Casey Kasem hospitalized as feud between wife, daughter continues -
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Casey Kasem's Long Dead, but Kids Still Battle Stepmom in Court - 06 Apr 2018
“Jean has a power of appointment on her half of the estate. The 2011 trust gives Jean a power of appointment over the entire estate. So, she would have the power to say who should get the estate when she dies.” In his court papers, Martin says Jean ...
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Judge Mulls Motion to Dismiss Kasem Widow Trust Claim - 27 Apr 2018
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Clifford Klein said he will likely give Jean Kasem a chance to amend her court action, but he took the case under submission. He did not say when he would hand down a final decision, but he scheduled another hearing for ...
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Zoinks! Casey Kasem and the FBI versus Negativland

MuckRock - 08 Feb 2018
Casey Kasem never sued Negativland in any way, shape or form. We were sued for our “U2” single by Island Records and U2's publisher on behalf of the band U2, and we were later sued by our own record label SST Records and its owner and founder Greg ...
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Casey Kasem hospitalized. Wife throws raw meat at his daughter.

Washington Post - 02 Jun 2014
The sad and very public Casey Kasem saga continues. Just days after Kasem's daughter Kerri was able to see him for the first time since his wife took him out of a California facility without telling his family, the feud continued Sunday when his wife ...
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Casey Kasem's daughter is on a mission to stop elder abuse

Salon - 11 Dec 2017
What followed was a bitter public dispute between the Kasem siblings and Kasem's wife Jean over the ailing man's care and, soon after, his remains. At one point, Jean even reportedly threw raw meat at Kerri after the younger woman had been granted ...
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Casey Kasem's Widow Jean Kasem Won't Face Criminal Charges - 22 May 2015
Los Angeles prosecutors have rejected filing elder abuse charges against Casey Kasem's widow. A charge evaluation sheet released Friday by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office states there is insufficient evidence to file charges against ...
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Casey Kasem's Widow SLAMS His Children With Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Radar Online - 16 Jun 2017
But when Jean tried to take her husband home the next day, she was denied. On June 3, Jean's lawyer claims the family, using their power of attorney, “unilaterally and immediately began withholding Casey Kasem's hydration, nutrition, and all proactive ...

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