in the Rye,” with Nicholas Hoult as J.D. Salinger ...
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Solid biopic 'Rebel in the Rye' teases transformation of JD Salinger

Chicago Sun-Times - 14 Sep 2017
This encounter takes place in “Rebel in the Rye,” Danny Strong's dramatization of some of the key events in Salinger's life. (The movie is based on “J.D. Salinger: A Life,” by Kenneth Slawenski.) And though it's not a particularly subtle dramatic ...
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This New York socialite dumped JD Salinger for Charlie Chaplin

New York Post - 07 Sep 2017
Eugene O'Neill's daughter, Oona, was 16 when she was introduced to a 22-year-old J.D. Salinger in 1941. A year after they started dating, he was sent to boot camp while Oona headed for Hollywood, where she became Mrs. Charlie Chaplin. That fascinating ...
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JD Salinger: How To Spawn A Monster

Anderson Valley - 08 Sep 2017
Sales of J.D. Salinger's novel, already in the millions, took off once again. A new wave of readers launched a massive assault on bookstores when they learned that the story had sufficient power to provoke the erasure of John Lennon from the map ...
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'Rebel in the Rye' review: JD Salinger, among the phonies

NJ.com - 04 Sep 2017
The picture is one of those Tortured Artist things, where as soon as you meet old J.D. you realize he's got to be some kind of damn misunderstood genius, because he's snotty and drinks a lot and just stares at his typewriter even though his mean old ...
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JD Salinger Letters Generate Worldwide Interest In Westport Sale

WNPR News - 30 Aug 2017
Four letters written by reclusive American author J.D. Salinger went on the market earlier this week at Westport-based universityarchives.com. Three of the letters were written in Westport, where Salinger lived when he wrote his classic novel The ...
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Danny Strong brings JD Salinger to life in 'Rebel in the Rye' film

Beach Reporter - 06 Sep 2017
As with countless teens since J.D. Salinger's novel debuted in 1951, its main character, the cynical and rebellious Holden Caulfield, “spoke” to him. But it wasn't until he read Kenneth Slawenski's biography of the famously reclusive author that he ...
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The Queen of Oversharing

The Atlantic - 11 Sep 2017
Famously, the essay and photo attracted the attentions of J. D. Salinger, for whom she dropped out of Yale at the start of her sophomore year. Their 11-month love affair, conducted in his isolated New Hampshire house and apparently a gulag experience ...
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Rebel in the Rye Is Airless and Suffocating

East Bay Express - 13 Sep 2017
Maybe J.D. Salinger was right when he locked himself away from the world and refused to publish any writing for the last 45 years of his life. He certainly had his reasons. The new narrative biopic Rebel in the Rye attempts to explain the elusive ...

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